[SENATE] Federal Budget and National Road to Recovery Package

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Re: [SENATE] Federal Budget and National Road to Recovery Package

Post by Huojin » 18:23:29 Wednesday, 25 March, 2015

1 Socialist Worker votes IN FAVOR of both the budget and the stimulus package.

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Re: [SENATE] Federal Budget and National Road to Recovery Package

Post by Maddox » 18:29:25 Wednesday, 25 March, 2015

The Progressive Conservatives vote 5 IN FAVOR of the proposed Federal budget and the National Road to Recovery Package
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Re: [SENATE] Federal Budget and National Road to Recovery Package

Post by Coin » 18:36:55 Wednesday, 25 March, 2015

Senator Francis Perryman, R-NE wrote:Senators,

I would first question the procedure which saw this rushed through the House by the Speaker and before the Senate by the President Pro Tempore. That it was done so quickly that not a single representative even had the chance to study the bill and speak on the matter raises procedural questions I truly hope both sides of Congress can resolve... particularly concerning the results of both House Representatives' and Senators' crunching of the numbers, so to speak.

Senators, the budget in this bill is misleading to Congress in extremis. I say that not - though I am sure my opponents will accuse the Republican conservatives of it being so - out of some kind of partisanship. I do it out of basic mathematics.

This Federal budget has not been calculated correctly. I have collated them simply, in the hope that the parties opposite will withdraw the bill and return it with the correct figures.
  • The calculations for corporation tax returns base themselves on a private sector of 550c size; as of the latest figures, the true figure is 540c. Therefore, the correct corporation tax income would be 49c.
  • Revenue is listed at 339; as seen with the corporation tax this would in actuality be 1c lower. But a proper adding of the figures would have it at 336c. Trade tariffs have been incorrectly inflated by 2c - thus the budget overestimates income by 3c.
  • Expenditure is underestimated and listed at 334c. In actuality, it is at 339c, due to under and over estimates of departmental and total costs.
  • Therefore there is no surplus of +5, but a deficit of 3c.
  • National debt is calculated as 246c; in actuality this is an outdated figure. In truth it stands at 276c, and would be higher when this budget was passed.
  • Debt interest calculations are also absent as a consideration; at present, on the 1st of January 1982, it is envisaged this would add 60c more to our debt.
I trust this is due to the chaos of the coalition lacking any real cabinet, and the use of figures from earlier in the year. The basic issue of fiscal competence being unresolved, I therefore vote against this, and would ask that every Progressive and Socialist congressman and woman hang their heads in shame for not reviewing their figures, and for rushing the bill to this stage before it was even able to be raised. The additional lack of explanation of many of the measures in the budget has hampered our own rudimentary studies.

As noted above, this was rushed through the House in a quite unorthodox manner. I thank Representatives Carpenter and Warner, both of Oklahoma, for their initial findings which I and my fellow conservatives have collated.

The fiscal stimulus has some more merit, and stimuli are needed - but I feel it too broad, and not targeted enough at real jobs, real growth, and real American businesses to have my support, at the very least until the fiscal framework is rectified, though I welcome contributions across the aisle on if they would be open to amending sections of the bill.

I welcome reviewing of our own findings; as you can see, there is much confusion inherent in this budget.
3 Republican Conservative Votes AGAINST both bills

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Re: [SENATE] Federal Budget and National Road to Recovery Package

Post by BgKnight » 19:01:39 Wednesday, 25 March, 2015

Sentor Rupert P Bacon wrote:
First of all, I would like to say that I am extremly surprised our colleagues in the House not only were not allowed to properly examine the budget, but it was voted on so quickly without much oversight. I am thoroughly disappointed that the entire coalition voted on something with such glearing factual mistakes.

As such, I can in anyway support a budget that it essentially filed with factual mistakes from the very start and rushed through the house without any oversight at all. In regards to the stimulus package, while it is not a bad idea it is sadly woefully inefficient. I would be willing to support it, but unfortunately not in its current state attached to a deeply flawed budget.
Sentor Vernon Baker wrote: My staffers have finally had the chance of going through the budget and I have been introduced to the gist of the idea. But we could not help but notice the mistakes in calculations as pointed out by Senator Perryman. Me and my fellow senators have been pushing for a budget and I will be the first to admit that this is a necessary step on the road to recovery, but not like this, this deeply factually detached document could not be allowed to pass through the Senate in its current form. I call on my colleagues in the Coalition government to revise the budget in the light of the comments of Mr Perryman. Don't let this budget be rushed through Senate in its current form as well.

I, however, am supportive of a stimulus in theory, as we need to kick-start the American economy and this stimulus is a first step for that. But without a budget an act like that would be fruitless, I would call on the Coalition to reintroduce the Stimulus with an actual functioning budget and then we can discuss it seriously.
4 Republican Moderates vote AGAINST the proposed budget and stimulus

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Re: [SENATE] Federal Budget and National Road to Recovery Package

Post by Zar » 19:15:09 Wednesday, 25 March, 2015

I thank my fellow Republican colleagues for exposing the deceit of this budget. I would only like to add a few more criticisms,

First, this budget does not address the new realities of our foreign relations. An expanded military budget is needed in order to stop more innocent Americans from being killed by fascists. Even more worrying is the reduction of military technological research, when our military is already more than half a decade behind in this field.

Surely more cuts can be made in non-essential expendenture such as the arts program in order to reduce the burden upon the working American.

I fear that this budget will also hurt the economy even more by raising taxes to extraordinary amounts, as well as increasing spending in areas that do not need more expedenture, but reform into more efficient institutions. Former President Stassen had already demonstrated this with the economic growth under his administration, sadly my opponents seem to ignore this fact.
1 Neo Conservative vote against both bills
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Re: [SENATE] Federal Budget and National Road to Recovery Package

Post by Flamelord » 16:09:01 Friday, 03 April, 2015

Federal Budget 1981-1982 and National Road to Recovery Package
This bill hereby implements the following budget:
Government Budget
Treasury: 192 credits
Gold Reserves: [yet to be audited, >500]
Surplus: +5

Revenue: +339

Tax: +294 credits
Income Tax: +121
—Working Class - Low: +35
—Middle Class - Somewhat Low: +36
—Upper Class – Somewhat High: +50

Social Insurance: +82 credits

Corporation Tax: +50 credits (550 Private Sector/11) [rounded up]

Trade Tariffs: +36
USA: +10 credits
PSA: +8 credits
Canada: +8 credits
Mexico: +8 credits

National Excise Tax: +10

Public Corporations: +40
Post Service: -10 credit (+0 profit - 10 running cost)
State-owned industry: +30 credit (+50 profit - 20 running cost)
State-owned services: +20 credits (+40 profit, -20 running cost)
Mountain Federal Reserve Bank: +10 credit (+20 profit, - 10 running cost)
Public Housing: -10 credits (+20 profit, -30 running cost)

Crop Insurance +0 [see agriculture expenditure, +projected .5 profit quarterly]

Expenditure: -334 credits
Defense: -20 credits
—Army: -10
—Navy & Marines: -5
—Air Force: -5
Social Protection: -52 credits
—Pensions: -11
—Income Support: -14
—Housing Subsidies: -9

—Family Allowances: -7
—Food Stamps: -5
—Orphans: -3
—Disability: -3
Health: -50 credits
—Health Insurance: -37
—Hospitals: -9
—Wages: -4
Education: -33 credits
—Public Schools: -23
—Private Subsidies: -3
—Colleges & Universities: -5
—Wages: -6
Public Order: -17 credits
—Police: -4
—Police Wages: -2
—Courts: -3
—Court Wages: -1
—Prisons: -4
—Prison Wages: -1
Infrastructure: -44 credits
—Road Maintenance: -9
—Railroad Subsidies: -10
—Airport Subsidies: -5
—Water Costs: -10
—Water Imports: -10
Industry: -9 credits
—Subsidies: -3
—Loans: -4
—Regulation: -2
Agriculture: -25 credits
—Subsidies: -16

—Loans: -5
—Education: -1
—Rural Development: -1
—Crop Insurance: -2

Energy: -50 credits
—Subsidies: -10
—PSA Imports: -17
—USA Imports: -14
—Canada Imports: -9
Government: -14 credits
—State: -5
—Local: -4
—Administrative: -2
—Intelligence: -1
—Wages: -2
Veterans: -8 credits
—Pensions: -4
—Education: -2
—Rehabilitation: -1
—Loans: -1
Science & Technology: -11 credits
—Defense: -4
—Health: -3
—General Science: -1
—Agriculture: -1
—Energy: -1
—High-Tech Industry: -1
Culture: -4 credits
—Art: -1
—Music: -1
—Humanities: -1
—Literature: -1
—Other: 0
Debt Interest: 0 credits

Debt: 246 credits (65 owed to USA, 65 owed to PSA, 116 owed to domestic banks)
Interest rate: 20% per annum
Interest Payments: 0 credits per annum
Debt Ceiling: 400 credits

Private Sector: +540
Major Industries:
Power: +40 credits
Telecommunications: +50 credits
Transportation: +58 credits
Oil and Gas: +119 credits
Mining: +90 credits
Manufacturing: +58 credits
Agriculture: +100 credit

OTHER: +25 credits
The bill legislates the following:
  • Recognizing that the current economic recession needs to met head on with a response that is both reasoned and compassionate towards all Mountain Americans, a one-time federal expenditure of twenty-seven credits from the national treasury will be allocated towards a Road to Recovery Package, to the transactions for which will be overseen by the Treasury Department and the relevant government agencies.
  • Acknowledging the role a strong domestic sector plays in to balance of trade internationally, the bill will include a "Buy Patriotic" provision mandating that any public building or public works project funded by the new stimulus package must use at least 90% (as determined by their net financial value) iron, steel and other manufactured goods produced in the United States. When other essential goods must be purchased, priority shall be given to imports from nations not presently formally aligned with the Greater German Reich or the Empire of Japan.
  • Following a list courtesy of the Department of Labor, a program will be overseen as per the job creation plan of the last spending provision ensuring that jobless, disenfranchised minorities, out-of-work military veterans, and the unwillingly unemployed will be ensured a place of temporary occupation in any new public works out.
Two credits towards the research and development of of new, sustainable energy infrastructure and technology, split between subsidies in private industry and federal-level research.
Two credits towards the research and development of renewable energy by the private sector.
Three credits of subsidies to the private development of the high-tech industry sector.
One credit to the modernization and improvement of the technological infrastructure of federally-owned corporations.
One credit of additional, temporary funding to the Department of Agriculture's Agriculture Research Service.
One credit of funding towards improving current water and wastewater projects under rural state and county-level supervision
Two credits towards upgrading rural education facilities and healthcare clinics.
One credit towards repairing and expanding the national highway system.
Three credits towards the research and development facilities of the Department of Defense. Two credits towards the replacement and modernization of naval and air force equipment.
Two credits towards processing and expanding current pension programs for military veterans and their families.
One credit towards the development of health care, education, and transportation infrastructure in Native American reservations.
Two credit to contracting private, locally-owned companies in urban areas to repair and create new public housing up to the national living standard.
One credit towards subsidizing local and state tourist agencies promoting the Mountain American way of life, as provided by new guidelines, including the construction of two new memorials near Capitol Hill, one remembering the Victims of Fascism and Imperialism and the other, the Jewish-American History Museum.
One credit to the National Endowment for the Arts to support the creation of new art museums and public entertainment venues.
Two credit towards subsidizing job training programs on all levels of government.
Is hereby signed into law by the President of the Mountain States of America with the following comment:
President Joanna Nelson wrote:I would like to congratulate Congress for their action to alleviate the budgetary crisis we have suffered for so long.


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