A Fistful of Riksdalers: Interactive Fiction Game

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A Fistful of Riksdalers: Interactive Fiction Game

Post by Smyg » 19:45:24 Wednesday, 05 April, 2017

The year is 1866.

Your name is OLOF ANDERSSON, and boy, you're down on your fucking luck, aren'tcha.

Born a peasant in the parish of HERRESTAD in 1820, up north along the coast, you were driven out your ancestral TORSBERG VILLAGE after an unfortunate incident with the wife of a local Colonel of the Royal Army.

After years of making do working as a barrelmaker's apprentice, a sudden recession saw you lose your job, and since 1851 you've been on the streets, making do with the scraps you steal and the spare change you illegally beg for. Vagrancy is a heavily outlawed crime, as is begging, homelessness, unemployment, and public drinking. Lutheran Sweden has no time for the likes of you, the poor and downtrodden.

It's July 13th, and you've just been released after a 6 month stint at VAXHOLM FORTRESS as a penal worker, sentenced for the aforementioned homelessness and unemployment. It's your fifth tour behind those walls, and the risk of return is very high. Something has to change. You're 46 years but look older, and you'll be damned if you spend another winter sleeping rough out here.

You find yourself standing at GUSTAF ADOLF SQUARE, in CENTRAL GOTHENBURG, having gotten off the stagecoach. The square is suspiciously empty, with only the bronze statue of King GUSTAF II ADOLF standing alone at its heart, looking down at you. A newspaper lays thrown on the ground, and some market stalls seem rather abandoned. A brief glance at the grand facade of the nearby CITY HALL answers why the normally bustling place is so deserted. In big red letters on white cloth, someone has written:


Well, fuck. You've found yourself in the middle of the 1866 CHOLERA OUTBREAK, and you haven't eaten since yesterday either. Oh boy.


For FULL map of Gothenburg in 1860, go here and click "1860 Göteborg".


  • Ragged, rough clothes
  • Worn black hat
  • Good-quality penal leather boots
  • A deck of playing cards (Marked)


A Fistful of Riksdalers is an interactive fiction game.

Play by writing two-word commands for what to do. Examples of this can be seen, say, here.

Only one action can be taken at any one time. If more than one action is proposed, the alternative with the most votes is selected.

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Re: A Fistful of Riksdalers: Interactive Fiction Game

Post by Gesar » 19:50:21 Wednesday, 05 April, 2017

the hell you say

>locate tavern

They have to have some news there, right?
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Re: A Fistful of Riksdalers: Interactive Fiction Game

Post by Maddox » 07:43:43 Thursday, 06 April, 2017

Gesar wrote:the hell you say

>locate tavern

They have to have some news there, right?
Second this. Quest givers are always at the tavern.
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Re: A Fistful of Riksdalers: Interactive Fiction Game

Post by Huojin » 23:00:58 Tuesday, 11 April, 2017

Maddox wrote:Second this. Quest givers are always at the tavern.
Y'know what's also at the tavern?

Alcohol. Let's go.

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Re: A Fistful of Riksdalers: Interactive Fiction Game

Post by Master of Oblivion » 01:48:23 Tuesday, 18 April, 2017

Put shoes on hands.
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