Red Banner Year

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Re: Red Banner Year

Post by Gesar » 02:07:11 Friday, 10 June, 2016

Ashanti entered the room just as Tommy's...relative began her little speech, arrival heralded just moments before by a haze of cigarette smoke and a violent staccato of booted feet and terse muttering in the vein of "Stupid. Fucking. Junkie. Fucking. Idiot." Her eyes stayed fixed on Rachel, brief outburst fading quickly into characteristically stoic disgruntlement at the doings of Dreamer's various goon squads...though it was probably fortunate for her pride that what may have appeared to be a thin smile of approval might as well have been a drug and/or panic-induced phantom for the others involved.

"They carted off Madame Li with Dreamer, so we at least don't have to worry about collateral." Tone returning to a professionally-feigned neutral by the second, Ashanti gave Johnny a brief nod. "Which also means-" She caught herself, forcing a glance back towards the young woman with the aggressively terrible haircut who'd been shadowing her. "-well, if we're looking into the 'Pae, there's that kid I'd like to look out for. His grandpa dotes on him. Real old school family, you know? If we can't keep him out of this, maybe I can get him to say something."

"It's that or we'll have a word with the staff. Might go over better with somebody who actually knows how it is than the rest of you, since we're not selling bootleg JAV flicks at this point.."
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Re: Red Banner Year

Post by Snacks » 10:01:14 Friday, 10 June, 2016

Rachel pointedly ignored the jab from Ashanti as she slipped the floppy into Johnny's hand, "Well if that thing is the real deal -and my friend can get here soon to tell you whether it is- she'll tell your boys where his room is if our partner here wants to convince them to put the little guy to bed, and then they can avoid it."

Lighting up a smoke as she started scanning the room for Tad, she paused and thought a moment before sighing, giving Ashanti a pat on the shoulder and slipping a key-card into the closest available pocket, "Or, well, if you want to involve a staffer, that May Hong is pretty pliable, and has good reasons not to kick up a fuss, in her condition. Feel free to turn in the key card you found dropped in the bathroom as an icebreaker. Or ditch it, if you want. I am just the help, after all, so what do I know?"

With that, she went to find the yak prince and directions to the Hotel Club.

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Re: Red Banner Year

Post by Huojin » 16:36:53 Friday, 10 June, 2016

Johnny tossed the floppy to his cousin, who was standing around with Harry. "Get it done, Michael. I'll be back shortly."

Walking off, he made his way in search of the loading dock.

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Re: Red Banner Year

Post by RinKou » 18:13:34 Tuesday, 21 June, 2016

Rachel and Johnny both exit stage left.

Steven, noticing a friendly face, chimes up. "Is he going to be alright?"

The 'pae hovering over him eyes you suspiciously, then gets back to the exasperated phone call he's on. There don't seem to be any other Koreans in the area at the moment.
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