General Rules

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General Rules

Post by Coin » 20:36:19 Tuesday, 17 February, 2015


Landfall is a fairly freeform game, but that doesn't mean there aren't limitations and rules that will affect how you play. These vary quite a bit from world to world and civilisation to civilisation, so what you might be able to do with 50c as one realm, another might require 25c or 100c. Bear that in mind when considering the other worlds. You'll get your world-specific rules shortly, I hope.


Every world's stats will look something like this, if a little less advanced/socialist (hopefully :P )
-Mountain States of America-
Ruler: President Roux-Johnson (OYID)
Stability: Moderate
Land Units: 4/4 (-x)
Naval Units: 2/2 (-y)
Tech Level: 10
Tax: +z
Income: z + (-x + -y)
The reason for the terrifying algebra is that your Tech Level will alter how much units cost to maintain, as will (for some) their government type. You'll receive a pm with turn credits and any covert information, if applicable. Turns are simultaneously processed across all 3 worlds.

Moving between worlds

In order to explore a new world, you need a) a land unit, and b) access to a Tower. These towers are marked on your maps as small, white and red squares, and will normally be referenced to in the background as well.

Exploring is a simple case of deploying a unit for the relevant cost to that Tower. It takes one turn to make the journey, approximately, so though your folks can march there and through in one turn, they can't go through and march, if that makes sense, purely for simplicity's sake if nothing else.

A further note on the Towers; as explained initially, World 1 can travel to World 2, and those in World 3 can travel to World 2 as well. From World 2, you can travel to either World 1 or 3.


Finally, the bit that's a little harder to perfect before we go. Tech levels are as follows:
  • 1. Pre-metallurgy
  • 2. Bronze-smelting
  • 3. Iron-smelting
  • 4. Early Medieval
  • 5. Medieval
  • 6. Late Medieval [Gunpowder accessible]
  • 7. Early Modern
You will very rarely be able to advance alone. However, should you run into a (hopefully) benevolent and more advanced state, there are various methods you can yourself move along up the ladder. Generally, the smaller you are, the easier it is, but that's oversimplifying things slightly.
  • Trade. The more you interact and work with your civilisational betters - unless they actively work to stop it - then the more the chances of civilisation-wise advances. This includes if you find yourselves with a new, not-so-benevolent liege lord - over long turns, you'll gradually learn.
  • Investment. No, not by yourself - but by others who are more advanced than you, investing in your realm's economy. Each investment will increase the likelyhood of making the jump. But it takes a particularly long time to do from scratch.
  • Research. Yes, by yourself. If you find yourself at least level 5 and neighbours with a level 6 or above, you are able to effectively encourage the development of new ideas and thoughts. But, this has its dangers, too. Again, it'll take a long time, but over the years you'll gradually move towards advancement.
  • Tutoring. A more advanced realm may choose to actively invest time and effort into, for want of a better word, civilising you.

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