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Game Rules

Post by Smyg » 15:50:29 Tuesday, 22 July, 2014

Vanaheimr 3: Aurora Borealis (V3) is a text-based forum roleplaying game, the third installment in the Vanaheimr series. The focus of the game is not so much to crunch stats, points and credits - as is the case with most standard Balance of Power games, for example. Instead Vanaheimr is centered around telling stories, through the interaction between players, between players and their environment, and through the palyers' individual story and character development. As in prior V-games, the intent is to portray a vivid, living, breathing world, one that is more than a colourful background.

Vanaheimr is played through Private Messages, forum posting, Internet Relay Chat (IRC), and at times other social media (such as Facebook). Primarily the game consists of turns, both publicly posted ones (see Northern Tales), and privately sent turns with more personal details. The turns are seasonally based, and are divided into Spring, Early Summer, Late Summer, Autumn, Early Winter, and Late Winter. For each turn, the players get a Private Message. They play through replying to that PM with the actions they want to take during the turn, sometimes through posting in-character forum posts, and when so desired (or required by the situation), through roleplaying in IRC (or another type of chat) with the Game Master and other players.

The setting of Vanaheimr 3 could most easily, without spoiling too much, be described as alternate history low fantasy with elements of clockpunk (and other genres). The time period is an intentionally vague 1600's, a 17th centiry both similar and highly different from ours. In addition to the Northern Tales thread, in-universe background information can be found in The Chronicle, although - as any biased source written centuries after the events it describes - it is not always to be taken for face value. The outside world, away from the area depicted in the game, is only loosely detailed, and will carry little direct importance to the game itself (with certain exceptions).

Unlike the previous V-games, the game can be joined by additional players at any time, although those entering the game early will have a large advantage. To join, post a character sheet in the Character Creation thread. Thank you, and enjoy a pleasant tale-weaving.


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