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...unce unce unce unce...
"Hey man! Don't look at her, ok?! She is the sister of the club owner!" the smell of the club was as always, a mix of alcohol, weed and cigarettes. With a fair bit of sweat and puke mixed in, naturally like every other club. The music was blasting, the people were swaying from side to side, grinding into each-other and getting high off their minds. All and all a normal day here, except for that chick on the dance floor, god that chick on the dance floor. She was so hot... fuck the manager.
...unce unce unce unce...
Before he knew it, he was dancing with her, she was so goddamn hot, a blond chick with some eastern-style short pants that were all the rage in counterculture Japan, she was grinding against him and her body was just perfect. He could see the "Imperial" in her Russian, if you know what I mean. Plus, he was Korean, his boss had send him here and keep tabs on the Russian asshole owning the club, so what better way to do that.
...unce unce unce...
He woke up, his body was freezing, covered in cold water. His surroundings were sterile, white walls, as he looked around with horror, shivering, he realized he was in a freezer with all the dead meat around. The sound of the club was still reaching him here, but it was all quiet now. He was shivering, he was freezing and he was in pain, his hands were tied.
...unce unce...
After a while, a large Russian man walked in, his face like carved out of granite, his voice as stereotypical as possible for a Imperial Russian. He grabbed a chair and swung it around to sit near the shivering man. He sat down and lit a cigarette, taking a pull out of it he put his massive arms on the back of the chair.

"Do you want a cigarette?" he asked in his thick Russian accented English. As the Korean struggled to answer, able only to produce a stiff, trembling hissing sound the Russian smiles.

"No? Oh ok..." he continues smoking "... you know, I really hate it when this happens. You try to be nice to people, and they spit in your face." he stops to take a pull from his cigarette.

"Like that sister of mine, she is so ungrateful, but she is family after all, yah kno?" as he pulls his cigarette again, he grabs the head of the Korean and pulls him up to his face "I allowed you to go around my club, even though your very presence was an offense. But then you disrespected me again." as he says that, his friendly voice increasingly froze.

"And then, you do this." suddenly he slaps the Korean, and continues in a calm voice "I wont kill you now, I will torture you, and then I will return what is left of you to your masters."
The music stopped.

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