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RWRN - The Red World's Red News

Posted: 20:25:31 Wednesday, 24 September, 2014
by Cthulhuvong
The symbol of the revolution, with Red Mars rising towards the light of Socialism

Greetings friends, enemies, and to all Fellow Martians. This is Guerrilla Gus here on RWRN Guerrilla Radio's newscast, the Voice of the People. Today, the Society is giving back the blocks of Unity City to the people, one block at a time. The National Front and its drug dealing are corrupting the people and especially the youth, and must be stopped. Here in Unity City, the Society is creating an anti-drug program to fight against the drug epidemic spreading across the city. Additionally, they are policing the lawless territories of Unity, in a bid to win the hearts and minds of people, and I say its about time. The Society wants to start policing and stamping out the dealers of drugs, but is looking for the residents' OK before doing anything.

Now for the Madness Minute.

I'm mad. I'm mad about this National Front threat, and the possibility of their support from the NAU and Europe. The NAU and Europe claim to be bastions of liberal democracy, but when it comes down to it, they want nothing but power. They want control. They want to command us, dear Martians. And not for good. Do we have any possible allies in this Red world, or are all of them against the goals of freedom, liberty, and equality? Maybe the Nightingales, maybe the Glasgow Movement, maybe the Chinese Federation. But for now, we're alone, just us fighting for everyone but the few at the top. What we need to do is rile up the people, get them to notice what is going on. Once the people are on our side, all things are possible.

This has been the Madness Minute.

In other news, the leadership of the National Front for a United Mars and Earth, wow thats a mouthful, is caught using homosexual sex workers. Golden Dawn possibly working with the National Front. Russia to ban political parties on Mars. And finally, the Settlement of Christ's children have a higher level of youth pregnancy than any other major settlement.

Re: RWRN - The Red World's Red News

Posted: 17:04:55 Thursday, 25 September, 2014
by Cthulhuvong
Now its time for Consul Joseph's Consultation

Hello, I'm Consul Joseph. Today we're going to talk about the basis of our Society. Socialism. I was out one day, helping spread the word, when a bright young lady asked me: "What is Socialism?"

Now such a simple question, but it can have many answers. I started to explain the history of the movement, but she stopped me. "Tell me in your own words", she said.

So I said its a group of ideas, based on the people's control of their own work. She liked that, and asked me to explain my vision of what a socialist society would be.

I said we would be democratic in all forms, from the workplace to the government. Everything would flow from the people, and the people could take power from anyone who abused it. The workers would decide how to run their businesses through cooperative action, and even though there would be managers, everyone would own their work and be paid equally for the same job. The workers would elect their representatives to a worker's council, who would report to the democratically elected assembly. The assembly would decide on the best way to help all citizens.

She smiled and asked, "But how do we get there?"

And I said that that was the tough part. First we need the will of the people. Then we need security of our lands. Finally, we need to set up the infrastructure to keep us from needing outside support. Only then would Mars and all Martians be truely independent of the powers on Earth.

She asked where she could sign up, and I said "First I need your name."

"Alysha," she said, "Alysha Petra".

Now she is our most beloved member, the posterchild for Socialism. And all because of a chance encounter and discussion about Socialism.

And that is what we need more of, discussion. We need to show the people of Unity City and the rest of Mars that we work for them. We must fight off the powers that wish to take control from the people 'for their security', 'for their own good', 'for their protection'. We must secure, now and forever, the rights of all peoples of Mars.

It may be a long road, but we will get there.

Re: RWRN - The Red World's Red News

Posted: 01:46:54 Thursday, 02 October, 2014
by Cthulhuvong
The sounds of street fights can be heard in the background

Martians, we are at war! Those monstrous United Front racists have assaulted us everywhere, and now its time to take back what's ours! Do you not want to be free? Do you not like liberty? That is what we fight for! Do you want your life controlled, destroyed? Of course not! We must fight together, keeping the dogs at bay.

If you cannot fight, you can still help. Send us aid, give us supplies, supply us with shelter. We fight for you! Under the United Front you will have nothing, but we will give you the choices you want. Save us, save your friends, save yourselves. To the men and women of the United Front, Alan Ricks and the NAU just want you to die so they can sell your blood-soaked land to the highest bidder. Soldiers, don't fight for slavery, fight for liberty!

A small explosion goes off, followed by continued gunfire and battle

As the get closer I must close this mic. But let me say this, today is your day to help. Choose to do so now, or you may never get a free choice again. We need your choice.

This is Consul Joseph, signing out.