Police Dossier: Southern California Gang Activity

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Police Dossier: Southern California Gang Activity

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Legend: Orange
The Pacific Bannermen organization is not a new one, but it's certainly much more organized than it was before. Previously, the organization was largely decentralized, with several bosses ('Red Banners'), vying for control of the territory. With the arrival of a regional high boss (Tommy "Dreamer" Tulisen, a 'Yellow Banner') from the Bannermen's Mukden home territories, the Manchurian wing of the organization is likely attempting to improve its control of the Pacific branch.

Tulisen's crew is a well-rounded mix of enforcers, though perhaps a little used to more Eastern criminal methods, and specialize largely in the discrete import of illegal substances.
Legend: Unlisted
The Westminster Honghuzi, formerly helmed by Charlie Guo ('Red Banner' - currently incarcerated at San Quentin in charges of murder, attempted murder, and racketeering), is currently headed by his son, Johnny Guo ('Red Banner'). The older Guo's operations included prostitution and a nominally legal restaurant and hotel chain, both now under control of the younger Guo. The younger Guo has also been charged as a juvenile for several misdemeanors and was a known member of the Honghuzi Motorcycle Club, but has no listed adult charges, and has likely combined criminal infrastructure inherited from his father into his own operations.

A recent racketeering bust has further depleted the active members of the Honghuzi, though, and it's unclear how much influence either Guo holds in the Pacific Bannermen organization.
Legend: Unlisted
The roving second-hand shop 'Stuff4U4Cheap', often found near Huangsemen Shrine in Anaheim Hills, is a known Banner fence operation. The shrine is owned and operated by Rachel Huang ('Red Banner'), a cousin of Tulisen, and has recently been engaged in legal battles with local development companies and homeowner's associations.

Huang's associates is largely made up of a group of friends she met in college, and engage in low-level criminal activity largely unbefitting their title and influence in the Bannermen organization. Don't bother with surveillance unless it's a really slow day and we need to stack up more conspiracy or racketeering charges.
Legend: Red
Victor Kalinovich Stoimeniy is a known Banner affiliate, arrested several times ('62, '65, '68) on drug charges, but never convicted. At some point, he and his associates ('Gromovi Bratia') were promoted to the Pacific Bannermen's private hit squad. In '76, when the Banners were driven out of Los Angeles by yakuza interests, Kalinovich's associates Alexandr ████████ and Pyoter ████████ were arrested on murder charges, though Kalinovich himself was cleared by grand jury.

The Thunder Brothers, until now, had been declared defunct, though potential conflict with the kkangpae association in Anaheim has led Kalinovich, now a nightclub owner and manager, to resume meetings with Banner personnel.
Legend: Yellow
The New Afrikan Lioness Army (NALA), was formed as a Black Panther affiliated self-defense group in response to violent clashes with the Riverside and San Bernardino based American Brotherhood motorcycle gang. The group is led by a woman known as "Fatima Kuhani Ashanti" ('Den Mother') - investigations currently suggest this may be █████ █████ ██████. Despite the group's threat as a political force, it is also a largely stabilizing force, policing the small black neighborhood at Lincoln and Harbor, freeing up police resources.

The group's new-found affiliation with the Pacific Bannermen may be a cause of concern, as NALA may move to become a more criminally minded organization.
Legend: Green
Rev. Benjamin Heartstone III, of the Renewed Unified Church of Jesus Christ and God Almighty for the Salvation of Man (hereon referred to as 'RUC'), has long been a known human trafficker and pimp, using his church as a front to command a neighborhood watch group that increasingly resembles a personal army man of God and upstanding individual. A crusader against gang violence, the reverend pastor and his flock also patrol the neighborhood as a community watchgroup, nicknamed the 'Choir Boys' by outsiders.

While the church is sponsored by the Greater East Asia Tobacco Import Co. (a known Banner front), there is absolutely no evidence that the reverend has any idea that he is dealing with criminals and should not be investigated.
Legend: Blue-grey
Ethincity: Korean Outer Japanese
Proficiencies: Drug Sales, Human Trafficking, Counterfeiting, Smuggling, Extortion
Gang: Kkangpae (South Korean)
Allies: Los Reyes Surenos, Los Lobos Verdades
Rivals: OCOG Canes, Bishop Street Saints, American Brotherhood, Huns
The Hanguk Chosen is a native-born Pacific-American group that ended up forming close ties with the kkangpae afterward - rather than an expansion group. Despite the occasional contention between internal factions, the Hanguk Chosen have a strong and established foothold across the north OC area, and are likely to come into conflict with the Pacific Bannermen.

The Chosen have strong influence among Asian shop owners - especially those in predominantly black neighborhoods and have a strong interest in driving a larger wedge between black and Asian communities. The group is also the go-to drug supplier for several factory and office workers along the Santa Ana St corridor.

These drug operations, though, have created a strange web of alliances. While relying on the Lobos to smuggle cocaine from Latin America, they're also allied to the Reyes Surenos out of pragmatism, and opposed to both the American Brotherhood and Huns, who also produce methamphetamines (despite the former of these two being an ally of the Reyes). A large conflict involving these groups could possibly tear apart the Chosen's internal factions, resulting in a much larger gang conflict.
Legend: Unlisted
Ethncity: Japanese
Proficiencies: Extortion, Counterfeiting, Smuggling
Gang: Yamaguchi-gumi (Japanese)
The LA branch of the Yamaguchi-gumi has largely been quiet after the conflict with the Pacific Bannermen four years ago. Largely staying to themselves and uncontested, they're more content to smuggle goods between Japan and the PSA than get involved in local gang politics.
Colombian Cartels
Legend: Brown
Ethnicity: Mexican and Central/South American
Proficiencies: Drug Sales, Human Trafficking, Smuggling
Gang: Crisantemo Cartel
Allies: VR
Rivals: Canes, Reyes Surenos
The Atown Lobos are the local connection for the Colombian Crisantemo Cartel. Increasing their income by smuggling immigrants across the border along with drugs, the Lobos have grown to control most of the border crossings into the three Americas, and are generally considered neutral middle-men among the Latin American drug barons.

The Atown Lobos are largely made up of smuggled immigrants who continue to operate as drug dealers, whether out of choice or coercion.
Major Gangs
Legend: Purple
Ethincity: Chicano
Proficiencies: Carjacking, Drug Sales, Violent Crime
Gang: Los Reyes Surenos (SoCal)
Allies: Hanguk Chosen
Rivals: Lobos
The Red Reyes, a branch of the larger Los Reyes Surenos, are a native-grown Hispanic organization. The gang was originally a relatively benign producer of PCP-laced marijuana, they have grown increasingly violent in response to Lobos competition cutting into their drug markets.
Legend: Blue
Ethnicity: Black
Proficiencies: Drug Sales, Extortion, Robbery
Gang: Canes (LA-Based)
Rivals: VR, Lobos, Bishop Street Saints, Hanguk Chosen
An offshoot of the LA-based Canes gang, the OCOG Canes are largely made up of displaced residents of the South Central and Compton areas. Largely weakened by the upheaval and surrounded by rival gangs, the local branch of the Canes may likely collapse into smaller competing sets in the near future.
Legend: Unlisted
Ethnicity: White
Proficiencies: Drug Sales, Drug Manufacture, Violent Crime
Allies: Los Reyes Surenos
Rivals: Everybody else
Since its inception in Fontana in 1948 (known by a variety of different names), the American Brotherhood Motorcycle Club has spread across to the other Americas, merging with and assimilating many similar groups along the way on the power of 700cc engines, white supremacy, and methamphetamine.
Legend: Unlisted
Ethnicity: White/Hispanic
Proficiencies: Drug Sales, Drug Manufacture, Violent Crime
Allies: Los Lobos
Rivals: American Brotherhood
Despite similar beginnings as the American Brotherhood, the Huns have been much more accepting of non-white members, and has a large Hispanic membership. This has fueled their trade with the Lobos organization, as their knowledge of the desert counties and roadside safehouses prove a perfect avenue for smuggling immigrants and cocaine north, and methamphetamines south.
Minor Gangs
Legend: Light Orange
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Proficiencies: Carjacking, Street Racing, Bookmaking
A relatively new gang, the Saigon Six largely keep to themselves, focusing more on street racing and illegal gambling than violent crime, though the occasional member has been arrested for carjacking. Despite their Asian heritage, no connections have yet been made with the Chosen or Bannermen, likely because both organizations see little worth mentioning in the upstart gang.
Legend: Lavender
Ethnicity: Mexican
Proficiencies: Drug Sales, Extortion, Carjacking
Allies: Atown Lobos
Rivals: Canes
There is no consensus on exactly what "VR" stands for, though "Vice Reyes", "Vice Roys", and "Virreyes" are common. Formerly a Lobos set, VR recently officially dropped the Lobos name, though the two groups remain allied and share suppliers.
Legend: Light Green
Ethnicity: Black
Proficiencies: Drug Sales, Robbery, Violent Crime
Rivals: Hanguk Chosen
Formerly the OG Bones, formed from displaced Bones members from Compton and Inglewood, the group officially changed its name and split from the Bones after a short, but bloody feud between local-grown and transplant sets. The Bishop Street Saints, taking their name from the small street where the last Compton OG Frank 'Big Easy' Wallace was gunned down, have since put the experience and reputation they've gained from the violent conflict to use, becoming a resilient and dangerous thorn in the Chosen's side.
Legend: Light Blue
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