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State Department Report - Updated Q4 1981

United States of America: 9/100. Viewed as a German puppet. Some cooperation, transport links, economic ties. Arms deals in place. Tensions over tacit support for Black Liberation Army and other dissenter organisations. Intrusion into Great Lakes territory and tensions in the Gulf of Mexico. Tensions over Haiti. MSA admitted to funding KKK, retaliatory bombings. MS plans to close Mississippi ports.
Pacific States of America: 23/100. Viewed as a Japanese puppet state carved out of the country. Political relations better than public attitudes - some cooperation, transport links, economic ties. Arms deals in place. Tensions over spread of organised crime from PSA into MSA. Shared attitudes in support of some persecuted minorities in the USA. Perceived deliberate attacks against PSA economic interests in MSA. Tensions over Haiti, suspicions growing.
Commonwealth of Canada: 23/100. Closely tied to German regime, Europa Pact member. However, public attitudes more favorable than with USA due to less severe racial policies. Major transport links connecting to USA run through MSA. MSA is fresh water importer. Tensions in the Great Lakes, MSA admitted to funding KKK, and smugglers apprehended and paraded.
Workers’ Republic of Mexico: 69/100. Major regional ally. Close ties since post-war period, improving since the institution of market reforms. Sent aid post-natural disaster. Haitian Papers Scandal but recovering.
Workers’ Republic of Cuba: 67/100. Regional ally, aligned with Mexico. Close ties since post-war period, tensions growing between Mexico and Cuba over reforms. Haitian Papers Scandal but recovering.
Workers’ Republic of Haiti: 55/100. Regional ally, aligned with Mexico. Close ties since post-war period, internal chaos due to ongoing Tontin Macoutes militia fighting against the government. Suspected fascist backing. Haitian Papers Scandal but recovering.

Empire of Japan: 14/100. Superpower, victorious power that launched an invasion. Poor relations continue more than 30 years later, but officially has full relations established, with embassies and diplomats exchanged. Suspicions growing.
German Reich: 10/100. Superpower, victorious power that launched an invasion. Poor relations continue more than 30 years later, but officially has full relations established, with embassies and diplomats exchanged. MSA admitted to funding KKK, USA conducted retaliatory bombing.
Commonwealth of Nations: 78/100. Allied nation, maintains connections mainly through passage agreements with Mexico.
United Republic of South Africa: 45/100. Basic relations established, prospects seem positive. Non-aligned, nationalist, vaguely left-wing government rose to power in 1976 and abolished apartheid. Led by former exile and revolutionary, Nelson Mandela. Regime remains beset by internal chaos and pro-Nazi terrorism. No formal diplomatic exchange, but relations improving.

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The Congressional Register

Listing all Senators and Representatives for each house.

Mountain States Senate
Chris Butler (R-M) - Class II
Incumbent, 56.5%
-Born 1912.
-Studied history, worked for the then-Northern Pacific Railroad, climbed to become a board member.
-Elected to Montana House of Representatives three times.
-Elected to MS House of Representatives twice.

Edwin Sanders (P-M) - Class I
Governor Appointee (predecessor: Newly Elected, 48.8%)
-Born 1929.
-Studied public administration, worked city hall and governor offices most of his life.
-Became involved in organising political matters, worked for the local Progressive Party.
-Built it up from grassroots level in the state.
-Former Montana Progressive Party Chairman.

Allan Clayton (R-C) - Class II
Incumbent, 53.0%
-Born 1923.
-Virulently anti-communist and devout.
-Past experience in the automobile industry and Wyoming state legislature.

Vernon Baker (R-M) - Class I
Governor Appointee (predecessor: Incumbent, 66.1%)
-Player character, see history

Floyd Ramsey (P-C) - Class I
Incumbent, 51.6%
-Born 1933.
-Studied law at University of Colorado.
-Spent 4 years with a local left wing Progressive Party-affiliated party.
-Eventually folded his organisation into the Progressive Conservative caucus.
-Elected to the House of Representatives in 1962, then to the Senate in 1968.
-Skilled negotiator.

Lucille Rice (R-N) - Class III
Incumbent, 48.4%
-Born 1937.
-Born in New York before Nazi invasion.
-With the invasion, moved to Colorado with family.
-Political science graduate from University of Colorado.
-Worked as an political adviser for the former Colorado senator before making her own successful run.

New Mexico
Philip Donovan (S) - Class II
Incumbent, 42.1%
-Born 1926.
-Radical academic with militant left-wing past.
-Professor Emeritus at University of New Mexico.
-Author of "Socialism and Democracy", "Socialism and Justice", and "Madre Patria Proletaria: Proletarian Syndicalism and the Mexican Struggle for a Sovereign Worker's Motherland".
-Democratic Trotskyist.

Tomas Bandera (S) - Class I
Incumbent, 49.0%
-Born 1903.
-Second generation Hispanic-American.
-Volunteered as a young student on Eugene Debs’ last presidential campaign in 1920.
-Became involved in Socialist Party apparatus, working for the party paper.
-Involved in local political campaigns and liaison with unions.
-Elected to New Mexico House of Representatives post-war eight times.
-Former Speaker of the House of Representatives of New Mexico.

North Dakota
Edwin Copeland (R-L) - Class I
Incumbent, 51.1%
-Born 1923.
-Studied at North Dakota State University.
-Briefly worked for the food processing and agribusiness industry, then became a lobbyist to the state government.
-Elected as Lieutenant Governor of North Dakota in 1970.
-Elected to the Mountain States Senate after one term.

Glen McLaughlin (R-M) - Class III
Incumbent, 54.5%
-Born 1930.
-Former lawyer, private practice and then Mountain States Attorney for North Dakota.
-Charismatic and popular, but notable past proponent of segregation.

South Dakota
Rupert P Bacon (R-M) - Class II
Incumbent, 49.9%
-Born 1902.
-Studied at West Point Academy, enlisted in the United States Army.
-Major in the United States Army by the time of the war.
-Served in the post-war MS Army as a Brigadier General.
-Two term House Representative, then elected to the Senate in 1976.

Arthur Morris (R-C) - Class III
Newly Elected, 65.3%
-Born 1915.
-Served in the US navy, wound up as a captain, decorated for bravery during the Japanese invasion.
-Former governor of South Dakota.
-Noted proponent of state rights.

Francis B Perryman (R-C) - Class I
Incumbent, 61.2%
-Born 1928.
-Studied business administration.
-Meatpacking industry magnate, significant Republican Party contributor.
-Former Mayor of Omaha.

Nathan Holloway (R-L) - Class III
Newly Elected, 50.4%
-Born 1916.
-Founded his own law firm.
-Five term member of the Nebraska Legislature.
-Lieutenant Governor of Nebraska.

Orval Scott (P-C) - Class III
Incumbent, 61.9%
-Player character, see history

Zachary Goldman (R-L) - Class I
Incumbent, 49.2%
-Player character, see history

Jack J Doyle (P-C) - Class II
Incumbent, 70.7%
-Born 1899.
-Fought in the last years of the First World War.
-Returned to Oklahoma, involved in local police department throughout the 1920s and 30s.
-Became Police Commissioner in 1943.
-Left the police service to be elected to the Oklahoma Senate twice.
-Elected to the House of Representatives twice.

Paula Brewer (S) - Class III
Newly Elected, 55.8%
-Born 1914.
-Former regional CIAO leader.
-Left the CIAO when she became disillusioned with their methods. Aligned more closely with the WIU.
-Campaigned for the Socialists, before being elected to the Senate.
-Most visible moderate in the Socialists.
-President Pro Tempore of the Senate.

Nathan Hanlon (P-H) - Class I
Incumbent, 68.0%
-Player character, see history

Jose Marquez (P-M) - Class II
Incumbent, 60.4%
-Born 1935.
-Father was useless city politician in Texas, served and died in WWII.
-Spent youth fairly aimless, served in the Navy post-WWII, made acquaintance of Charles Stone.
-Continued lengthy military career, left in 1966.
-At Stone's urging, took up political career - elected to the House in 1968, then Senate in 1970.
-Supported by Governor Stone in Senatorial campaign.
-Became prominent leader of the Progressive Moderates in Congress.

Christopher Aronson (P-L) - Class I
Incumbent, 52.5%
-Born 1923.
-Second generation Scandinavian-American, studied psychology.
-Worked as a teacher, then for a charitable trust.
-Later became legislative aide to a succession of senior Democratic Senators, then the Governor of Minnesota.
-Elected to the State Senate after the war. Failed to gain Progressive nomination for Governor.
-Elected to the MS Senate in 1962.

Alma Meyer (P-M) - Class II
Newly Elected, 50.5%
-Born 1912.
-Studied law at the University of Minnesota.
-Clerked for the Supreme Court of Minnesota, before working as a court attorney.
-Later became Chief Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court.

Elijah Kennedy (P-L) - Class II
Incumbent, 51.0%
-Born 1917.
-Irish Catholic father, Jewish mother.
-Popular student, attended Harvard University before the war.
-Notable investor and philanthropist. Elected to the Senate after garnering community and business support.
-History of cross-aisle cooperation.

Franklin Weeks (R-D) - Class III
Incumbent, 58.2%
-Born 1918.
-Born in Michigan, studied naval engineering. ROTC route, served on submarines, moved to MSA post-war. Taught at submarine school, retired a Vice Admiral.
-Started boat company, involved in VFW and local Minutemen.
-Lieutenant Governor of Iowa in 1964, escaped controversy, elected to Senate in 1972.
-Member of the Senate Armed Service Committee.
-Broke ranks and joined Patriotic Defense Caucus.

Lawrence M Carter (P-C) - Class I
Incumbent, 52.1%
-Born 1906.
-African-American, studied economics, then law.
-Began legal career as counsel with the House Judiciary Committee.
-Defeated in attempt to become Attorney General for Missouri.
-Later appointed as Mountain States Attorney for Missouri.

Hubert Trent (P-C) - Class III
-Born 1912.
Incumbent, 46.7%
-Studied economics and law, then worked as an investment banker.
-Twice elected to the House of Representatives after utilising financial connections to secure major funding.

Cliff J Thomson (P-H) - Class II
Incumbent, 44.3%
-Born 1920.
-Educated as an engineer, served as a marine on the West Coast.
-Early supporter of incorporating refugees into society as state legislator.
-Support for race-relations earned him reputation that saw him twice elected as Governor of Arkansas.

Arthur Bailey (P-M) - Class III
Incumbent, 55.2%
-Born 1930.
-High profile public defender.
-Elected district attorney for Little Rock.
-Predecessor died in 1973, was chosen by the Governor of Arkansas to finish the term. Was then re-elected in 1978.
-Chairman of Senate Committee of Energy.

Jacqueline Cullen (P-M) - Class II
Incumbent, 42.2%
-Born 1931.
-African-American, descended from refugees from the Carolinas.
-Prominent representative of the black community in Louisiana.
-Began as a member of the public school board, then the state legislature.

Paul C Sherwood (I) - Class III
Newly Elected, 45.5%
-Born 1939.
-Former oil company worker, and labor leader/organiser.
-Two term member of the House of Representatives.
-Elected to the Senate in 1978.
-Quit Socialist Party in solidarity with Congresswoman Armstrong.
Mountain States House of Representatives
Representatives: 2
Nathan Terry (R-N)
Incumbent, 53.2% - 1st district
-Born 1910.
-Served briefly in World War 2 in the Pacific Theater but was injured early on in the war and stayed out for the rest of it.
-Worked as a part time volunteer for the Republican Party headquarters.
-Rose up the ranks quickly while working as a shoe salesman.

Heather Phelps (P-M)
Newly Elected, 49.2% - 2nd district
-Born 1929.
-University faculty member in Montana, staff member of the Progressive National Committee.
-Involved heavily in research and management for national-level Progressive campaigns.
-Surprise-elected after grass-roots campaigning.

Representatives: 1
John Cartwright (R-N)
Newly Elected, 59.1% - at-large
-Born 1945.
-Relatively unknown as the recent bid to be elected was his first splash in the political scene.
-Law graduate.

Representatives: 6
Karen Miura (P-C)
Incumbent, 65.4% - 1st district
-Born 1938.
-Half-Japanese American, avoided internment but family moved east to be near interned father.
-Became a teacher, then joined the Public School Board.
-Vehement anti-internment and pro-compensation campaigner.
-Chairperson of the House Education Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Elementary and Secondary Education.
-Chairperson of the Progressive-Conservative Caucus.

Frederick Parker (R-M)
Newly Elected, 48.7% - 2nd district
-Born 1937.
-Former businessman in the dairy industry.
-Son-in-law of a previous Governor of Colorado.

George A Tracey (R-C)
Incumbent, 58.6% - 3rd district
-Born 1910.
-Mathematics student, then a university lecturer.
-Worked for Air Force officer schools during the war teaching statistics and analytics.
-Remained with the Air Force post-war, honorably discharged.
-Returned to educating, before being recruited to stand for congress in 1958. Successfully elected in 1960.

Fredrick Fuller (R-N)
Newly Elected, 53.3% - 4th district
-Born 1932.
-Formerly a successful businessman who was persuaded into politics by friends.
-Bankrolled the current Republican senator for Colorado's successful run before running himself in the House.

Abraham Shinoda (P-M)
Incumbent, 51.1% - 5th district
-Born 1937.
-Spent childhood in Japanese-American internment camps.
-Parents moved to Denver after release, became minor business owners.
-Practiced law until election to city council, then to the House of Representatives.
-Member of HUAC.

April Patton (P-C)
Incumbent, 56.0% - 6th district
-Born 1915.
-Studied communications and journalism, worked as a sports reporter and tv reporter.
-Elected as Mayor of Grand Junction twice, then failed to be nominated for lieutenant governorship race.
-Joined Mining Conservation Commission, later elected to the House of Representatives.

New Mexico
Representatives: 3
Michael Tanaka (P-H)
Incumbent, 40.9% - 1st district
-Born 1945.
-Japanese-American, born in the internment camps.
-Charismatic young community leader.
-Leading supporter of minority rights, major Japanese-American Citizens League supporter.

Esteban Perez (R-C)
Incumbent, 59.2% - 2nd district
-Born 1932.
-Son of Mexican dissident immigrants.
-Devout Catholic.
-Married to prominent Cuban activist, Maria Perez, with three children.
-Former lawyer.
-House Minority Whip.

Russell Black (S)
Incumbent, 55.2% - 3rd district
-Born 1912.
-Practiced law in Texas, then moved back to New Mexico.
-Served as a district court judge.
-Notable for his left wing and socially progressive rulings.

North Dakota
Representatives: 1
Gilbert Conner (R-M)
Incumbent, 55.0% - at-large
-Born 1925.
-Studied economics and agriculture, enlisted in the air force before beginning Masters program.
-Returned to studies through the GI Bill, gained an MBA.
-Lobbyist for the military and aviation industries. Highly defense-concerned.

South Dakota
Representatives: 1
Drew Goodwin (R-C)
Incumbent, 57.5% - at-large
-Born 1936.
-Studied law, working as an attorney. Twice elected to the South Dakota House of Representatives, then for the South Dakota Senate.
-Left politics to work as director of government relations for oil companies.
-Returned to be elected to the House of Representatives.

Representatives: 3
James G Koenig (R-M)
Incumbent, 74.2% - 1st district
-Born 1929.
-Raised as a farmer. Inherited his fathers farm at an early age and expanded, taking over neighboring farms.
-Became a minor agricultural magnate.

Grant Mason (R-D)
Incumbent, 50.2% - 2nd district
-Born 1917.
-Retired Air Force general.
-Fighter pilot during World War 2, credited with an ace during the defense of the USA over the Atlantic Theater.
-Entered politics to protect the military's interests after officially retiring from the Air Force.
-Broke ranks and joined Patriotic Defense Caucus.

Scott McNamara (R-C)
Incumbent, 68.5% - 3rd district
-Born 1938.
-Studied law, served in private practice for ten years.
-Elected to Congress in 1972.

Representatives: 5
Doug Richardson (P-L)
Incumbent, 52.2% - 1st district
-Born 1932.
-Served two years in the Mountain States Army. Attained a law degree afterwards.
-Elected as a town meeting member.
-Served four terms in the Kansas House of Representatives.

Sharon V Hodges (P-C)
Newly Elected, 62.1% - 2nd district
-Born 1925.
-Studied house economics. Served on local, small city council for 8 years.
-Elected to the Kansas House of Representatives for 28 years, serving as speaker pro tempore and oversaw committees on transportation.
-Elected to the House of Representatives in 1980 to succeed retiring Progressive.

Thomas Higgins (P-M)
Incumbent, 68.6% - 3rd district
-Born 1900.
-Studied horticulture, worked as a farmer. Appointed to the bar after working alongside his father.
-Climbed to judgeship, resigned to enlist in the Army during the war. Entered the reserve post-war.
-Chairman of the House Committee on Appropriations.

Rita Greer (I)
Newly Elected, 50.5% - 4th district
-Born 1920.
-Journalism student, wrote for several local papers. Became notable political writer.
-Hired as press secretary for several Socialist campaigns in Texas and the South. Chosen to lead the charge in Kansas.
-Ejected from the Socialist Party in 1981.

Wilbert Tate (R-M)
Newly Elected, 57.0% - 5th district
-Born 1939.
-Studied economics, made his fortune after founding a telecoms company operating in the central MSA.
-Major donator to charitable efforts and political campaigns.
-Retired from management positions, still a major shareholder.

Representatives: 6
Floyd A Hust (R-M)
Newly Elected, 53.1% - 1st district
-Born 1931.
-Lied about his age to enlist in the Air Force during WWII. Plane shot down and captured, freed by resistance forces.
-Returned home after the war, completed studies and worked as a prosecuting attorney.
-Elected to Oklahoma state legislature. Supporter of Native Americans.

Olivia Pina (R-M)
Incumbent, 50.1% - 2nd district
-Born 1934.
-Native-American businesswoman.
-Former university professor teaching history.
-One term member of the Oklahoma State Senate.
-Member of HUAC.

Norman Warner (R-C)
Incumbent, 54.1% - 3rd district
-Born 1922.
-Former stock broker.
-Author of finance books and economic treatises.
-Research fellow at a university, gives occasional lectures.
-Lost three brothers in the Pacific.
-Member of HUAC.

Matthew J Carpenter (R-C)
Incumbent, 60.9% - 4th district
-Player character, see history

Kimberly Morell (P-H)
Incumbent, 47.4% - 5th district
-Born 1925.
-Law graduate, former public defender.
-Founder of a nonprofit promoting legal help to the poor and campaigning against mandatory minimums.

Josh S Burgess (R-M)
Incumbent, 55.9% - 6th district
-Born 1937.
-Served in the Mountain States Navy, given medical discharge for broken ankle.
-Briefly played for the NFL, left after two years to work for an accounting firm.
-Joined the Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce.

Representatives: 27
Leanna J Freeman (R-N)
Incumbent, 71.8% - 1st district
-Player character, see history

Ruben Washington (R-C)
Newly Elected, 53.0% - 2nd district
-Born 1949.
-Little known politician, inheritor of family machinery business.
-Used appeal of the growing Christian right and support for tax cuts to win out in primaries.

Christopher Miller (R-L)
Incumbent, 63.1% - 3rd district
-Born 1936.
-Son of a prominent oil baron.
-Married the daughter of a Mexican cattle baron. 2 daughters, 1 son, dog named Chico.
-Too young to serve in the war, but he did enlist in the Army after college.
-Fairly active member of his church.
-Elected as an active member of the business community, known for his willingness to work across the aisle.

Cecelia Ortega (P-H)
Incumbent, 69.6% - 4th district
-Born 1923.
-Third-generation Salvadoran-American.
-Former Analyst, Armed Forces Security Agency.
-Left AFSA after whistleblowing on serious workplace misconduct and abuse of authority.
-Entered private sector data management.
-Outspoken feminist, elected on platform including fair employment of women/immigrants.
-Member of HUAC.
-House Majority Whip.

James Barrer (P-H)
Newly Elected, 53.7% - 5th district
-Born 1932.
-Local community lawyer and public defender.
-Public School Superintendent.

Robert Campbell (S)
Incumbent, 46.1% - 6th district
-Born 1915.
-Worked on the railroads, became involved in activism during a strike.
-Fought as a volunteer in Mexico, returned home to fight against the Japanese invasion.
-Post-war organised militias to patrol border regions. Arrested as part of crackdown after clashes with PSA border guards.
-Became a committed socialist in prison, left and campaigned, eventually being elected to the Texas House of Representatives.
-Democratic Trotskyist.

Nicholas Hanford (P-L)
Incumbent, 77.1% - 7th district
-Born 1929.
-Worked during university to end segregationist policies after befriending several persecuted students.
-Graduated from law school and began practicing law. Soon entered state politics, serving in the state senate.
-Gave notable speeches at the 1970 Progressive National Convention, later won election to the House of Representatives.

Donald Taylor (P-H)
Incumbent, 48.8% - 8th district
-Born 1923.
-Studied law, worked in state and federal courts in local counties.
-Served in the Marine Corps during the war.
-Elected to Texas House of Representatives once, and the Texas Senate three times.
-Then elected to the House of Representatives.

Yvonne Dallas (P-H)
Incumbent, 61.9% - 9th district
-Born 1935.
-Lawyer by profession, selected to finish her late-husband’s term after dying in office in 1971, re-elected consistently since.
-Religious old widower, stern but popular.

Lucia Clark (P-L)
Incumbent, 80.1% - 10th district
-Born 1939.
-Founder of a home-based business that provides supplies to major companies.
-Won her seat against a previously strong-Republican incumbent in a surprise turn around. Has since become a personal safe seat.

Milton Murphy (S)
Incumbent, 53.6% - 11th district
-Born 1950.
-Former businessman, left the Texan Progressive Party Committee to join the Socialists.
-Leading campaigner on the right of the Socialist Party.

Terry G Chambers (P-M)
Incumbent, 51.7% - 12th district
-Born 1921.
-African-American, former Marine during WWII.
-Two term Texas House of Representatives member.
-Mining company lobbyist.

Darrell Sullivan (S-W)
Incumbent, 41.2% - 13th district
-Born 1928.
-Radical journalist and political campaigner.
-Worked Mexico briefly, and toured countries having undergone a Toledanist revolution, writing a book about his travels.

Wilson Hughes (P-M)
Newly Elected, 58.8% - 14th district
-Born 1938.
-Father died young, went to work quickly out of university as a copyboy, soon became a journalist.
-Involved as a labor organiser, gained a reputation as an eloquent writer and eccentric.

Eugene Pławski (R-D)
Incumbent, 64.6% - 15th district
-Player character, see history

Gregory Ballard (R-N)
Incumbent, 48.3% - 16th district
-Born 1930.
-Civil Engineering graduate from University of Texas.
-Worked in various departments for the Texas civil authority, road permits and approvals before moving on into politics.

Hugo Walton (R-M)
Newly Elected, 46.0% - 17th district
-Born 1926.
-Studied medicine until his father died and he had to drop out to work for his family.
-Built a fruit juice company from the ground up, sold his stake to buy controlling shares of a media company.

Rick Hanson (R-C)
Incumbent, 49.6% - 18th district
-Born 1919.
-Originally schooled to take over his father’s business interests in oil and natural gas.
-Eventually transitioned to politics post-war, rising quickly with his connections. Seven term House member.

Cesar Manzano (R-M)
Incumbent, Uncontested - 19th district
-Born 1930.
-Hispanic-American, devout Catholic.
-Studied business administration, former oil company lobbyist.

Tomas Soto (R-C)
Incumbent, 82.3% - 20th district
-Born 1933.
-Hispanic-American, refugee from Mexico.
-Former farm owner, fled with family to avoid persecution in early days of revolution.
-Organised refugee communities from Latin American.
-Fiercely anti-Toledanist and anti-Socialism.

Terrance Carpenter (S)
Incumbent, 51.7% - 21st district
-Born 1906.
-Former teamster and union organiser.
-Served on local city council, eventually elected mayor.
-Elected to the House in 1966.

Andrea Hernandez (S)
Incumbent, 52.5% - 22nd district
-Born 1938.
-Author of "The Cherished Bleeding" and "Cages of Faith".
-Celebrated poet, having written countless assorted poems.
-Well-know community organiser.
-Member of HUAC.

Hector Guzman (P-M)
Incumbent, 50.0% - 23rd district
-Born 1922.
-Hispanic-American lawyer.
-Elected to the Texas State Senate, served as Majority Leader and President Pro Tempore.
-Resigned seat at the start of the war, served in the Navy in the Pacific.
-Captured as a POW, returned to Texas after the war and elected to the House of Representatives.

Ralph M Johnson (S-W)
Newly Elected, 33.8% - 24th district
-Born 1932.
-Left wing political theorist and author. Ran as Vice Presidential candidate for the Workers’ Revolutionary Party in 1974.
-Broke with the WRP to return to the Socialists, but remains part of the Workers’ faction.
-Socialist Party Secretary of Foreign Affairs.

Boyd Gill (P-H)
Newly Elected, 49.7% - 25th district
-Born 1948.
-Rancher and businessman, president of a business alliance between ranchers and other agribusinesses in Texas.
-Divorced from wife (1 child), remarried with two children.

Ricardo Solana (P-H)
Incumbent, 55.0% - 26th district
-Born 1941.
-Hispanic American investment banker, one of the founders of the Texas Young Progressives club.
-Won the Progressive primary in 1972, elected to the House the same year.

Joel M Chavez (S)
Newly Elected, 60.2% - 27th district
-Born 1947.
-Hispanic American and farm owner, primarily growing fruits.
-Champion of fair working conditions for employees, and proponent of immigration reform.

Representatives: 8
Samantha Eisenburg (P-M)
Incumbent, 49.1% - 1st district
-Born 1940.
-Jewish American, studied economist and then law.
-Worked as a clerk for the Minnesota Supreme Court. Entered private practice, mainly consumer protection law.
-High profile case brought national attention, lost two primary battles before finally winning election.

Arthur Robertson (S)
Incumbent, 58.8% - 2nd district
-Born 1936.
-Son of union leader with connections.
-Obtained an expensive law degree.
-Mostly fell into politics.
-Fast-talking charmer.
-Member of HUAC.

Joshua Johnson (R-L)
Incumbent, 61.8% - 3rd district
-Born 1911.
-Worked three jobs to put himself through university.
-Never graduated, found employment with St. Paul Pioneer Press as political reporter.
-Befriended Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota in 1956.

Edna J Boyd (P-L)
Newly Elected, 46.8% - 4th district
-Born 1933.
-Environmental scientist, major proponent of renewable energies and conservationism.
-Newly elected after shock grassroots campaign.

Peter Henderson (R-L)
Incumbent, 61.3% - 5th district
-Born 1935.
-Conglomerate founder, with fingers in retail, agriculture, and mining.
-Resigned from the board to stand for Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota. Failed to win election, but raised profile.
-Stood again as House Representative 1976 and was elected.

Morgan Lewis (P-L)
Governor Appointee (predecessor: Incumbent, 84.1%) - 6th district
-Born 1943.
-Former business administration student, worked for 3M.
-Later became President of a literacy and urban education non-profit.
-Former Chief of Staff for the Mayor of Duluth, then State Senator.

Regina Carroll (P-L)
Incumbent, 70.4% - 7th district
-Born 1936.
-Representative for Minnesota's "Iron Range".
-Devotee of failed 1972 Presidential contender, Eugene McCarthy.
-Rose after Republicans under then-Governor Stassen lost control of the state in 1968.
-Member of HUAC.

Patrick Edmonds (P-L)
Incumbent, 43.5% - 8th district
-Born 1925.
-Former forestry company owner, elected to Minnesota State Senate.
-Oft described as a limousine liberal due to his contradictory views.

Representatives: 6
Geoffrey Wise (P-L)
Incumbent, Uncontested - 1st district
-Born 1937.
-Educated in the Commonwealth.
-Firebrand populist.
-Chairman of the House Committee on Agriculture.
-House Majority Leader.

Michael S Warren (S)
Incumbent, 70.0% - 2nd district
-Born 1909.
-Lone campaigner for human rights. Founder and President of a nonprofit organisation.
-Notable for trips to less strict European and Asian nations to appeal for human rights.
-Also notable for his persistence in the face of failure.

Robert P Goff (R-C)
Incumbent, 75.7% - 3rd district
-Born 1916.
-Former Navy Captain.
-Business links with South Africa.
-Member of HUAC.

Frederick Pearson (R-C)
Newly Elected, 49.9% - 4th district
-Born 1905.
-Journalism student, prominent radio reporter.
-Pushed to the forefront of right-wing reporting, fierce critic of Progressive dominance of politics.
-Served in the Army during the war, became part of Veterans militias post-war.

Marvin Grant (R-C)
Newly Elected, 54.6% - 5th district
-Born 1927.
-Studied law, but became a stockbroker.
-Became significant political contributor, and Chairman of the Iowa Republican Party.

Spencer Gilbert (P-C)
Newly Elected, 46.9% - 6th district
-Born 1922.
-Former economist, managing director of an investment firm.
-Iowa State Secretary of Commerce.

Representatives: 9
Avram Brand (P-L)
Newly Elected, 50.2% - 1st district
-Born 1921.
-Jewish-American, wrote for university newspaper while studying on the East Coast.
-Enlisted in the Navy during WWII. Moved to MSA at the end of the war to finish studies in Missouri
-Worked as a journalist until picked up by gubernatorial campaign. Worked as Governor of Missouri’s press secretary.

Jeannette Johnson (P-M)
Incumbent, 60.6% - 2nd district
-Born 1924.
-Studied on the East Coast. Worked as assistant director of research for the Missouri War Manpower Commission.
-Elected to the Missouri House of Representatives until 1960.
-Elected to Secretary of State of Missouri until 1964.
-Speaker of the House.

Kent Williams (P-C)
Newly Elected, 48.4% - 3rd district
-Born 1908.
-Former actor and film producer. Retired in the 1950s.
-Had built ties with politicians, became Chairman of the Missouri Progressive State Central Committee.
-Relied on ties to be elected to the House of Representatives.

Florence Grieve (R-M)
Newly Elected, 53.9% - 4th district
-Born 1946.
-Former employee of the federal government as an attorney. Worked on energy and environmental issues.
-Became partner in a law firm, until appointment as a federal district court judge.

Ethel R Jones (P-L)
Newly Elected, 51.8% - 5th district
-Born 1941.
-Inherited her late-husband’s business, took it over and became a construction industry entrepreneur.
-Secured backing from other industries through business ties, won primary battle in a heated fight.

Ron King (P-C)
Incumbent, 52.7% - 6th district
-Born 1900.
-Missouri native, high profile private practice lawyer for major firms.
-Former lobbyist for energy interests to the Missouri state legislatures, then to the Capitol Hill itself.

Arnold W Urquhart (R-L)
Incumbent, 75.7% - 7th district
-Born 1925.
-Half British, half American. Educated in England as a boy, served in the British Army until the invasion.
-Returned to his mother’s native Missouri once the government capitulated aboard an Irish trawler.
-Became an academic at Washington University in St Louis.
-Married aviation magnate’s daughter, quit academia to be elected to the House.

James Hill (S)
Newly Elected, 52.0% - 8th
-Born 1935.
-Escaped the USA in 1965, where he was wanted for organising left wing resistance groups.
-Active volunteer in Missouri communities, stirring up political engagement. Adopted by the Socialist Party for city council government.
-Elected to the House of Representatives in 1980.

Charles G O’Brien (P-L)
Incumbent, 63.4% - 9th district
-Born 1914.
-Student of theology, became a pastor. Joined the Army during WWII as a chaplain.
-Prominent supporter of religion as a tool to resist fascism.

Representatives: 4
Charlotte Rodriguez (P-L)
Newly Elected, 53.1% - 1st district
-Born 1941.
-Hispanic-American woman.
-Director of a non-profit organisation promoting education for ethnic minorities.

Raymond Freeman (P-H)
Incumbent, 56.4% - 2nd district
-Born 1929.
-African American business administration professor.
-Former Arkansas State Treasurer.

Daniel T Mitchell (P-H)
Newly Elected, 52.2% - 3rd district
-Born 1938.
-Studied law, worked as as speechwriter on a number of congressional campaigns.
-Former campaign director, later chief of staff, for Congressman Freeman.

Suzanne Charlton (I)
Incumbent, 49.9% - 4th district
-Born 1902.
-African American woman, Arkansas native.
-Former manual laborer, educated part-time, became a legal clerk.
-Got involved in politics post-war to organise local civil rights efforts.
-Expanded, began working for Socialist Party newspapers.
-Elected to the House in 1958.
-Quit Socialist Party in solidarity with Congresswoman Armstrong.

Representatives: 8
James D Tracy (P-L)
Incumbent, 54.3% - 1st district
-Born 1917.
-Student of theology.
-Worked as a missionary in Latin America.
-Conscientious objector during WWII, served in the Civilian Public Service.

Brian Radclyffe (P-M)
Newly Elected, 42.9% - 2nd district
-Born 1933.
-Studied accounting, worked as an accountant for major firms.
-Built business ties, joined the Chamber of Commerce of the State of Louisiana.

Dirk Lefebvre (P-M)
Incumbent, 71.9% - 3rd district
-Born 1928.
-Dutch-French-American entrepreneur.
-Ties to the film industry, numerous high-profile celebrities campaigned for him
-Seven term House of Representatives member.

Robert S Ellis (P-L)
Incumbent, 66.6% - 4th district
-Born 1931.
-Former campaign manager for Russell B Long.
-Long-time member of the House and of HUAC.
-Rose to prominence through involvement on the Subversive Activities Control Act 1964.
-Present Chairman of HUAC.

Sonja Armstrong (I)
Incumbent, 50.1% - 5th district
-Born 1942.
-Formerly famous student leader involved in civil rights and womens’ issues strikes.
-Later womens’ rights activist and former poster girl for the Socialist Workers.
-Ejected from the Socialist Party in 1981.

Jamal K Adams (P-H)
Newly Elected, 47.0% - 6th district
-Born 1936.
-African-American representative from the heart of New Orleans.
-Studied political science, interned with civil rights campaigners.
-Became advocate for black rights, later elected to the House.

Philip Kelly (R-M)
Newly Elected, 44.7% - 7th district
-Born 1916.
-Studied economics at Louisiana State University.
-Wrote economics books, and for the The Times-Picayune.
-Three-term member of the Louisiana House of Representatives.

Ralph Moody (R-M)
Incumbent, 55.2% - 8th district
-Born 1901.
-Lived and studied history in Alabama.
-Worked as a teacher and low-level judge in Alabama.
-Returned to teaching during the war.
-Moved west to Louisiana after the war, continued legal work.
-Elected to the House to represent evacuees from the South in 1956.

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Congressional Committee Listings

Listings for the most important Congressional Committees and how influence over them stands.

Mountain States Senate

Senate Committee on Agriculture - Progressive chaired & influenced (primarily Liberal)

Senate Committee on Appropriations - Progressive chaired & influenced (primarily Moderate)

Senate Committee on the Armed Services - Progressive chaired, Republican influenced (primarily Conservative)

Senate Committee on the Budget - Progressive chaired & influenced (primarily Conservative)

Senate Committee on Energy - Progressive chaired & influenced (primarily Moderate)

Senate Committee on Education - Progressive chaired & influenced (primarily Moderate)

Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs - Progressive chaired & influenced (primarily Hard Left)

Senate Committee on Transport and Infrastructure - Progressive chaired & influenced (primarily Moderate)

Mountain States House of Representatives

House Committee on Agriculture - Progressive chaired & influenced (primarily Liberal)

House Committee on Appropriations - Progressive chaired & influenced (primarily Moderate)

House Committee on the Armed Services - Progressive chaired, Republican influenced (primarily Moderate)

House Committee on the Budget - Progressive chaired & influenced (primarily Conservative)

House Committee on Energy - Progressive chaired, Socialist influenced

House Committee on Education - Progressive chaired & influenced (primarily Hard Left)

House Committee on Foreign Affairs - Progressive chaired & influenced (primarily Hard Left)

House Committee on Transport and Infrastructure - Progressive chaired & influenced (primarily Moderate)

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Supreme Court Records

Listing of Justices of the Supreme Court of the Mountain States of America

Judicial powers operate on a federal and state basis. The highest court of appeal is the Supreme Court of the Mountain States of America. The law is descended from English common law, with significant local alterations. Justices of the Supreme Court are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate. They may serve for life, unless they are impeached, resign, or retire.

Chief Justice of the Mountain States: Michael F Cooke (appt by Stassen (R))

Associate Justices of the Mountain States (8):

Anthony Meier (appt by Wallace (P))
Samuel McMillan (appt by Taylor (P))
Clayton Hale (appt by Taylor (P))
Leonard Cooke (appt by Reuther (P))
Mark A Perez (appt by McGovern (P))
Raymond Davis (appt by McGovern (P))
Reuben Barrera (appt by Stassen (R))
Paul Fontaine (appt by Stassen (R))

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House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC)

The House Committee on Un-American Activities was first established by the House of Representatives in 1938 as a special investigating committee tasked with investigating subversive activities, alleged disloyalty, and organisations suspected of having communist or fascist ties. Although like its predecessor committees HUAC initially targeted communist and left wing activists, with the growth of fascist activity in Europe and Asia, its focus began to shift. The key turning point demonstrating this shift in focus can be pinpointed to the "Yellow Report", supporting internment of Japanese-Americans following the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1942.

Remaining in operation throughout the Second World War, an incarnation of the Committee survived the peace within the Mountain States of America, where in 1949 a Progressive Congress re-tasked the focus of the Committee and established it as a permanent standing committee. Since this time, the HUAC has operated as a prominent tool of anti-fascism in the MSA, investigating and launching probes into suspected of subversion or propaganda that attacked "the form of government guaranteed by the Constitution." Alternatively lauded as the safeguarding force of democracy and derided as a witch hunt run by zealots, it remains a controversial committee in the House of Representatives.

Composed of nine (9) members, including the chairman of the committee, the HUAC draws its composition in the same manner as other committees - in proportion to the distribution of seats in the House of Representatives, based on the approval of party caucuses of proposals by the committee on committees.

The HUAC is capable of launching investigations and probes into a wide range of organizations, from unions to companies to political organizations. They are also capable of investigating individuals, levying charges against them to be considered by the House of Representatives in a vote if approved by the majority of the committee.

Chairman of the HUAC: Robert S Ellis (Progressive Liberal)

Members of the HUAC: 8
Abraham Shinoda (Progressive Moderate)
Regina Carroll (Progressive Liberal)
Cecelia Ortega (Progressive Hard Left)
Norman Warner (Republican Conservative)
Robert P Goff (Republican Conservative)
Olivia Pina (Republican Moderate)
Andrea Hernandez (Socialist)
Arthur Robertson (Socialist)

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Cabinet of the Mountain States

President of the Mountain States:
Joanna Caroline Nelson
(Player character, see history)

Vice President of the Mountain States:

Secretary of State:

Secretary of the Treasury:

Secretary of Defense:

Attorney General:

Secretary of the Interior:

Secretary of Agriculture:

Secretary of Commerce:

Secretary of Labor:

Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare:

Secretary of Veterans Affairs:

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Congressional Member Organisations (CMOs)

Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC)
Chair: Tomas Bandera, Junior Senator for New Mexico (S)
1st Vice Chair: Jose Marquez, Junior Senator for Texas (P-M)
2nd Vice Chair: Tomas Soto, Representative for Texas (R-C)

Esteban Perez, Representative for New Mexico (R-C)
Ricardo Solana, Representative for Texas (P-H)
Cecelia Ortega, Representative for Texas (P-H)
Hector Guzman, Representative for Texas (P-M)
Cesar Manzano, Representative for Texas (R-M)
Andrea Hernandez, Representative for Texas (S)
Joel M Chavez, Representative for Texas (S)
Charlotte Rodriguez, Representative for Arkansas (P-L)

Associate Members:
Olivia Pina*, Representative for Oklahoma (R-M) — *Native American


Congressional Black Caucus (CBC)
Chair: Lawrence M Carter, Senior Senator for Missouri (P-C)
Vice Chair: Jacqueline Cullen, Senior Senator for Louisiana (P-M)
2nd Vice Chair: Leanna J Freeman, Representative for Texas (R-N)

Vernon Baker, Junior Senator for Wyoming (R-M)
Terry G Chambers, Representative for Texas (P-M)
Charles G O’Brien, Representative for Missouri (P-L)
Raymond Freeman, Representative for Arkansas (P-H)
Suzanne Charlton, Representative for Arkansas (I)
Jamal K Adams, Representative for Louisiana (P-H)


Congressional Jewish American Caucus (CJAC)
Chair: Alma Meyer, Junior Senator for Minnesota (P-M)
Vice Chair: Avram Brand, Representative for Missouri (P-L)

Zachary Goldman, Junior Senator for Kansas (R-L)
Elijah Kennedy, Senior Senator for Iowa (P-L)
Samantha Eisenburg, Representative for Minnesota (P-M)


Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus (CAPAC)
Chair: Abraham Shinoda, Representative for Colorado (P-M)
1st Vice Chair: Michael Tanaka, Representative for New Mexico (P-H)
2nd Vice Chair: Karen Miura, Representative for Colorado (P-C)


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Governors of the States

Governor of Montana
Anthony Springer (R-M)
Elected: 1980-1984
Newly Elected, 49.3%
Religion: Roman Catholic
MS House of Representatives
Manager of father’s abortive campaign for governor
Former lawyer, founder of homelessness prevention organization

Governor of Wyoming
Carl Bullock (R-N)
Elected: 1978-1982
Newly Elected, 65.8%
Religion: Episcopalian
Mayor of Cheyenne
Attorney for a law firm

Governor of Colorado
Michael Norton (R-M)
Elected: 1978-1982
Newly Elected, 48.6%
Religion: Quaker
MS House of Representatives
Colorado State Senate
Congressional election coordinator for 1964 elections

Governor of New Mexico
Alicia Lopez (P-H)
Elected: 1978-1982
Incumbent, 42.8%
Religion: Roman Catholic
Mayor of Santa Fe
Practiced law for 10 years

Governor of North Dakota
Janice Blackford (R-M)
Elected: 1980-1984
Newly Elected, 63.4%
Religion: Presbyterian
Lieutenant Governor
North Dakota State Senate
University Professor

Governor of South Dakota
William Woodward (R-C)
Elected: 1978-1982
Newly Elected, 59.3%
Religion: Lutheran
Mountain States Attorney
Partner at law firm

Governor of Nebraska
Leonard Russell (R-C)
Elected: 1978-1982
Newly Elected, 71.0%
Religion: Roman Catholic
Reverend and televangelist
Religious community leader

Governor of Kansas
Eric Young (P-M)
Elected: 1978-1982
Incumbent, 59.2%
Religion: Roman Catholic
Kansas Secretary of Agriculture
Wichita City Council
Teachers union organiser

Governor of Oklahoma
Robert Bailey (R-L)
Elected: 1978-1982
Newly Elected, 60.1%
Religion: Congregationalist
MS House
Oklahoma State Senate
Set up real-estate firm
Served in the Army National Guard

Governor of Texas
Kris Brownback (P-H)
Elected: 1978-1982
Newly Elected, 49.2%
Religion: Roman Catholic
Mayor of Austin
Austin City Council
MS Marines Corps

Governor of Minnesota
Bob Meier (P-L)
Elected: 1978-1982
Newly Elected, 66.1%
Religion: Presbyterian
Chairman of the Progressive National Committee
Chairman of Committee to Re-elect McGovern
Local bank founder, campaign fundraiser

Governor of Iowa
Paul Benn (R-L)
Elected: 1978-1982
Newly Elected, 53.4%
Religion: Roman Catholic
Previous Governor 1966-1970
Chairman of a venture capital firm

Governor of Missouri
Mark McCaskill (P-C)
Elected: 1980-1984
Incumbent, 50.8%
Religion: Methodist
Missouri State Treasurer
Missouri State House of Representatives
Lawyer, first with other firms, then founded his own

Governor of Arkansas
Joseph Mathis (P-M)
Elected: 1978-1982
Newly Elected, 76.1%
Religion: Baptist
Arkansas State House of Representatives
Television broadcaster, radio show host

Governor of Louisiana
Harlan Johnston (R-M)
Elected: 1981-1985
Newly Elected, 50.9%
Religion: Methodist
State Senator
Former attorney.

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House Committee on the Judiciary

Composed of nine (9) members, including the chairman of the committee, the Judiciary Committee draws its composition in the same manner as other committees - in proportion to the distribution of seats in the House of Representatives, based on the approval of party caucuses of proposals by the committee on committees.

It is charged with overseeing the administration of justice within the federal courts, administrative agencies and Federal law enforcement entities. The Judiciary Committee is also the committee responsible for impeachments of federal officials.

Chairman: Ron King (Progressive Conservative)
Ranking Member: Ralph Moody (Republican Moderate)

Committee Members:
Samantha Eisenburg (Progressive Moderate)
Nicholas Hanford (Progressive Liberal)
Donald Taylor (Progressive Hard Left)
John Cartwright (Republican Neo-Conservative)
Scott McNamara (Republican Conservative)
Florence Grieve (Republican Moderate)
Russell Black (Socialist)

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Former Politicians

Whether removed through elections, resignation, death, or other means, they are gathered here for maintenance of the records.
Charles Efraim Stone (P-M) (deceased)
Full Bio
-Born 1933.
-From Colorado, served in the Navy post-war, discharged in 1962 and became a legal advocate.
-Elected to state legislature, then selected in 1967 to serve as Chief of Staff for the MS Ambassador to France. Succeeded the Ambassador in that role in 1969.
-Retired in 1972 and elected Governor of Colorado. Emerged as prominent Progressive.
-Elected President in 1980, first Progressive in 8 years.
-Shot and killed by Arthur Paley, a man found not guilty by reason of insanity.

Paul Edward Roux-Johnson (S)
Full Bio
-Born 1926.
-Louisiana dockworker, served in the Navy during WWII. Returned to become a union representative.
-Elected to the New Orleans City Council, then the State legislature and Senate.
-Became a Congressman in 1960, then a Senator in 1972. Leader of the Socialist Party.
-Elected Vice President in 1980 with Charles Stone, a Progressive Moderate.
-Succeeded Stone after his assassination, then resigned from office later that year due to political scandals.

Anthony Calhoun Nordquist (P-L)
Full Bio
-Born 1926.
-Born in Minnesota, briefly served in the Army during WWII, then completed legal studies.
-Became a legal representative for CIAO, where he gained minor national attention.
-Elected to Congress from Minnesota’s 7th district in 1962. Named Majority Leader in 1974.
-Became Speaker of the House in 1980, followed quickly by ascension to Vice Presidency in 1981 by appointment.
-Resigned in protest against Roux-Johnson in 1981, now Chairman of the PNC.

Joseph Crocker (P-H)
-Born 1923.
-African-American refugee from Chicago, residing in Des Moines.
-Earned law degree, was drafted and became Sergeant in an all-black Army unit. Received Bronze Star.
-Moved to Cuba after disagreement with race relations, co-founded Harry Haywood Brigades.
-Returned from fighting as an anti-fascist guerrilla, but lost position as state department legal representative during Haywood Seven Trials.
-Became Ambassador to Cuba under President Cargo.
-Became Secretary of State then resigned in protest against Roux-Johnson in 1981, now National Political Consultant for the PNC.

Robert Eskolm (P-C)
-Born 1924.
-Former St. Louis banker and grain exchange arbiter
-Former Governor of the State of Kansas
-Ex-Chairman of the Mountain States Chamber of Commerce and member of the board on the Federal Reserve
-Became Secretary of Treasury then resigned in protest against Roux-Johnson in 1981.

Joseph Cabrini (R-N)
-Born 1919.
-Refugee from New Jersey, parents were Italian immigrants.
-History and Arts graduate from the University of Texas, later completed a masters and PhD in History.
-Former intelligence officer in the AFSA, moved back west after the invasion of the East Coast.
-Rose to become Director of the Armed Forces Security Agency.
-Became Secretary of Defense in 1981, then shortly afterwards asked to resign by Roux-Johnson.

Bradley O'Hara (P-L)
-Born 1925.
-Illinois-born. Finished pre-law studies at Harvard just prior to the invasion of the East Coast.
-Finished law studies in Missouri, accept to the Bar and began practicing in St Louis.
-Formed a law firm in St Louis with colleagues, became foremost firm in the state. Relocated headquarters to Kansas City.
-Recruited to become Mountain States Solicitor General under the McGovern Presidency.
-Replaced during the Stassen Administration, unsuccessfully ran for high political office in Missouri.
-Appointed Mountain States Attorney General upon return to power of a Progressive Administration in 1981.
-Resigned in protest against Roux-Johnson in 1981.

Brendan Moskin (S)
-Born 1936.
-Prominent campaigner behind swampland conservation, including in his native Louisiana.
-Won suit against major chemical company for a spill.
-Former state legislator.
-Appointed Secretary of the Interior. Resigned after first Socialist President’s position became untenable in 1981.

Amelia Delacruz (P-L)
-Born 1935.
-Hispanic-American from southern Kansas.
-Noted as a quiet, well-educated agricultural scientist.
-Wrote a treatise on soil erosion that has become famous in scientific circles.
-Became Secretary of Agriculture, resigned in protest against Roux-Johnson in 1981.

Claire Edwards (P-M)
-Born 1919.
-Studied economics, then law. Worked for a law firm on civil litigation, environmental issues, and communications regulation.
-Appointed General Counsel for the Department of Commerce under McGovern.
-Worked as lead economic consultant for the Progressive Party during the Stassen and Cargo administrations.
-Became Secretary of Commerce, resigned in protest against Roux-Johnson in 1981.

Charles Hayes (P-L)
-Born 1918.
-African-American refugee from Illinois.
-Trade-unionist from an early age, vice president of UFCW.
-Heavily involved in the post-war civil rights struggle.
-Former Congressional Representative for Missouri.
-Became Secretary of Labor, resigned in protest against Roux-Johnson in 1981.

Mathias Oliver (P-M)
-Born 1915.
-Studied medicine and became a doctor. Later became Chief of Surgery for a major hospital in Texas, then joined the board of a life insurance company.
-Major anti-tobacco lobbyist.
-Became Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare, resigned in protest against Roux-Johnson in 1981.

Jack H. Jacobs (P-H)
-Born 1939.
-Jewish-American, born in New York, family moved to Denver to escape Nazis.
-Enrolled in ROTC in university, served as a 2nd Lieutenant. Trained allied troops in Cuba.
-Discharged due to serious injury while in Cuba, became involved in VA organisations.
-Reformed VA bureaucracy, despite scepticism over lack of wartime service.
-Competent administrator with support from many VA organisations.
-Became Secretary of Veterans Affairs, resigned in protest against Roux-Johnson in 1981, now Veteran’s Advocacy Coordinator with Democracy for America PAC.

James E Graham (R-M)
-Born 1908.
-Attained his BA and JD at the University of Wyoming.
-County attorney, then director of the Legislative Service Office. Forged important agreements over natural gas extraction.
-Appointed Mountain States Attorney for Wyoming.
-Class I Senator for Wyoming, retired due to age. Was incumbent in 1980, re-elected with 66.1%.

House of Representatives

Marlon Gardner (R-C)
-Born 1910.
-Texan parents, but went to university in England. Evacuated to Australia after the invasion.
-Lived and worked in the Commonwealth as an investment banker for several years. Expanded portfolio back to Texas.
-Moved home after business conditions became hostile in the Commonwealth. Became involved in state politics.
-Representative for Texas 15th District until 1970, when he declined to run again. Won at the time with 64.6%.
-Has since become known as a political commentator and op-ed writer, noted for his blunt attitude as in office and his opposition to the rise of the religious right.
Mary Killian (P-L)
-Born 1918.
-Former dockworkers organiser and local union leader.
-Member of MS Senate for Louisiana.
-Governor of Louisiana from 1977 to 1981. Was newly elected with 52.3%. Lost in 1981 with 49.1%.


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