The Grey Keep: Southmarch

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The Grey Keep: Southmarch

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The Grey Keep: Southmarch


In the past Southmarch was an important focal point for the defense against attacks from the South. Now that peace has been secured with the Ividalan through marriage, the fortress no longer bears the pressure of being the first line of defense against the heretics to the South. It still retains an important position of being one of the main garrisons of the royal army. The large military presence is one of the few notable aspects of this castle. It lacks the courtly flair of the more renown keeps of larger cities, hence the name Grey Keep. It is an austere dwelling, lacking the wine, women, and song that many nobles and soldiers desire. Despite these draw backs, it is in a naturally fortified area, meaning that capturing this keep would be no small feat. With the Lord being appointed, he finds that he often lacks the intimate connections with local lords that other rulers enjoy. However because his position was appointed directly by the king, none can question his legitimacy.

The Province of Southmarch is of below average fertility, its rocky soil not allowing for the development of large fields. Its people make of for this deficit by being especially industrious and hard working. Still, it appears that most of their production goes to feed the garrisons in the region. The area is divided between Ividalans and Saeno-Burgones, who sometimes live together in larger towns, but more often dwell in ethnically homogeneous villages and farming communities. With peace being secured many hope the region can become an area of trade and prosperity.
Notables of Southmarch
Lord Tylar Kern
The 22 year old Count of Southmarch and Commander of the King's Armies. He is more comfortable on patrol and horseback then he is trying to deal with politics.

Nicolae of Tanzi
A successful traveling Ividalan merchant. He hopes to take advantage of the marriage between the two royal families to open new trade routs.

Vance the Old
One of the foremost scholars of magicks in the land. He has come to the Southmarch to investigate the phenomenon. He also serves as Senechal to the Count.

Olivara Agustin
One of the Grey Priest. He has come to the court of the count to protect his faithful.
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