Legacy of the An Saennan: Dunnisban

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Legacy of the An Saennan: Dunnisban

Post by Serenissima » 04:36:50 Saturday, 04 March, 2017

Legacy of the An Saennan: Dunnisban


Nestled securely in the loop of the greatest river in the Duchy, the capital of Tailledun, Dunnisban, bears a proud keep, with an equally proud history, as one of the first permanent settlements and fortifications established by the civilising Saennan lords of the Kern family, long ago. Today, the castle guards the river-way to the city of Dunnisban proper, watching over the riverine trade plying back and forth from the sea, the grand, tall bridge that lets even sailing-ships pass through its raising middle and smaller ones pass beneath its great arches, and beyond, to the farmlands around. The city is walled, and the keep itself has sheer, thick stone walls, built with interlocking, finely-masoned bricks that add a layered strength. Rarely has it been tested in battle, for the tradition of its rulers, aided by the hardy, longbow-wielding inhabitants of the hills, has been for enemy armies to be pin-cushioned and ambushed in the forests and valleys before ever they reach the city proper.

It is not the grandest of cities in Saenwyn, nor the wealthiest, but the water that flows down from the many mountain springs runs free and clear, and the public marketplaces, and some of the grander homes, even have the luxury of gravity-fed fountains and public water supplies, flowing through lead pipes built during the glory days of of Tailledun two generations ago. Combined with the winds that blow, sometimes fiercely, through the hills and mountains, Dunnisban is a surprisingly healthy place; though given the hilly surrounds - not ideal for arable land - the variety and quantity of food can be somewhat limited when the river trade is slack in winter and the huntsmen find scarcer game. It is a city that suits the people of Tailledun - sturdy and pleasant, if a little dour and uninspired, too, focused on practical matters rather than philosophy or great ambition.
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Re: Legacy of the An Saennan: Dunnisban

Post by Huojin » 00:30:00 Wednesday, 08 March, 2017

Invitation to Court

In the name of His Grace, Corentin I of the House Tremayne, King of Saenwyn, Lord Protector of the Crownlands, Count of Gerand's Keep and Defender of the Realm,

Royal greetings, salutations, and above all - condolences to Lord Jace of House Kern,

For His Grace, and indeed the whole Royal Court, is joined in the sorrow of the passing of Lord Guyon, valiant son and dear friend to the Royal person and the realm. His unjust murder leaves a stain deep upon the soul of the kingdom, one that shall not be drawn out until justice is done.

His Grace sends his deepest regrets and sorrows that he is unable to attend the funerary proceedings for his great friend, or be present to stand guard over Lord Guyon's passage onwards to the Beyond of the gods. Nevertheless, His Grace would not see such an occasion go unmarked.

It has been decreed by His Grace that there shall be a special service held in at the Grand Oratory in Gerand's Keep by the Patriach of Saenwyn himself in honour of Lord Guyon, with all the honours and prayers befitting such a man, to take place subsequent to the proceedings in Dunnisban so as not to interfere or conflict.

Lord Kern is therefore invited to attend upon the His Grace in relation to this memorial, his presence being requested at court with his retinue and chief courtiers - lodgings and accommodations being fully provided at the Royal residency itself.


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