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Post by Gesar » 02:59:17 Monday, 11 May, 2015

Right, so, as I really, really hope you guys already understand, this is a govsim, set in a medieval (think Late Middle Ages with less gunpowder) low fantasy world. That means things are by and large freeform. You assign credits (or not) to whatever you want your faction to do, and I'll decide the results by a combination of rolling and common sense. I've got what's essentially a d10 system set up for all that, so hopefully that will all go smoothly.

My hope here with things being relatively freeform, the amount of interaction I'm planning, and the world I've kinda set up for you guys, we can turn this into a game far more collaborative than usually. Once again, if you have any questions, feel free to ask, I won't judge. Just to clarify things, though, let's look at stats.
-Duchy of Molotov-
Ruler: House Westfall (NPC)
Seat: Killaly

=Duke Gesar of House Westfall=
Titles: Duke of Molotov, Once and Future King of Albion, First of the Snacksian Restoration
Popularity: 0 (Nobility -3; Merchants -1; Commoners +3; Priests +1)
Revenue: +3c (Trade 3, Industry 2, Agriculture 2, taxation 1, decentralization -3, corruption -1, expenses -1, -2 Revolt)
Conflicts: Revolt
As we can see here, His Lordship the Duke of Molotov is a polarizing figure. Despite his rather impressive string of titles, a number of issues face him. His popularity is zero on a scale of -12 to 12, with each of the subcategories going from -3 to 3. A 1, positive or negative, is essentially the same as a "Somewhat Low/High" rating in a traditional BOP, 2 "Low/High", and 3 "Very Low/High". Each of the social classes has various things that you can do to please them, wants and needs that they'd like filled, and policies that would hurt or help them. Of course, other players could influence the opinions of those within your lands.
-Influence for smaller factions, while we're on the topic of rankings, is measured similar to most BOP standards. Note, of course, that a lack of an influence score in a region doesn't mean that they necessarily hate you (same with "Very low" etc.), just that your presence is non-existent or minimal.

Onto revenue, which in this game mostly represents abstract finances and some ability to do actions. Duke Gesar is making a small income (starting credits and revenue is higher than most govsims, due to my appreciate of assigning multiple credits for important things and the flexibility it provides. The three categories are fairly self-explanatory (save maybe for industry representing things like mining, logging and small cottage-type deals). Taxation can be raised, but I'll make it more of an abstraction than anything else, measuring your general approval rating combined with your efficiency. Then there are the negatives, which are again self-explanatory. Decentralization represents the feudal structure or lack of organization, also hurting your efficiency and being affected by how much authority your vassals have. Expenses are a combination of military things (raising levies will raise your expenses, as does maintaining a standing army, which will bring a whole other set of issues) and any long-term projects, etc. Corruption is more nebulous and harder to stamp out, tied to especially sophisticated (or backwards) systems that involve a lot of transfers of money. Other things, as noted by the revolt our good Duke is facing, can also affect income.

Now let's take a look at military assets.
Military Assets:
20 Knights of Molotov (Heavy Cavalry)
20 House Westfall Retainers (Heavy Infantry)
100 Nightingale Operatives (Special: Elite light infantry)

2000 Levied Unwashed Rabble (Light infantry)

Molotovian Fleet:
3 biremes

Raisable Levies:
~10 ships
The first block of stats is Duke Gesar's usual standing army, your force of retainers, peacekeepers, and mercenaries that you maintain only with your expenses. As we can see, the Duke has also levied 2000 men, presumably to fight his rebellion. In this case, they're all one unit (writing rules is such a pain, guys), but generally speaking, these forces will come as a mixed bag, a combined force of your lords, their own knights and retainers, and their vassals. Hence the "Raisable Levies" stat- this is how many men you can comfortably enlist into doing their glorious feudal duty, though doing so will continue to incur expenses (particularly if supply lines are stretched thin). As a note, however, you can actually -if it comes down to teeth and nails- conscript about twice as many men/ships as your raisable levies, though they'll largely be untrained, unprepared, and really unhappy about being forced to go off and die.

Ships and mercenaries can be constructed or hired, and you can always spend credits on adding men to your household forces- though that has a cost of its own.

Other things to note:
Each turn represents a season. Each season has its own effect, naturally- in temperate and northern climates (i.e. Saenwyn), campaigning is difficult in the winter, for example.

I've created a list of NPCs for each court for good reason: in a game that should have a deal of intrigue, there should be plenty of people to interact with. Most of these people have fleshed out personalities and every character who isn't your leader can come temporarily under my control. Like MSA, these people in your court are typically on your side, though they have their own agendas and can override or subvert you if you truly piss them off. Other NPCs -minor lords, foreign dignitaries, and the like- also have similar needs, and though there are less of them, you can always ask if there are specific NPCs for a task, leaders of your opposition, or whatever.

I'm coming up with a CK2 (and maybe other Paradox games?) style event system, and most of you guys will get one within the first turn or so. Each event will lead to various choices, with different results, hopefully to keep things interesting.

Battles will be decided on a d10 system as ever, with die rolling heavier than in other actions, but taking into account most factors I can consider, and bonus points to what I feel are particularly clever or solid strategies. Try not to kill each other.
Lastly, uh, it goes without saying, but player interaction is highly encouraged, especially in IC forums. Also, if you want more information on a topic, by all means ask- I like the world-building we're doing.
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Re: Rules

Post by Gesar » 16:38:47 Sunday, 26 February, 2017

So, with the return of the game, I really want to emphasize two aspects that will help motivate me to keep this going, and hopefully get everybody else involved as well. Let's go over them just to get everybody on the same page:

1. Roleplay

Okay, so, if you're reading this, I'm going to assume you know what roleplay is. It's what we do, and what separates Molotov from other forums. But I cannot stress enough how important I personally value good RP in a game. And to that extent, I'll admit right now that I'm completely biased. If you RP well, you will do better. Bigger investments mean bigger rewards. That's how the world works, or something.

But Ges, what if I don't have time/don't care/don't feel talented enough to RP?

Look, I'm not gonna stop anybody from playing because they don't wanna be invested in the world. But we've had lots of games of this scale that have gone best when people roleplay: look at Red Planet, Vanaheimr, and Louisiana. Nobody in those games was a Pulitzer Prize level writer, either, but people tried, and we had fun. And if you don't have time, that's cool. We don't have to sit down on IRC or Messenger and write out a scene (although that's totally an option). But use the court functions. Ask me about NPCs. Just a sentence or two, and I'll see that your attempts to engage the setting pay off. Courtly intrigue doesn't happen in a vacuum.

2. Collaboration

I am fleshing out the setting as we speak. I'll probably continue to do so. But it's not just my world.

Saenwyn started as a group project between a few of us, and even though I took the reigns, I want to try to do what we've attempted in the past. Just because I'm building the world doesn't mean you can't help: we're already doing so with the background thread, and Smyg, Snacks, and Huojin (at the time of writing) all have done an excellent job fleshing out their courts. So if you have an idea for your court/the NPCs in it, or your region, or even just something about the setting, tell me! Run things by me, and maybe we'll make a setting that lasts, dig?
Smyg wrote:The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of Gesar coping with being a total fucking a-grade revolutionary thinker


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