Stuff made up because I was bored or 'RP's Sanity Test'

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Stuff made up because I was bored or 'RP's Sanity Test'

Post by Rising Phoenix » 13:20:04 Saturday, 13 April, 2013

I was bored the other day, and so was my brother. Thus I made up a history on-the-go. This turned out to be an horribly bad idea, but somehow I found the results hilarous. Now that I look back... I think I need to see a doctor.

But let us talk about you. Do you think you are sane? Do you value your sanity? No and no? Good, because if you read the stuff below there is no turning back. This is one of the most bizarrely borish things you will ever read, and what is worse, there is more where it came from...

The test is simple. If you are 100% sane you do NOT want read this. If you do, you automatically qualify for reading it. I repeat: This is NOT suitable for sane people, and I am not responsible for any mental damage the following text may cause. With that said, if you accepted that you are not 100% sane already, go ahead! Scores at the end (for those that dared read the whole thing):

Note: This is not funny and not rewarding.

The Rings of the Lord

"It all began in 1930. I was there, back then, and I was a mere insurgent on the plains of Taiwan. Reports came in from foreign lands, a place no one ever dared to go before (which meant that everyone had totally been there before). Lands were our technology would not help us, and instead strange powers dominated..." My brother thinks me telling him a story is a terrible idea. He is right... He has no idea how right he is. But I continued, as if unhinged. I tell him that it will be short, and continue:

"This land was called: Half Earth. Things were your average fantasy story until one day one of the guardians of the land - Sauron - went mad and decided to conquer the land all for himself. Little did the guy know that he was being used. Anyway, the thing is that at the beggining the war went well: He managed to occupy a significant portion of the Half Earth and it looked as if he would conquer it whole.

But then, a Hobbit ruined everything. He had to. Otherwise he would be demoted. Bilbo Baggins, head of a Hobbit Commando unit and expert magician, successfully ground to a halt Sauron's mighty armies. He continued and pushed Sauron back to Mordor itself, and even dared to wage a very successful guerrilla campaign which saw the self-declared Lord of Half Earth's forces greatly reduced. This came at a cost however, as one rueful night Bilbo and his Commando unit were caught off balance and thus were viciously attacked. All were murdered, except for Bilbo who was now very weak.

Bilbo escaped Mordor but he knew that alone he would stand no chance against the Lord. It was question of time until Sauron decided to go on another rampage and actually succeed at conquering the world this time.

He needed help... From the other Lords of Half Earth. But he knew that is was a quest of even higher difficulty as Half Earth's diplomacy was pretty much disfunctional. He went across the land, and the things he found out were really weird. Among other things: The elves still had an unresolved squatter issue with the Ents, the Dwarves' phobia to light was slowly turning them into vampires, and the King of Minas Tirith Boromir was much more interested in collecting debts than in rebuilding the decrepit roads of his kingdom.

Whatever, Bilbo went on to solve the Human's problem first. Boromir was very worried because this great project of his - a personal statue ten times his size made of pure gold - was very expensive and, although he was willing to take austerity measures for his dream, it simply was not enough. He remembered then that many debts were owed to Gondor and thus he enlisted the help of professional debt collector Aragorn to collect them.

While this was highly successful at first, eventually Aragorn ran into Isengard and Saruman. Saruman, although once a powerful wizard, was now an almost-full-time alcoholic who gambled away Isengard's treasury to purchase more liquor. Eventually, nothing more could be expropiated and nothing more could be sold, so he had to get into extreme debts to pay for his addiction. At any rate, he now had to pay back his debts.

Aragorn was a reasonable man. Saruman could have negotiated payments and, in time, Isengard's prosperity would do the rest. But that would have meant acting responsibly, and the old bag was not going to give up the bottle that easily. Gathering his power, he tricked Aragorn & Co. into going to the Dead Marshes - where a great treasury was supposedly hidden. Instead, Aragorn and his guards were turned into zombies, doomed to wandering the Marshes forevermore.

Back to Bilbo, he first single-handedly defeated Aragorn (thus freeing him and his men from the curse) and with ease conquered Isengard. Saruman bowed to one day be a great and powerful man again, but until then he would be stuck wandering the land as a drunk old bag. Wisely, Bilbo sent him on his way to an old colleage who he knew would help a fellow wizard. Meanwhile, Aragorn agreed to gradually pay back the debt owed to Gondor, in exchange of becoming King of Isengard himself.

Bilbo's trip to Tree-Land was a lot easier to say the least. He quickly learned that Ent sap could be used to make extremely high-quality Dwarven Ale, which could be sold at a hefty price. The Ents could pay with some of the nifty profit as rent to the elves, and everybody would be happy. Dealing with the light-o'-phobic dwarves was even easier. Bilbo had them choose: Or remaining underground as vampires forever, or coming up every now and then to pick up Ent Sap and make awesome Ale. Of course they choose the later, and they were all set.

Everything was looking good, however by now Lord Sauron had already rebuild his forces. In fact, he had begun the process of making a set of 'Powered Rings' to gather even more power. But this attempt failed horribly, and instead he only made a single Powered Ring... The Powered Ring. A corrupt and vicious entity which simply sought to usurp the Lord of his throne.

Bildo and friends arrived during the Ring's revolt. He sent a special group of fellow Hobbits to deal with this new foe - a Commando unit nicknamed the 'Fellowship of the Ring', led by Smeagol. But this backfired as the Powered Ring corrupted Smeagol and killed the other Hobbits. Former-Smeagol-now-Golum was sent out of the Dark Gates to assasinate Bilbo, but failed and was killed instead.

Bilbo let the two evils wage war on each other. Eventually, the Powered Ring exiled Sauron from Mordor, but was too weak to hold an invasion from the forces of good. Mordor was all but de-corrupted when the Ring itself was attacked by Bilbo and destroyed. Bilbo however took a fatal wound during the fight (courtesy of the Mouth of the Ring), and would not survive for long. He summoned his nephew, Froddo, and transferred to him his powers.

Froddo was not ready to go after Sauron - who had holed himself up in the Mines of Moria - and so required help. Gandalf the gray, a poweful wizard hermit, agreed to train him with the help of fellow colleage Saruman (now known as 'Saruman of Many Colours' due to the weird robe he wore).

Five years later, Froddo was ready. But although mordor had become a healthy desert, Moria was throughly corrupted by the recovering Sauron. Gathering once again the forces of good Froddo charge against Minas Sauron, were he knew even a Balrog awaited them.

The fight was bitter but each day they occupied more and more of Minas Sauron. It was not long until the upper levels were void of the eerie darkness of the past, and soon enough Froddo was against the Lord of Half Earth himself, all the while Gandalf and Saruman dealt with the Balrog. The battle was difficult, but eventually the Lord was greatly weakened. Before he could escape again, Froddo sent him to the very heart of a very far away supernova, obliterating him. The Balrog was desintegrated by the wizard duo, and once more Half Earth was cleansed of evil...


...Or so they though. Morgoth, the Dark Lord himself, was enraged at Sauron's failure and tried to conquer the land himself. This failed royally as he first attacked Mordor, now known as the Desert of Wizards. He was dispowered and left to dry in the sands, his last known whereabouts.

Aragorn returned to Isengard, where he was popular and ushered in a new era of prosperity for his subjects. He paid back the debts to Gondor, though he did show some expansionist tendencies by annexing Helm's Depth and Rohan into his holdings.

Boromir made his dream come true, which relieved Gondor's citizens as they would no longer be forced to pay outrageous taxes and work unpaid overtime.

Gimli and Legolas got drunk with Dwarven Ale, and accidentaly started the Elf-Dwarf feud we know to this day.

Froddo returned to the Shire, where for many years he reigned as King. He annexed Bree, Numenor, and Angmar, and was a great king.

Gandalf and Saruman founded the Towers of Wizardy in former Mordor, by taking over Barad Dur and Cirith Ungol respectively. Morgoth came by and tried to oust them, but all he got was a beating and being left to dry in the sands.

Bilbo was given a proper burial and, somewhere else, a supernova exploded. Taking Sauron with it.

No one ever again saw the Rings of the Lord, nor any other evils. There was peace and everyone was happy ever after.


So yeah, you finished that? You poor thing. Though there is hope yet, check your results:

100% You scrolled down all the way down here, not even looking at any of that bizarreness. Great job! You are perfectly sane.

90% - You read not even a quarter of the thing and realized that you hated it. Good job! You are pretty much sane.

75% - You read at least half of the thing and you think that somewhere else you 'have seen worse'. Bad you! Bad! Get that symphaty out of your mind and remember: If you start liking this, I would recommend seeing a professional.

50% - You think you may actually liked some of this stuff. I recommend seeing a professional.

30% - You actually liked some of this stuff. You must see a professional at your earliest convenience.

10% - You really liked this stuff. You should be thrown into a psychiatric ward and not left out until cured.

0% - You loved this. Hope is dead for your you, better commit seppuku. The greater good of society demands it.

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Re: Stuff made up because I was bored or 'RP's Sanity Test'

Post by RinKou » 17:33:22 Saturday, 13 April, 2013

> King of Minas Tirith Boromir was much more interested in collecting debts than in rebuilding the decrepit roads of his kingdom.

Why does this sound familiar.

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Re: Stuff made up because I was bored or 'RP's Sanity Test'

Post by TRC » 17:48:32 Saturday, 13 April, 2013


100% :p

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Re: Stuff made up because I was bored or 'RP's Sanity Test'

Post by BgKnight » 18:31:18 Saturday, 13 April, 2013


I will have an appointment with a professional soon enough.

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Re: Stuff made up because I was bored or 'RP's Sanity Test'

Post by Rising Phoenix » 06:47:31 Sunday, 14 April, 2013

TRC wrote:TL;DR

100% :p
Good job, TRC. You are a sane man.
RinKou wrote:> King of Minas Tirith Boromir was much more interested in collecting debts than in rebuilding the decrepit roads of his kingdom.

Why does this sound familiar.

It is a classic. Either way, you do not seem to like this. You are fine. More or less.
BgKnight wrote:50%

I will have an appointment with a professional soon enough.
I concur with your assesment. Though you are at least half-sane, so that is something.

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Re: Stuff made up because I was bored or 'RP's Sanity Test'

Post by Huojin » 15:29:32 Sunday, 14 April, 2013

After reading part of this and watching Vanilla Sky last night, I feel like I have an understanding of how RP's mind works.

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Re: Stuff made up because I was bored or 'RP's Sanity Test'

Post by Gesar » 20:54:55 Sunday, 14 April, 2013

75% but mostly because I've read some awful awful stuff.
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Re: Stuff made up because I was bored or 'RP's Sanity Test'

Post by Rising Phoenix » 02:08:15 Thursday, 09 May, 2013

Alright, I am (re-)posting some stuff here that I just do not want to be lost among the mysterious mysts of the Internet.

You see: Although nowdays I suck at role-playing, it was not always the case. There was a time when I was inspired to, if I could not make anything of 'good' quality, then at least I would have my fun writting stories. Some of them were weird, others funny, and others just for the sake of them.

Anyways, from now on I am going to copy some of my old histories here, most of them related to role-playing games.

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Re: Stuff made up because I was bored or 'RP's Sanity Test'

Post by Rising Phoenix » 02:51:00 Thursday, 09 May, 2013

Let us start with something weird. These are excerpts from a game I ran, but never finished. I got some positive feedback regarding it -- mainly because of how quick the pace was and how much effort I put into answering people's questions, and a some negative feedback as well -- mainly because I have/had a nasty tendency of not making NPCs a bunch of completely useless punchbags, but instead give them their own agendas and personalities.

The gaem begins in 1936, years after an *incident* (it was implied that either exterrestials, or a natural catastrophe, or well *something* caused it) ended up destroying the nations of the world and the survivor emerge to form new societies and rebuild civilization. I managed to run the game, on a per-two/three-days update basis almost for a whole year, at which point I stopped at the beggining of Chapter III - a scenario which would never begin.*

*Technically it did begin, but under a different GM who took over at the request of a few players and the game ended badly, without any proper ending and with most of it's playerbase gone. For this reason I do not consider the ending... 'Canon', am I allowed that term?

Anyways, here are excerpts from a yearly budget thread. Players had to do their own budgets; I merely supervised them and gave them stuff like growth rates of manpower and income.
Rising Phoenix wrote:OOC: This is the public budget thread for 1946.

*Northern United Free Peoples:
Political Stability: Moderate (Slowly increasing)
Economic Stability Moderate (Stable)
Council of Elders, 3M, Moderate support, Peaceful, Legal Pressure Group.
Council of Youth, 5M, Moderate support, Peaceful, Legal Pressure Group.
Issues: None.
Trade with: W.A.T.C., Republic of California, State of San Francisco
Growth Rate: 2%

*Republic of California:
Political Stability: Low (Decaying quickly)
Economic Stability Moderate (Decaying slowly)
Calixto, (at least) 10M, Moderate support, Hostile, Underground Fascist Insurgency.
Issues: Ethnic disputes, fascist insurgency.
Trade with: Northern United Free Peoples, State of San Francisco
Growth Rate: 0,50%

*People's Republic of North America:
Political Stability: Moderately High (Stable)
Economic Stability Moderately High (Stable)
Factions: None.
Issues: None.
Trade with: None.
Growth Rate: 1,00%

*Kingdom of the Atlantic:
Political Stability: Very High (Stable)
Economic Stability Very High (Stable)
Factions: None.
Issues: None.
Trade with: Cuba, Republic of Mexico, Confederation of Mexico, Acadia
Growth Rate: 3,20%

*American Federation:
Political Stability: Very High (Stable)
Economic Stability Very High (Stable)
Issues: Merger with Stockman Holdings
Trade with: United Federation of Free Peoples, Panther Kingdom
Growth Rate: 0,00%
As a side note, nations had to take on a research tree in order to eventually get growth, of manpower or otherwise. By 1946 most player-nations had the technology necesary to get a mention regarding information such as the above -- otherwise they were counted as being 'too small' to have things like internal strife and such. Role-playing your nation granted you more stability, a stronger economy, and other perks such as beneficial events.
UFFP Mutual Spending for 1946

Economy 1945: $79
Growth Rate 1945: 0%
Alterations 1945: $20
Economy 1946: $79
Reserves 1945: $0
Cash Available 1946: $99

Manpower 1945: 14M
Alterations 1945: +0
Manpower 1946: 14M

Social Spending: $0 (0%)
Internal Spending: $0
Infrastructure/Technology: $60
Self-Defense & Exploration Organizations: $9.5, 10.5M

Miscellaneous: $6.5
Reserves 1945: $0
Unassigned Manpower: 3.5M
The above is a budget of one such 'small' nations. Please note that in-game it was actually rather powerful (mainly due to role-playing - the guy was a brilliant diplomat) and the nation was only poor because it's player wanted to keep the illusion that, indeed, he had created an anarchist paradise (to get growth rates and stuff you had to research a technology which more or less restored old government ideas to practice, and he refused to).

I know, I know. Smyg will get mad if he reads the above. But what can I say, that was the first game I ever ran.

(Edit): I removed some formatting from the above so as to become more readable. Yep, now Smyg can get madder.

Below you will find an average turn report:
End of 1943

Sources: Rumours, Travelling Merchants, Telegraph Receipts, Local News Sources, Leaked Diplomatic Cables

*The fighting between the Socialist Republic of North America and the Sioux Nation finally explodes in a full-blown conflict. The S.R.N.A. mobilizes it's troops and advances northwards. Likewise, the Sioux (who had already mobilized their troops before), launch attempt a counter-offensive. Initially the S.R.N.A. gains the upper hand, despite the Sioux having better knowledge of the landscape.

*With Mexican territory in their hands, the S.R.N.A. becomes the target of a rushed propaganda campaign in which the 'Mexican Irredentas' are to be addressed. This action, orgnized by the Mexican Confederation, soon gains some momentum and a small offensive against the southernmost territories of the S.R.N.A. begins. The superior training of the S.R.N.A. allows them to deflect any attempts to make a decisive assault.

*The Republic of Mexico sees an opportunity to strike with Confederate troops diverted to the north, and quickly begins to besiege multiple Confederate territories in it's vicinity.

*Áztlan also realizes that the balance of power has been upset and that they need to safeguard what they have gained before it is too late. They begin to attack southernmost territories affiliated to the Republic of Mexico, diverting forces that would otherwise be used to finish gobbling up Guatemala.

*Calixto receives funding from an unknown source, enabling them to become more active in their endevaours. More propaganda and ethnic tensions are reported through the Republic of California.

*The reforms carried out by the American Federation raise their political stability to the extreme. Likewise, popularity is very high, with all opponents being lauded as a joke. The A.F.'s economy is doing great, too.

*Duke Hope, at his 83 years of age, finally passes away peacefully while in bed. A great funeral is scheduled for the beggining of the next year.

*Utilizing the symphaty the death of her father causes on the D.o.t.A.'s populace, the Princess of the Duchy of the Atlantic Mary Alice Hope assumes the throne as Duchess.

*With popular support and the Council of Nobles in the hands of the Progressive faction, the Duchy of the Atlantic begins formal preparations to create a unified Kingdom with the Marquessate of Miami. Many wonder if the title originally found in one of Duke Hope's notes -- the "Kingdom of the Atlantic" will be used, or another name will be decided.

*The United Free People's of the North experience a small increase in stability. The continued compromises of the central government are doing well to keep the peace, but the factions are becoming increasingly distant in their demands. For now however, both Elders and Youth alike are satisfied.

*The Republic of California manages to keep it's political stability from dropping due to counter-propaganda attempts. However if nothing is done soon, Calixto will make sure stability drops steadily.

*Stockman advances to deter futher U.F.F.P. expansion near his holdings. He takes the territories to the north of the U.F.F.P.'s latest expansion, and deploys troops to guard his new territories.

*The Free State of Seattle manages to regain some stability via importing large amounts of raw resources from North American Columbia, Northwestern Union, and State of San Fransico. A program of agressive territorial expansion helps aliviate the resource woes experience by Seattle.

*San Francisco, once receptive to the idea of re-unifying with California, decides that it would be best to create their own nation with their city-state on the lead, as inspired by Seattle. Nearby territories are taken and colonized promptly.

*Brigands attacking the Sioux Nation increase in number and intensity. They focus their efforts on the northern areas, forcing the Sioux to divert resources that would otherwise be used against the S.R.N.A..

*After exhaustive research, the American Federation's scientific teams discoer that the alien artifacts are nothing else than components of a larger alien device. If all pieces where brought togheter, it would be possible to determine exactly what they do. Alternatively, nations may continue their research separateldy, in an effort to find other uses for these devices.

*North American Columbia and the Northwestern Union also expand their borders.
As you can see, the game followed a plot and many smaller subplots (all of which had the ability to affect each other, as I kept a behind-the-scenes track of stuff which followed which path the players were taking), and I wanted to combine an open gameplay with a non-strict story. I believe that was mostly successful up to Chapter III which... Well, y' know how it went.

What I am specially interested in for the excepts -- that is, what I want you to see -- are the chapter endings and beginings. I put special dedication into those, as I wanted to make the players feel like their own work paid off. Still, I included both PCs and NPCs in it:
Rising Phoenix wrote:End of Chapter I

With the discovery of the strange alien artifacts, the causes of Judgement day now become less of a mystery to so, all the while more enigmatic and unknownable to others.

The infamous warlord El Tirano, while still at large, has lost his power, army and pride. His whereabouts are unknown, but many swear he has been reduced to a minor mercenary by now.

The enigmatic Stockman has been aproached by some, but none that could otherwise shape the fate of North America (or as some say, even the world itself) alone.

Captain Shen continues to attract the attention of those who view his nation with curiosity. Not many aproach however, so he finds himself in a similar situation to that of Stockman's.

Mexico finally recovers from it's endevaours and becomes divided in three nations. The southernmost areas join under the name of "Áztlan". Preaching that the cultures of old ought to be preserved and revived, they quickly gain support among renaissancist aborigin groups and pseudo~nationalists. The center becomes increasingly autocratic, enacting the Republic of Mexico while being nominally a dictatorship. They most closely resemble old Mexico. Last but not least, the north organizes itself under the 'Confederación de Mexico'. The most open of all three Mexican nations, they offer the Socialist Republic of North America an option to join them. This fails as neither people are interested as of now.

It is confirmed that the Bering Strait has an unusual wave heigh, making it impossible for all but the most resistant naval vessels to cross it, rendering anyone willing to make contact with the U.S.S.R. unable to do so. Likewise the fates of Europe, Asia, Oceania, and Africa are unknown.

The strange devices are eventually found in other nations, in military bunkers belonging to the former United States of America. No relevant documents are found in them, however some suggest the best place to hide such would be Alaska, or a place near it. In addition, reports of UFOs increase dramatically. Military and civilian researchers however are unable to confirm these reports.
Ok that was not that great. But trust me, it gets better later on:
Rising Phoenix wrote:Chapter II: Intrinsic and extrinsic
"Let us not be deceived — we are today in the midst of a cold war. Our enemies are to be found abroad and at home. Let us never forget this: Our unrest is the heart of their success. The peace of the world is the hope and the goal of our political system; it is the despair and defeat of those who stand against us." -- Bernard Baruch, Speech to the South Carolina legislature, 1947

A little background

With the nations of North America having succeded in re-stablishing a semblance of order in their lands -- some of them having even fought against initially unimaginable odds -- new threats and opportunities begin to emerge. Some nations finds themselves with many possibilities, literally with time being the only limiting factor to their growth. Others however have done not so great, and their potential has still yet to be assessed. Regardless, something remains very clear: While this period of peace has bought with it much prosperity for all nations, it has also inspired some to have dissident opinions from those of their government. Some, the most organized governments, even speak of potential anti-government organizations, bent on changing the goals of their nation to their preferred ones. In other cases, the governments themselves are being divided as to how the new era should be aproached. Tradition and innovation are once again pitted face-to-face, with balance becoming harder to achieve by the day. Only time will tell what will be of the nations of North America. They are safe from foreign enemies for now... But what about inner friction?

The Nations of North America

*The Tribes of the North: The Tribes of the North have had the most success uncovering the mysteries of hese strange artifacts discovered a few years ago. Their quest to determine the function and origin of these alien devices is far from over, however, and much of their research is based around recovered assets which they do not yet fully understand. To make matters worse, some in the nation believe that the old ways are being forgotten in favour of the 'vices of the white man'. Old and youth are pitted against each other, progressives and traditionalists alike, in a classic situation where the nation is becoming increasingly divided. Despite it's location, the nation has great defensive advantages. To compensate for the lack of natural riches near their lands, it posseses potential for trading with the Eastern world... Whenever contact with is recovered again, that is.
Political Stability: Moderate (Decaying quickly)
Economic Stability Moderate (Stable)

*The Panther Kingdom: The Panther Kingdom's initial expansion has paved the way for a long period of hibernation. It is not know whatever the national leadership has decided to maintain a policy of 'sustainable expansion', or they simply are content with what they currently have. Either way, the nation is falling behind in living standards and technology, military might and successes of the past providing limited stability.
Political Stability: Moderate (Stable)
Economic Stability Moderate (Stable)

*The Commonwealth of Massachusetts: Taking a much more diplomatic attitude when compared to their Acadian neighbours, the people of the C.o.M. have seen an influx of devout religious people after Acadia expelled them from their original lands. Providing them with homes and the means to continue the worship of God, these zealous defenders of the Commonwealth will fight to the end to defend the nation. On a more negative note, the leadership has since gone passive. Growth potential as a result is limited and the military is becoming outdated.
Political Stability: Moderate-High (Lowering)
Economic Stability Moderate (Stable)

*The Northwestern Union: Perhaps one of the newest nations, their succesful incorporation into the "modern world" has caused many to believe this nation has great potential. Being next to other, slightly more developed nations, their trade is very adequate and is only impeded by a reluctant, passive bureacracy. The nation as of late is falling behind somewhat in technology, but it is nothing a dedicated leadership should not be able to fix.
Political Stability: Moderate (Stable)
Economic Stability Moderate-High (Stable)

*The Sioux Nation: The Sioux Nation is pictured by many as a "Tribes of the North with better lands". Despite this rumour, this is actually not the case. An agressive-passive leadership that sought to expand itself militarily, clashes with the forces of Captain Shen and his Socialist Republic of North America have resulted in diplomatic setbacks. To make matters worse, many merchants have avoided the nation since their original fiasco, despite some attempts to reverse this situation. It should be noted that, should the leadership finally get it's act togheter, the land they are in has much potential. They however still retain prisoners from the S.R.N.A., which many see as an conflict waiting to happen... National morale is otherwise average, with the economic potentila reduced due to lack of trade.
Political Stability: Moderate (Stable)
Economic Stability Moderate-Low (Stable)

*The American Federation: Undoubtly one of the most succesful nations to emerge after Judgement, the American Federation, it's leadership and it's people, have stood above any challenge presented to them. Their skill both in civilian and military affairs is excellent and they have cleverly maneuvered through any dangers encountered. Despite overwhelming odds and having taken the brunt of El Tirano's attack force, their victory has resulted in a surge of nationalist not seen in any other North American nation as of today. Their people feel unbeatable and unbreakable, enjoy a good living standard -- which continues to rise thanks to government projects -- and their military is very strong-willed, trained, and financed. The incorporation of immigrants that deserted El Tirano's initial scouting waves has been an added bonus, further contributing to the military and economic potential of the nation, ensuring the nation is able to easily outmatch any non-throughly prepared challenger. Overall, both the Governor of the A.F. and the fabled Commander Sheridan are seen as heroes by their people, and the nation's future looks very bright should it's leadership continue on their set path.
Political Stability: Very High (Slightly increasing)
Economic Stability Very High (Slightly increasing)

*The Republic of California: One of the two most succesful nations on the western side of North America. Economically and diplomatically expanded, the nation has established contact with neighbours and sought to peacefully incorporate new lands. Their relentless effort to improve their nation has not gone unnoticed by the populace, nor by their newly incorporated territories of Baja California and the former Holdings of Duke Maxwell. The nation is not free of troubles, however. With the incorporation of Baja California, people are beggining to challenge the "pseudo~Socialist" perspective of the government. Small right-wing groups have formed calling for 'racial and societal purity'. This has displeased the people of Baja California, whom while despite pleased with the R.o.C. government, are wary of these groups and will no doubt opposse any attempt to introduce eugenics or similar policies. In the case these polices are not actually applied, on contrast, it is not know what these right-wing groups are capable of.
Political Stability: Moderate (Lowering steadily)
Economic Stability Moderately-High (Stable)

*Acadia: Perceive by their southern neighbours to be a warmongering nation, Acadia has succesfully expanded itself military in the past and it shows no sign of slowing down it's growth, both economical and military. The leadership has been sluggish to react a few times, however, and this has resulted in reduced potential for the time being. Should this problem not be repeated, Acadia stands as a potential minor power in the northeast region. Though a few disagreements exist within the nation as to how expansion should ocurr, most no doubt support the government in their current path.
Political Stability: Moderate (Stable)
Economic Stability Moderate (Stable)

*The Marquessate of Miami: Another very succesful nation, their monarchist shenanigans have strangely aided them in their quest to prosperity. Having succesfully resisted El Tirano's attack forces and even helping the neighbouring Duchy of the Atlantic to survive it as well, they have established themselves a safe heaven in their region. Having expanded peacefully as well, the nation's economic and military capabilities are second only to the American Federation. This does not means this situation could not change easily, however. A wedding of the Marquess of Miami and the daughter of Duke Hope is planned soon, and with the Duke's health deteriorating and no other successor than his daughter, many predict a potential powerhouse in the region to emerge in the near future once both kingdoms are united...
Political Stability: Very High (Stable)
Economic Stability High (Stable)

*The People's Republic of North America: The only Socialist nation in the northern region, they have been frowned upon by their neighbours for as long as they have been in contact with them. This does not means the nation has fallen behind them -- all the opposite, they are ahead in technology and economy. Their success is looked upon by many in the north as the path to follow as well, inspiring a surge in Socialism in Quebec and the two Canadian states to the southeast. The potential of the nation is good, and many suggest that with a little more emphasis on foreign affairs the nation could easily become a power broker in it's region, rivaled only by Stockman's own holds.
Political Stability: Moderate (Slightly increasing)
Economic Stability Moderate-High (Stable)

*The United Federation of Free Peoples: Not a nation in the traditional sense, this large federation of anarchists has done it's best to clean the name of Anarchism. Ensuring a very democratic environment for it's people, the political stability of the nation is naturally very high -- specially coupled with it's peaceful incorporations of territory, which also include other anarchist communes. Their model of democracy has made sure that decisions are sometimes slow to be taken, but it has also ensured that any decisions support the will of the populace. Very sensible in foreign affairs, the nation has had no trouble with others and they are seen as one of the most stable despite their unconventional system.
Political Stability: Moderate-High (Stable)
Economic Stability Moderate-High (Stable)

The 'Other Nations' of North America

*North American Columbia: Having defeated attempts by warlords to expand into their territory, the Canadian-American population is finally beginning to feel like a sovereign entity. It's military, compossed of remnants of the U.S.A. and Canadian armies, is very prepared and it's defensive capabilities are excellent. Internal troubles about, however. Clashes between the military and civilian sectors are common: One calling for greater emphasis on expansion and military industry, the other calling for a more free-market, peaceful aproach. The nation has good potential, but it is to be seen if it can navigate the waters of internal troubles.
Political Stability: Moderate (Lowering)
Economic Stability Moderate (Stable)

*The Free State of Seattle: Having reconstructed their scenic city, the people of Seattle feel that their situation could not be better. Respectful neighbours, a growing economy, and peaceful internal affairs have resulted in considerable prosperity... Until now. The city of Seattle as-is has expanded a little too much for it's own people to handle. The city has become increasingly dependant on trade and imports of raw materials to maintain itself, ensuring surpluses are used to import goods rather than continue national development. While politically united, the economic well-being of the nation is becoming increasingly doubtful.
Political Stability: Moderate-High (Lowering slightly)
Economic Stability Moderate-Low (Lowering slightly)

*Socialist Republic of North America: Led by Captain Shen, the nation has achieved the most prosperity and military prowess in their region. Troops trained by Captain Shen himself are among the best on the entire Continent. The nation's socialist aproach has been met with doubt by former Americans and Mexicans throughly, however time has proven the benefits of their dedicated leadreship are not to be wasted. The nation continues to be a succesful sovereign entity, with no attempt to slow down it's growth. Clashes with the Sioux Nation in the past, with an unresolved conflict over prisoners of war, could lead to a potential military clash should this issue not be addressed by both nations soon.
Political Stability: High (Stable)
Economic Stability High (Stable)

*Duchy of the Atlantic: Another Monarchist nation, it had the luck to exist right next to the Marquessate of Miami. Naturally drawn to cooperate with each other, the two nations have build good relations and the nobility has begun to intermix a little. Ties are strong and, with the daughter and sole successor of Duke Hope being the fiancé of Marquess Seneca Snow, many see a combined "Kingdom of the Atlantic" a very possible entity in the near future. Duke Hope's decaying health due to old age has ensured these rumous continue to spread. But not all nobles are happy with the situation, however. With the Duchy having taken the brunt of El Tirano's forces during the invasion, many question whatever the Marquessate truely deserves to be trusted as an ally. Some claim that the Marquessate should have arrived faster to help it's kindred nation and others have voiced opposition to any form of merger between the two nations. While roughtly half of the nobility supports Duke Hope, roughly another half opposes him as well. Only time will tell whatever will happen to the Duchy.
Political Stability: Moderate-Low (Lowering slightly)
Economic Stability Moderate (Stable)

*Cuba: Contact has been re-stablished with the nation of Cuba, mainly due to the actions of the Duchy of the Atlantic and the Marquessate of Miami. The nation remains a holiday resort for the nobility of the southern nations, but some see it as a potential trade partner. The Marquessate has expressed interest in trade with Cuba and Batista seems symphatetic to the cause, albeit he is reluctant to join the Marquessate completely. Nationalists and Socialists in the nation are gaining momentum gradually, but steadily, and many believe that anything could happen between today and ten years' time.
Political Stability: Moderate (Lowering slightly)
Economic Stability Moderate (Stable)

*Mexican Confederation: One of the two claimants to the succession of Mexico, the Confederation has enjoyed stronger economic growth at the expense of political agreement. Their government system has granted it's member states a greater unity on domestic affairs, thus ensuring that while it's military, police, and foreign affairs are unified, domestic and economic policies are disparate. Some regions enjoy wide growth while others have stagnated somewhat. It is hostile to Áztlan and the Republic of Mexico, as both contain formerly Mexican territories. They also have rising tensions with the Republic of California, as they claim the R.o.C. had no right to annex the Confederación de Baja California -- regardless of means. A Confederacy still in all ways.
Political Stability: Moderate (Stable)
Economic Stability Moderate-High (Stable)

*Republic of Mexico: More centralized than it's northern neighbour, it has enjoyed more internal unity at the expense of economic growth. Several industries have fallen to oligarchs due to the increasingly obvious military-industrial complex; and attempt of the R.o.M. to maintain it's edge over the 'other Mexico'. It is hostile to Áztlan due to their non-Mexican heritage and the C.o.M. due to their declaration of being the true Mexico. It has likewise disliked how California annexed Baja California.
Political Stability: Moderate-High (Stable)
Economic Stability Moderate (Stable)

*Áztlan: The 'modern aborigins' have had an easier time than the Tribes of the North at ensuring their ideology of prospeirty is accepted by the populace. In fact, the people actively support their government, even most former Mexicans who, despite being Christian and sometimes of different ethnic compossition, have been treated with equally and camaraderie. Most industries have however been nationalized, and as such the oligarchs in the Republic of Mexico and enterpreurs of the Confederation of Mexico are resentful of Áztlan. Unlike the other two however Áztlan makes no attempt to declare itself a 'successor to the nation of Mexico', content with it's aborigin legacy. It has however looked to the south with somewhat greedy eyes, supporting aborigin rennaisance movements in the very troubled region of Central America.
Political Stability: Moderate (Stable)
Economic Stability Moderate-Low (Slightly increasing)

*Stockman Holdings: Little is still known about the elusive Stockman. What is known however, is that his nation is one of the most developed on the entire Continent, it's prowess being possibly the only clear rival to the American Federation. To make matters worse, Stockman's plans and desires are unknown to many but himself. Tight societal control on his territory has ensured no clear picture of it beyond industrial growth is available; rumous of it actually being operated like a corporate state about, however.
Political Stability: High (Stable)
Economic Stability Very High (Stable)

*Independent Nation of Quebec: Having declared itself independent from the Old Canada, Quebece has finally achieved the dream of independence many French-Canadians desired. This however does not means the nation is free of troubles however. An economy essentially subpar to that of any of it's neighbours has led to the government being criticized extensively. The successes of it's neighbours have been looked at with awe and/or envy by many, and right-wing and left-wing groups alike have been formed to reflect this. The Socialist Party and Unity Party, advocating Socialist reform and Re-Unification of Canada respectively, have gained much popularity as of late. Some believe the nation is a time bomb waiting to explode.
Political Stability: Moderate-Low (Lowering quickly)
Economic Stability Moderate-Low (Lowering slightly)

*Neo Canada: Canada successor state based on preserving the old Canadian govermnet. It has many former Canadian ministers and supporters, in fact. The government has stated openly they will "not bretay the U.K., nor allow others to do so". This statement is seen by many as a declaration of hostile intent against it's neighbours, which are more or less Republic. Aside from high military spending, the nation has no remarkable other feats. It's economy is having trouble as of late since it relies considerably on fishing, which has resulted in nearby environmental decay and the invasion of neighbouring territorial waters.
Political Stability: Moderate (Stable)
Economic Stability Moderate (Lowering slightly)

*New Canada: Republic that opposses the ideals of the Old Canada, they have an uneasy relation with it's neighbours. On one hand, they see Quebec as a rebellious province. On the other, they want to be different than their monarchist opponents in the northeast. It's people is supportive of the government and it has a well-trained volunteer force, but it's heavy equipment is somewhat outdated when compared to that of Neo Canada. Internally it is divided on how future foreign affairs ought to be conducted.
Political Stability: Moderate (Lowering slightly)
Economic Stability Moderate (Stable)

*San Francisco: Another small city-state that sprung up, it appears to have no major ambitions as of now... But it remains to be seen if this will be the case for long.
Political Stability: Moderate (Stable)
Economic Stability Moderate (Stable)
Rising Phoenix wrote:End of Chapter II

With the internal conflicts over, this page of history after Judgement is over. No longer nations of North America will struggle with their insides, instead focusing on foreign threats... If such do exist.

But many say what Commander Sheridan of the American says while listening to a news report: "This calm is precisely the eye of the storm -- with the worst is yet to come."

Some mention the period of coming peace should not be wasted. "Still, while there is peace... Let's enjoy it while it lasts." -- could be heard saying Old Man Wilson, life-long Anarchist and former hermit, while drinking a now-favourite concoction, at his home in the United Federation of Free Peoples.

The Councils of the Northern United Free Peoples convened in a mixture of their usual state and of increased cohesion. Perhaps the adventures of the past have provided them with new perspectives -- or simply more topics on which to agree.

As Calixto forces marched on towards an unknown destination, El Tirano counted the number of supporter warlords he had gained. The campaign to secure Central America will not be difficult. But, he will need to maintain his grip if he is to succeed as... None other than 'El Tirano'.

The diplomats of New Canada and Neo Canada still argued for each others' right to call itself the successor state of Canada. From the sidelines, observers from Free Quebecois and the People's Republic of America were called to prevent any incidents. And none are reported, despite strongly worded arguments from each side.

As the diplomats of the Western American Trade Compact all discussed further economic development, the observer from the State of San Francisco wondered if the originally intentions of the Republic of California -- rejoining with them -- would actually be of benefit to the city-state.

The expansion of the Socialist Republic of Northe America has left many people wondering what will be of the future of their nation. Some fear that the nation will become imperialistic itself... "We are a Socialist nation, we have overcome our enemies, and will not become like them." Dispells the fear Captain Solomon Shen, as he stands before a cheering crowd during a speech.

But something few notice is that the Alien Artifacts are reported to be acting strangely. They have begun to pulse faster and faster as days go by -- pulsing slightly faster as each day passes. It is not know what causes this, but this does not prevent some from "Admiring the beauty of the mystery", as Queen Alice of the Kingdom of the Atlantic puts it, when she observes an artifact as a team of scientists works on it.

Elsewhere, Tuchtlán mumbles a prayer of hope for the future when looking a the sky; the sun obscured for a moment by the clouds, and he fears for what is to come... As he is one of the few that may or may not know what the coming storm will bring. Despite his radically different situation and diction, Nicholas B. Stockman, one of the most successful enterpreurs of our time, agrees with him in his own way when the ligt reflects from his shades; shielding his eyes from any who would try to look into his human soul.
Rising Phoenix wrote:Chapter III: Descent

Years pass by as all nations enjoy a moment of peace. The result is obvious to all parties: New technologies are developed from old designs and growth continues.

In the Caribbean, before switching his banners to those of the Kingdom of the Atlantic, Fulgencio Batista enjoys some fine Cuban cigars. An insurgency of great proportions is brewing in his country -- but he is confident that he will not be overthrown... Although that is yet to be seen.

Elsewhere, calm reings. Militaries have kept up their training, but have otherwise demobilized to peacetime readiness levels. The most dangerous news have so far come from the weather, and no catastrophes have assaulted any of the great nations so far.

But one day, clouds aproach the sky ominously. It is not a start. It is not rain. What is it...? "Evil, like the kind of which has never been seen before." Is what Captain Solomon Shen, on the expanded S.R.N.A., believes when he stares intensely at the evening sky.

Whatever it is, it will begin soon...

The Nations of North and Central America

Tier 1: The most economically and socially stable.

Several nations have managed to acquire supremacy over others. These nations are at the top in economic and social standing. They may also benefit from secondary characteristics that bolster their economic and social well-being.

Nations: American Federation, Kingdom of the Atlantic
Growth rate: 5% (+0,5% from any trade agreement)
Stability: Very High

Tier 2: Those who are close, but not there yet.

These nations may have social stability but lack economic power -- or vice versa. They still benefit from a good quality of life and have a great positive outlook for their future.

Nations: Socialist Republic of North America, Northern United Free Peoples, United Federation of Free Peoples, Western Union, Free State of Seattle, North American Columbia, People's Republic of North America
Growth rate: 3% (+0,25% from any trade agreement)
Stability: High

Tier 3: Nations that are stable for the most part but lacking in some aspects.

These nations have a good living standard, but are otherwise unable to project their entire potential yet. They may also have social and/or economic issues to solve, meaning they are not as stable as other nations.

Nations: Republic of California, State of San Francisco, Acadia, New Canada, Neo Canada, Republic of Mexico
Growth rate: 2% (+0,10% from any trade agreement)
Stability: Moderately High

Tier 4: Nations that are falling behind.

These nations have much work to do, if they do not want to fall behind in living standards. They are already lagging behind in all other aspects as well.

Nations: Free Quebecois, Confederación de America Central, Archduke Maxwell's Hold
Growth rate: 1% (+0,05% from any trade agreement)
Stability: Moderate

...And that is it, people. The game never got into Chapter III beyond an introduction. It was designed not so much as 'alternate history' as it was designed to be a cross of 'soft science fiction/fantasy' that had some really weird stuff into it. I took inspiration from many sources to make the story, which I believe added to the game's weirdness.

P.S.: The game did have a map which, if pressed by my fellow Molotovites, I will post. However, I fear that upon seeing it Oyid and Woody will viciously tear me pieces...

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Re: Stuff made up because I was bored or 'RP's Sanity Test'

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Re: Stuff made up because I was bored or 'RP's Sanity Test'

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TRC wrote:Map
Warning! Map is bizarre!
Do you still wish to proceed [Y/N/A]

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Re: Stuff made up because I was bored or 'RP's Sanity Test'

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Time for another of my Ultra Messed And Jumbled Up PostS! (or UMAJUPS!) in which I write/quote/copypaste a lot of my own stuff and show it to you.
Rising Phoenix wrote:
TRC wrote:Map
Warning! Map is bizarre!
Do you still wish to proceed [Y/N/A]
Anyways, here is the map. I do warn you that it is extremely amateur and non-professional. But if for some highly masochistic reason you would like to see it... Go fetch.

On another note: I would like to remark that, contrary to what you guys are used to know, I am actually not that horribly bad/lazy at roplaying. It is just that my effort has been usually spent elsewhere. Proof of such statements I will provide, as follows. (note that as everything made by your inmodest host, this is nothing great. Though if you do not mind reading through walls of text, you may find something to your liking).

I used to play a game based on an obscure X4 game called 'Emperor of the Fading Suns'. In my opinion, that game had great potential and would have become a classic were not for the hyper-bugged release and otherwise non-existant storyline. Which is what most of the game's charm came from: Imagine a W40K and X4 hybrid, and there you have the basics. There are Symbiots, there are pirates ("rebels"), there is a huge merchant cartel, and an inquisition (which prosecutes you and destroys your laboratories if you research 'heretical' technologies) and even the possibility to declare yourself Emperor. But where was I? Oh yeah, so some folks and I played a forum game based on that. It actually is better than it sounds, trust me...

These posts revolve around one of my favourite fictional races, the Mechan. 'Mechan' comes inspired vaguely from Starflight, but origionally only in the name. The Mechan I envisioned back in the day were just humans obsessed with (and otherwise greatly enhanced by) genetic and particularly cybernetic enhancements. A variant race of humans build around wetware. Nowdays I like to keep things rather simple story-wise, and where you guys to see any Mechan in your games, it would be essentially an entirely robotic construct with some organic part here and there... Maybe techno-organic sentients? Either way, here be the walls of text (and some images, though the formatting is waived):
Mechan Sirian Embassy Note:

This terminal has been designated as the relay point for contacting the Mechan [Sirius] government. Contact through these channels, over ship-envoy delegations, is preffered.

Awaiting input.
Mechan Sirian Embassy Note

In order to provide a better understanding of the Mechan culture and values, the Central State of Sirius's embassy is releasing a number of pamphlets providing information regarding the Mechan. Browse through them at your leisure.

Mechan Economy


The Mechan economy centers, of course, around the manufacture and distribution of cybernetic enhancements of varying type and function. Cybernetic manufacture alone takes up to aproximately 40% of the total production in the Industrial Sector of the economy, with important and related elements following close behind (manufacture of electronic components for domestic uses takes up to 15% of the Industrial Sector. Part of those components are also used in Cybernetics).

Prominent examples of a major Cybernetic company include Sarif Industries, founded aproximately 20 years ago by a philantropist named David Sarif.

Example cybernetic enhancement limb. Cybernetics represent the most important sector of the Mechan economy and is also of cultural significance.


As stated before the Industrial Sector of Sirius centers around Cybernetics -- but it is not limited to it. Production of other electronic devices such as the widespread personal communication devices known as Communication Players (also abbreviated as 'COMPs') is high and hopes for exporting such once trade routes are re-established exist.

A standard issue COMP.

Other major products for domestic consumption include personal transport (particularly hovercars) and entertainment systems.

As even during times of Galactic war there was relatively little damage to Sirius, the economy tends to be [historically] heavily civilian-focused, with the government maintaining a monopoly on military-grade weaponry and equipment. Handguns and 'white weapons' (knifes, swords, etc.) for civilians can still be adquired; however the market for such is more of a niche than mainstream, with hobbyst/collectors and skeet-shooters as the main customers. Recently, though, an experiment to privatize the military has been carried out by the City-State of Venetia, which has been classified as a "budgetary success".

Extraction & Agriculture

For all of it's virtues, the one area that does not holds large expectations of exports is the Agricultural sector. Althrough the latest technological innovations are implemented there as well, the fact remains that Mechan society does not places too much interest in the production of crops. As such most of the farms tend to be highly automated and efficient... But very few. Due to the Mechan diet crops are also not particularly in demand, which has further contributed to Agriculture becoming a reduced market.

Extraction of resources, however, is another topic. In the Central State of Sirius, ownership of mineral deposits is forbidden to private enterpreurs, while the Confederacy of Sirus and (particularly) the City-State of Venetia often have major corporations doing the mining and often the same entities carrying out the processing/refining of such minerals. But, given the interest of the Mechan in Cybernetics, Metals and related Minerals are also heavily extracted and carefully refined world-wide.

Sirius is rich in energy sources due to the presence of varied technology in the planet. Althrough some credit this to a bright star, the truth is that not much emphasis was ever given to surface-collected solar power, even if micro-wave orbital solar stations exist.

Finance & Tourism

Mechan fiance and tourism is mixed and heavily dependant on regional standars. The City-State of Venetia enjoys the largest tourist contingent on the planet, often composed of off-worlders. Other nations do not see tourism as a sustainable source of income, and thus neither promote nor restrict it.

Finance-wise, the Central State of Sirius enforces heavy government regulation on ownership control, with the 'Law of Control', declaring that "No private entity, be non-state national or foreign, may control more than 5% a single economic sector economy, and no more than 1% of the total economy." As the law applies to subsidiaries as well, corporations have not thrived very well in the C.S.S. The City-State of Venetia however is very liberal economically and has a strong financial sector, which rises and falls according to libertarian ideals. On the Confederacy of Sirius's side, it should be noted that every state partaking in it has different aproaches to finance, which are too extensive and heterogeneous to say which one is the dominant aspect in the C.S..

One interesting aspect of the economy of Sirius is the existence of Basic Incomes: Both the Central State of Sirius and various states of the Confederacy implement such, which has since long served to erradicate poverty and improve living standards. Other Confederate states and the City-State of Venetia preffer a Negative Income Tax, which has also served to eliminate poverty and increase living standards -- albeit in a different, more bureacratic way.
Mechan Sirian Embassy Note

In order to provide a better understanding of the Mechan culture and values, the Central State of Sirius's embassy is releasing a number of pamphlets providing information regarding the Mechan. Browse through them at your leisure.

A little background

Prior to the Dark Age, the government of Sirius was a Representative Republic. Geographically-divided citizens voted for a representative known as a Quadrumvirite, whom received votes depending on whatever it lived on the North, South, East, or West regions of the planet, and represented one of those respective regions.

Long after the chaos of the Dark Age ended, Sirius's original government lied in ruins. The Quadrumvirites had dissapeared; the communication network of the Mechan was almost entirely destroyed, and the once-proud Capital was long blasted into oblivion, leaving behind the marks of the Dark Age for all the posterior generations to see.

Instead of a centralized government, what emerged were a number of would-be Democrats, would-be Saviors, would-be Mercenaries, and would-be Fascists in charge. What once was divided by cardinal directions was now, at most, a province of two or three cities; at least, one city-state and it's surroundings.

But the Mechan are not particularly a people of warrior tradition. We fight, but only because we are either forced to or because we want some form of adventure; and even in the latter case it is not the thrill of battle what we seek, but the knowledge of the cosmos.

Thus, it would not be long before the various city-states and provinces gathered in a meeting -- known as the "Sirius Summit" -- to create a new, renewed government based on the pre-Dark Age one. But negotations did not go as expected. Once sharing a common culture and ideas, the Mechan were now divided by different traditions ands methods. Genetic modifications, cybernetic ones, or both? Economically liberal, economicaly statist, or mixed policies? Such questions were repeatedly heard in the Summit, but no agreement was made that pleased all parties.

The "Four Nations"

In the past, the system ensured that all Mechan needs and desires were taken care of -- but it's exact specifications were lost to history. It was agreed, however, that greater cohesion was needed in Sirius in order to return to the InterGalactic stage. To do so, a refferendum was held in each city that was still standing at Sirius at that time. The questions, which will not be detailed now, concerned many of the aspects that caused disagreement in the Summit.

The reason behind the refferendum would be union -- like-minded cities would reorganize under a new state, by negotating with others. The results were surprising: in less than a few weeks four major organizations (or nations, as they began to be recognized as such) emerged from such dialogs.

The Central State of Sirius

Aiming at the original system of economic management, the Central State of Sirius favored a relatively strong, but just, central authority with strong emphasis on the benefit of all citizens involved.

Adopting a Socialist aproach to economy with moderately authoritarian politics, the C.S.S. emerged as the choice for those who craved the high living standards of old times under similar conditions.

Tariffs, price controls, owernership limits, free education, public healthcare, public works, and state ownership of the main industries and services became more pronounced as time went on. Civil liberties, neither particularly supported nor suppressed, were also granted but regulated to ensure no one could exploit them.

Due to the rise in Biochemical goods prices, the C.S.S. tends to favour Cybernetic augmentation. This however does not limits it to such.

The Central State of Sirius gathered many cities under it's banner and has, as such, a good portion of the Mechan economic and military wealth.

The Head of State is elected freely by the populace, but once in charge only leaves it's post due to resignation, retirement, or death. A vote of no confidence is also possible, but requires the Senate to make a great majority (eighty-percent) vote to force the Head of State to resign.

The Confederacy of Sirius

As many cities joined the C.S.S., many others oppossed the idea of such a state which would necesarily take away power from the local city governments.

However, those same cities recognized that some form of centralization was necesary to protect them from the other nations that would form -- so was born the Confederacy of Sirius.

Build upon the ideal of mutual protection, the Confederacy ensures that a centralized military force, as well as nation-wide emergency reaction teams exist. An optional central police force also exists for those cities interested; if not, such task is left in charge of local authorities. Taxes collected by the central government exist merely to finance those assetts and provide basic infraestructure to connect all member cities. Foreign affairs are the only affairs handled entirely by the central government with little consent from the member cities.

Given the autonomy granted to member cities, the Confederacy has widely disparate policies in place. Some cities are free market paradises with pseudo~plutocracies ruling them; others are communist pseudo~autocracies. The exact prefferences of those cities are too many to account for in this document.

The Confederacy is, as a result of it's numerous membership, a major economic and military power -- the exact 'keep-in-check' of the Central State of Sirius, as both share equal city membership and a similar amount of resources and income.

The Head of State of the Confederacy is choosen by rotatory election every five years, with unlimited re-election being possible.

The League of Sirius

Pushing for a 'balance' aproach, not seen in the other two nations, the League attempted to ensure both the needs of it's citizens and their liberties were dealt with in a 'civilized way', cattering to the remaining cities that had not joined the other two nations.

Rejecting the authoritarian values of the C.S.S., and the decentralized nature of the Confederacy, The League attempted to strike a balance via a central government that could implement a variety of economic and other policies -- so long neither individual liberties nor a basic order were lost.

The League is compossed of a mixed amount of Mechan who are both genetically and cybernetically augmeneted.

It is moderately military and economically powerful, and it's Head of State is elected via a Republic model every three years. One consecutive term is possible but a second is not allowed. After someone else has been elected, the former Head of State becomes elegible for election again.

The City-State of Venetia

A lone city, with the biggest, most luxurious hotels, beautiful environments, many private corporations and mercenary groups decided to remain separated from the three nations that had formed. Once a small province, it merged with surrounding towns and small cities to create a large urban area.

Overtly economically liberal, the City-State of Venetia holds that if government interference in the economy is minimized as much as possible the economy will prosper. Only the military-police and key infraestructural points are publicly owned; the rest is entirely private property (althrough it has a basic public pensions system and a Negative Income Tax in place, these are not deemed against the libertarian ideals).

Due to the fact that the city had extensive contact with the Core Worlds, most cybernetically augmented Mechans there tend to be famous or in the security branch, while the 'common man' is genetically augmented.

The City-State of Venetia Head of State is a Major, who elected every two years with unlimited re-election being possible. With such a short time, however, it is easy for a Major to lose it's post only to regain it later.

The City-State of Venetia is technically a minor power in Sirius, but due to trade and finance, has grown to rival the military power of the League.

The Quadrumvirate

After the Four Nations came into being and secured their holdings, the newly formed nations agreed to create an organization for international peace and well-being.

Based on the old Quadrumvirate, the new Quadrumvirate is compossed of the four Heads of State of the Four Nations, and handles InterGalactic affairs and international conflicts. Althrough it's international rulings are not absolute, they do bear importance to all Mechan and to ignore them without a good excuse would be political suicide.

The Quadrumvirate has, however, the capacity to enact a 'call to arms for all Mechan', ensuring that if a single Mechan nation is attacked, all other come to it's aid inmediately -- even if they were in conflict a moment before. This, of course, does not applies if the conflicting parties are only Mechan.

Quadrumvirites met several times a year to discuss various issues, but otherwise usually work through appointed delegates.

For clarification, a Quadrumvirite can not force a delegate of another nation to resign (yes, this goes directed at a certain Quadrumvirite whose identity shall we not disclose).

The four (current) Quadrumvirites are:

From the Central State of Sirius:

Ramiro Lattes

OOC: Since this is more or less my nation, there is no need for a summary of ideas/behavior.

From the Confederacy of Sirius:

Takashi "Kaido" Nikaido

"Kaido" is an ardent supporter of self-reliance on political affairs, which is precisely why he is the title of First Secretary is more literally applied to him than to other Confederate leaders of the past. He believes that so long as the Confederacy can accept the differences of each member city/province, there is no need to expand the powers of the central government, but maintain a focus on member affairs.

From the League of Sirius:

Zhang Lee

A very strange democratic leader. She believes that "for democracy to work, the leader must have the heart of a tyrant and the goals of a martyr". She focuses equally on foreign affairs as she does on internal affairs. Her political oritentation is centrist, with an undecided left or right leaning. She has acted as the reason of voice when the other Quadrumvirites let their ideology get to the near-boiling point, helping to preserve the peace on Sirius even in it's most fragile moments.

From the City-State of Venetia:

Vincent De La Ross

For the left-winger, he may be the archetypical capitalist: interested in a balanced budget and keeping the economy and his private company profitable. For the right-winger, he is too exitable to be ineterested in profit as he claims to be. And for the centrists, he is not a moderate. How can one describe Vincent De La Ross? Probably as a 'not-so-poseur'. His supporters claim he genuinely cares for his people, but his methods are considered banal by some. He often ignores domestic affairs in typical libertarian fashion, placing foreing visits and relations in higher status than local issues.
Editor's note: As far as the game went, I played as some kind of 'Space Chavez'. Yeah, as ridiculous as that sounds. I denounced the Senate as anti-mechan imperialists, south to keep my internal economy highly statized (roleplay-wise at least), and simply contended myself with yelling at the other nations until eventually the Senate started to split up and I choose to join with the dissidents. Or I was going to - as the game ended before anything could be done.
Mechan Sirian Embassy Note

In order to provide a better understanding of the Mechan culture and values, the Central State of Sirius's embassy is releasing a number of pamphlets providing information regarding the Mechan. Browse through them at your leisure.

Mechan Embassy

The Embassy of Sirius is managed by delegates appointed by the Quadrumvirites (or their advisors, if so desired). The Embassy of Sirius is the contact point for all Mechan nation-states. Even if you do not desire to contact the Central State of Sirius or the Confederacy of Sirius, this diplomatic channel should be used when addressing any Mechan nation-state or representatives thereof.

As a benefit, using this diplomatic channel could serve as a means to build trust with all of the Mechan nations at the same time. A bid posted via these channels could result in up to four simultaneous offers, which may be to the benefit of the offering party - for example.

NOTE: Even if relations are strained at a point in time between the various Mechan factions, this diplomatic channel is preferred for trade purposes.
Editor's note: Unlike the first incarnation [lamejoke](or should I say intextification?)[/lamejoke] of the forum game, the second one was run by a moderator who encouraged us to achieve national unity via military means whenever possible. Thus my inaction to do and my cooperative/peaceful aproaches were not as successful in unifying the world as other players - not that I really cared to, since I wanted to keep some NPCs around to take hits in case of an extraplanetary invasion.
Mechan Sirian Embassy Note

It has come to the attention of the Quadrumvirate that foreign nations are unaware of how the Joint Seat operates. This as an explanation is provided.

The Joint Seat

When the Central State of Sirius decided to abandon the Senate, it took with it the only means of Sirius to partake in intergalactic politics. This was not taken kindly by the other Mechan nations, who perceived the disadvantages of semi-isolationism outweighted the potential benefits (the opposite doctrine is currently held by the C.S.S..)

Economic and military sanctions were threaned to occur against the C.S.S. by the Confederation of Sirius, the League of Sirius, and the City-State of Venetia. In order to avoid a Mechan World War, the chairman of the C.S.S.'s single party wrote a letter explaining a proposal to the Quadrumvirs. This proposal was accepted, even by the Quadrumvir of the Central State of Sirius. World War was avereted via diplomacy.

Below is a summarized version of the agreement:

The Palace City in which the current Sirius Voting Seat is held was be transfered to a specially administered area under the authority of the Quadrumvirate. Economic control of the city remains in the hands of the C.S.S..
Membership in the The Joint Seat is not mandatory, but only those who are active within it are able to cast an internal vote. Internal voting is th process of sorting out proposals and decisions among the Joint Seat nations; they vote among the possible paths Sirius should take in Senate affairs and, once a consensus is found, the result is passed on to the Senate as a single vote, representing Sirius.
Currently the Central State of Sirius is not a member of the Joint Seat. This is due to their own decision to secede from the Senate, not representing all of Sirius but their own single nation.
The Central State, not partaking in the Joint Seat, does not recognize the Senate and it depends on it's own security and regulations to deal with the symbiot threat.
On the contrary, the City-State of Venetia, League of Sirius, and Confederation of Sirius are complying with all regulations currently in place as according to the Senate rulings.
No troops were sent to Terra due to the Mechan city there being under the authority (and thus national boundaries) of the Central State of Sirius.
The Joint Seat supports completely the current measures to identify and neutralize symbiots and pirates.
Editor's note: Please excuse the format once more. That used to be a list. Also, after that incident I began to roleplay the 'Joint Mechan Delegate' which essentially was a single delegation that carried the voice of all the Mechan nations.
winstonstokes wrote:
If you truly with the senate as you propose then what forces can you send to Terra? What ships are available for pirate hunting?
Joint Mechan Delegate

We can send the following forces:

The Confederacy of Sirius
1 Space Frigate
1 Space Freighter
2 Infantry (Mech)

The League of Sirius
2 Infantry (Mech / JP&ELS)

The City-State of Venetia
1 Tanks
Editor's note: A bit of diplomacy. Also, those weird acryonims are unit upgrades.
Same guy as before wrote:Your assistance was greatly appreciated on Terra. We noted that you sent ships there. Could you send any of the ships, now that Terra is finished, to Panzinuia to join the coalition fleet battling pirates?
Still the same guy wrote:Is trade open to the planet again?
Joint Mechan Representative

Trade with the Confederation of Sirius and the League of Sirius is always open for those interested. The Central State of Sirius however have not yet completely abandoned their state of semi-isolation.
Editor's note: My reply.
Yet the same guy as before wrote:The Xanman Empire has just learned of the pirate threat over your planet. If you are in need of assistance we are willing to provide a fleet to respond to this threat. We have worked to build a coalition to fight the pirates, and may be able to get further aid for you if you wish.
Joint Mechan Representative

If you wish to come and help us neutralize this threat, you will not be stopped. Be warned: The neutralization of the base specifically will be undertaken by Mechan forces.
Editor's note: Yet another reply from me. In this case, 'specifically' was italicized as I wanted the base for myself. In the end, I think it was worth it. I managed to capture a decent loot and the pirate base.
Dark (not the same guy as before!) wrote:The Dominion wishes to extend negotiations with the Joint Mechan alliance of Sirius for possible admitance into a Republic Senate, provided they are willing to agree to contributions to forming a Republic Guard Military Forces to defend this new Senate and its worlds.
Joint Mechan Representative

We thank you for your offer and it will be taken into consideration. However, currently we have.... Pressing matters at hand which prevent us from focusing our efforts on such administrative ideas-for-change.
Editor's note: My reply, in turn. By now the Senate was beggining to split (between reformists, headed by 'Dark', and the conservatives, supported among others by 'the same guy as before'). I had to deal with an internal sabotage of sorts, though, and barely avoided a Mechan civil war. That had to do with the pirates as well, as they wanted a Mechan war to launch an extrasolar invasion. I poured a load of money into my intelligence department to avoid that.

...And that is all, for the most part. Other facts that not made it to these posts:

-The Mechan were mostly agnostic, the ruling party was officially atheist.
-I used the above to generate anti-senate sentiment among the Mechan (and possibly others). Most senate members had researched deep into occult technologies and otherwise were highly religious. The reformist dude was not as religious by the way, which made me supporting him a decent option.
-Due to my startup choice, I had a huge surplus of energy but relative food scarcity. Guess what would have been a far better startup choice? Yeah, to have things the -exact- other way around.
-I am not that great at X4 games. This forum game was no different, so I ended up somewhat behind the other players (not at a "renaissance vs. modern troops"-like thing as it has happened to me in the Civilization games a few times, but more like "Korean War vs. 1990s troops").
-I actually missed a few turns. Fortunately, the game's moderator was rather leninent and allowed me to store the unused resources.

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