[SENATE] Rail Regulation Reform Bill

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[SENATE] Rail Regulation Reform Bill

Post by Coin » 22:39:15 Friday, 27 March, 2015


Rail Regulation Reform Bill
Introduced by Senator Allan Clayton, Wyoming
Reforming the regulatory system of the railway system of the Mountain States of America, to increase efficiency and the competitiveness of the sector in challenging road and air travel.
The bill legislates the following:
  • Rail carriers may determine any rate for a rail service unless the Interstate Commerce Commission [hereby referred to as the ICC] determines that there is no effective competition for rail services.
  • Rail shippers and rail carriers shall be allowed to establish contracts subject to no ICC review, unless the Commission were to determine that the contract service would interfere with the rail carrier's ability to provide common carrier service.
  • A phasing out, over the next year, of collective rate making in the railroad industry.
  • Giving the ICC power to require access by one railroad to another railroad's facilities where one railroad has "bottleneck" control of traffic. Reciprocal switching [handling of railroad cars between long-haul rail carriers and local customers] and trackage rights would also come under this mantle.
Senator Allan Clayton, R-WY wrote:Senators of the Mountain States America,

The state of our economy is one which troubles all our minds. In a time of uncertainty, it is necessary for us to create the conditions for economic growth to be encouraged, and where business is able to compete in a modern framework. I believe it clear to this nation that in the rail industry, a regulatory framework formed for the 19th century is eminently unsuitable. For instance, in the past few months, we have seen the limitations of that obsolete framework, cause bankruptcy in the sector.
*Union Pacific Railroad announces its bankruptcy after falling revenues and stock prices become too much to bear. Western Pacific, a company notably responsible for a great deal of trade westwards, buys much of their Pacific-heading line, whilst Aitchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway (ATSF) buys the rest.
It is further clear that, if one looks generally at the industry from that same magazine's respected reviews, something must be done. Therefore I bring the Rail Regulation Reform Bill to the Senate, and hope in earnest that across this House, we might help improve a key infrastructure sector and give it freedom to compare with road and air travel.

I submit the bill for the approval of the President Pro Tempore, and hope that this bill shall allow a revitalisation of our rail industry to occur.

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Re: [SENATE] Rail Regulation Reform Bill

Post by Smyg » 18:21:05 Monday, 06 April, 2015

Representative Peter Henderson, Minnesota (R-L) wrote:Decreased regulations in a field so heavily hit by a deficit in free market economics can only be to our mutual benefit. I look forward to putting this to a vote.


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