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Re: Newspaper Clippings

Post by Smyg » 21:30:06 Thursday, 26 March, 2015

A Blow to Equal Representation

by Jane Paver
Letter to the editor, published in the Kansas State Collegian
In one swift move, the Socialist Party threw out over half of their female members of Congress. For what? For speaking their mind. Representative Sonja Armstrong, well-known for her dedication to women's rights activism, was cast out for being too radical. Representative Rita Greer, whose excellent reporting on civil rights captured us all, was ousted because she dared speak up against the former President. With them left Represenative Suzanne Charlton, a woman of color whose voice had great importance within the Socialist ranks. Left are only the controversial Senator Paula Brewer, and the Representative Andrea Hernandez.

The Socialist Party has long been a significant proponent of women's rights in America. Early activists such as Helen Keller, Ida Crouch-Hazlett, Margaret Sanger and others set the benchmark early on for equal representation, equal votes, and equal rights. Now it seems the tables have turned. At this juncture in history, as we leave 1981, it is more and more apparent that it is not the Socialists, but the Republicans and - especially - the Progressives who embody these ideals in practice, if not always in theory.

During the past year, who bothered to engage with women's rights organizations? Former Vice President Nordquist. Where does the first female head of state in the history of our continent come from? The Progressive Party. What caucus is the sole one led by a woman? The darned Neo-Conservatives, that's who. The list goes on

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Re: Newspaper Clippings

Post by Gesar » 15:59:02 Saturday, 28 March, 2015

New Orleans Advocate wrote:
Roy Lee Williams: "The labor movement is one giant picket line and the President has crossed it"
NEW ORLEANS- Following the newest cabinet proposal, several leaders of the Congress of Industrial and Agricultural Organizations spoke out against the choice of a Republican Secretary of Labor...
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Re: Newspaper Clippings

Post by Coin » 16:26:10 Saturday, 04 April, 2015

Houston Chronicle wrote:
1981: A Year of Four Presidents and Zero Leadership
Reviewing a year of the Leftist Coalition's rule, by Republican House Representative Tomas Soto
In Denver, Colorado, on a victory podium, history seemed to be on the side of the newly elected coalition. President Stone proudly proclaimed his being a "mountain man for the Mountain States"; even among his detractors, few could deny the man's ability in presenting one vision for the MSA.

What a difference a year makes. President Stone was shot and killed in perhaps the most marked failure of the Secret Service in decades. A socialist vice-president became the first socialist head of state in North America, and the nation held her breath to see how an unelected and, broadly, unwanted President Roux-Johnson would cope. The answer was the most disastrous six months for America since the war.

Aided and abetted by a Progressive Party dominated by the left, socialism's true face was revealed. The economy flatlined and fell into recession. Fiscal responsibility was thrown out the window. International relations were wrecked by the scandal of a coalition plan for neo-colonial intervention in Haiti. Freedom of the press was assaulted by the attempted gagging of papers publishing legitimate documents. Denial of the plan gave way to the Progressive Brutus raising his knife against the Socialist Caesar.

But no grace or honour was left in the Roux-Johnson camp. Declassifying documents that led directly to the murder of MS American soldiers and US American moderates, only the threat of impeachment convinced him to leave. A resignation speech defying reality and his foes, the coalition now has a new President - the fourth in one year.

With the return of Progressive dominance of the coalition, some hoped for more moderate policy. But business and hard-working families alike look in horror at a government determined to continue Roux-Johnson policies from socialist defence to socialist mathematics. A farcically mismanaged budget presentation was rushed through, and even signed into law without any correction of the figures. A cabinet remains unchosen, and the left have rebelled over the potential for more moderate figures to enter the government. An unscrutinised omnibus that threatens any green shoots in the economy. Ignoring the plight of Haitian refugees save for political gain.

Truly, this leftist administration has done more damage to the cause of democracy in North America than the darkest dreams of Washington and San Francisco might have hoped.

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Re: Newspaper Clippings

Post by Flamelord » 00:50:39 Monday, 06 April, 2015

Kansas City Star wrote:
President Joanna Nelson's Inaugural Address (Partial Transcript):

"Ladies, Gentlemen, fellow Americans.

It is an honor for me to stand before you today as President of the Mountain States of America, and as the first woman to take this office.

It is not the way that I had hoped to ascend to the Presidency, taking office in the midst of scandal and crisis, but that is how it has happened nonetheless. It is a beginning that none of us should want, and surely I have not wanted it, but now that it has come to pass, we can only make of it what we can, and advance forward.

Now we stand poised to advance forward into the future, and to make our nation stronger, for all the turmoil it has suffered. And there are many things to do. We face foreign turmoil, a crisis in Haiti that has spilled onto our shores, our allies distrusting of us, the United States openly attacking us for past offenses. These are things that must be dealt with, and we will show that we stand by our allies as friends, and not masters like the fascist powers. And while we continue to support peace, we will not allow ourselves to be attacked with impunity. Actions have consequences, and the United States will learn that for their unreasonable actions.

And we must work at home as well. The economy, social issues such as crime and poverty, these are all things we have to, and will address. It may not be easy, but I have faith that in the remaining years of this Administration, we can overcome them, now that stability has been restored to our federal government.

What we can say for sure is that such stability is needed. With the abrupt ending of the Stone Administration at the hands of an assassin, and the turmoil ridden Roux-Johnson Administration, we have seen a collapse in party cooperation, infighting and bickering when we should be working together. No one individual is to blame for mistakes have been made on all sides, and trying to pin guilt is an activity that will get us nowhere. I call upon the members of Congress to put partisanship to the side, and to work for the good of the MSA as a whole.....

Transcript continues on

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Re: Newspaper Clippings

Post by Flamelord » 12:50:27 Monday, 06 April, 2015

Oklahoma Journal Record wrote:
US ships Barred From Ports!
With the recent attacks upon MSA soil by the Untied States of America, many have been left to wonder how the federal government would respond. The change in Administration has left things in the air, and while the Socialist Administration may have had a different reaction, we will never know how they would have reacted to these attacks, with the legislative turnover. One can only wonder if they would have made a bad situation worse, given that it was the declassification of documents by the Socialists that brought on this crisis in the first place.

We at last have a response. Yesterday afternoon, President Nelson signed an executive order barring US ships from entry into MSA ports along the Gulf Coast and the Mississippi River, an action many had been expecting to occur with Congressional inaction over a ill that would have done the same thing.

At the same time President Nelson called for cooler heads and a reasonable discussion over these issues. "An escalation of this conflict is not in anyone's interest," she said to reporters after the signing of the bill. Only time will tell whether the USA listens, or whether they will seek an expansion of this crisis.


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