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Commander Bios

Post by Gesar » 19:28:27 Sunday, 24 May, 2015

Already posted the background that was approved by BG, but since he was asking for backgrounds on our characters on IRC, I'll put it all right here.
Revolutionary Front for Salvation and Liberty

Under the auspice of a project named 'Ecce Homo', the Nightingale Society directed a small corps of elite members -two Commandos and a number of scientists from their Europa team, backed up by several of their 'Weathermen' cyberwarfare specialists and a smuggler crew- to infiltrate the United Nations fleet. While their original objective still remains an unknown, they were quick to seize whatever ships they could as soon as disaster struck, seemingly under the command of one Operative Zevoa.
'Operative Zevoa'

Growing up in the Unity City Republic as one of a pair of twins born to acolytes of the Burned Woman, Operative Zevoa (real name unknown) gravitated from a young age more towards the Revolutionary Front than their associated counterparts. While she retained friendly relations with her family and friends, after first receiving training under the Solar Black Cross, she enlisted as a medic in the Unity City Liberation Forces instead of following in her parent's footsteps. But it was during the Second Great Ghazwa, during which the Greater Movement and their allies briefly took control of nearly all of Shaqq-ud-Diba before shattering against the White League's inner defenses, that she distinguished herself along with her small squad during an assault on an elite fascist mobile column.

For her actions, she was thus inducted as a full member of the secretive Nightingale Society and invited to join the semi-autonomous Abu Ali Mustafa Commando, taking the name 'Zevoa' to honor her Israeli-Palestinian father and the battlefields where she had made a name for herself. The details of her track record following this are sketchy, though it's widely assumed she was part of the task force that took out a contract on several Nordic League officials, as well as a leader during the abortive Abu Ali Mustafa assassination campaign against the Red Flag Movement. What is known however, is that she seems to have taken the mantle of the Europa team and Revolutionary Front folk heroes such as Tybalt, running a much tighter ship (pun somewhat intended) than is typically expected of the Movement.

Her association with the Ecce Homo project is as of yet unclear to those outside the Nightingale Society, though she's been heard to voice her opposition to "imperialist wars of conquest against sentient life" and "repeating the mistakes of Old World oligarchy."
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Re: Space Colonization

Post by Iss'fayn » 20:26:22 Sunday, 24 May, 2015

Interplaneteriál proper


NAME: KALLE, MANI (Mani Kalle)


D.O.B.: 10.IX.2212





2228-2232: UNIVERSITY OF KINSHASA, KINSHASA, CONGO, EARTH. (Graduates Summa Cum Laude with Bachelors in Applied Bolivarian Economics.)


2233: Applies for Congolese Stellar Forces. Application accepted. Transferred to NEW FIMI, LUNA. Pilot Cadet.

2234: Begins Combat Flights. PROMOTION to Ensign First Class. CITATION for INGENUITY AND BRAVERY UNDER FIRE.


2237: PROMOTION to Sub Lieutenant and command of the Interplaneteriál Vessel 'Sud-Kivu' (Picquet Navire).

2240: PROMOTION to Lieutenant.

2241: CITATION for CONSPICUOUS BRAVERY x3. PROMOTION to Lieutenant Commander. Command of Interplaneteriál Vessel 'Granma' (Liberation Navire)


2246: PROMOTION to Captain. Command of Interplaneteriál Vessel 'Patrice Emory Lumumba'.




* Mani Kalle, (b. 10.IX.2212). Graduated University of Kinshasa with Bachelors in Applied Bolivarian Economics (Class of 2233). Signed up with Congolese Stellar Forces and served in New Fimi. Initially as a low-orbital combat fighter pilot, before moving through a rapid series of promotions due to combat losses and expanding military requirements propelling internal promotion in New Fimi. Since taking charge of the Patrice Emory Lumumba in 2246, he has hit something of a stall in his career as the Interplanetarial has a broader pool of candidates to draw on from outside the Congolese power structure his base is drawn from. However he is by no means a crony or overly reliant on that power base. He has a reasonably broad popularity amongst the crews of the IP fleet, having spent the years prior to the UN expedition working with the captains and crews of many of the ships. Several however were added to the delegation in 2250 at short notice. These would become those ships that were unfortunately lost to the RFSL.
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Re: Space Colonization

Post by RinKou » 20:44:22 Sunday, 24 May, 2015

FW: Candidates for Prometheus Expedition - Ryo-Long Kim
Attachments: RLK Resume, Ryo-Long Kim Enterprises Corporation UpLink Professional Profile, RLK Background Check and Incident Report 2XXX

Hey Steve,

The Jericho office is gonna rec this guy for the position. Aced the interview and seems like a generally cool dude. Real go-getter, synergizes really well with Type As and Type Ds. Also got the extra 1.6 base for Asian background - should smooth things over with the Chinese expedition.

Only issue is that it looks like he had to reincorporate from an LLC to C Corp (TB, not L1) after a divorce in 2XXX, so he might show up twice in the system. Make sure you search for RLK Enterprises Corporation instead of RLK Enterprises Company. (See Incident Report)
Ryo-Long Kim Enterprises Corporation
Personal Address: 19758 N Euclid St, Apt 723
Liberty One, MR 42804
Corporate Address: PO Box 23234
Liberty One, MR 42888
Phone: +42 (1776) 548-9956

Profile: Self-driven, results-oriented logistics executive with a history of efficient and high-performing results in interplanetary and trans-orbital shipping

Senior VP of Trans-Orbital Shipping - Applied Logistics
-Reorganized Lunar-Martian shipping lanes to reduce fuel consumption 45% for 2XXX-2XXX period
-Spearheaded Class C solar sail retrofitting across Lunar-Martian and Terran-Martian fleets, incurring savings upward of 3.56tr per quarter
-Streamlined invoice processing procedure for trans-orbital imports/exports, reducing workflow from 8 to 6 steps resulting in 36% productivity increase

Merchant Interplanetary Captain First Rate - Sakai Shipping Solutions (SSV Two for Flinching)
-Triple S Captain of the Year Award Recipient - 2XXX, 2XXX, 2XXX, 2XXX-2XXX
-Worked with engineering team/CC dept to reroute drive lines to improve speed by 45% over previous record, as well as 18.5% increase in fuel efficiency
-Set space speed record for Class 2 LunarMax Feeders in 2XXX Sakai Speed Shipping Open

VP of Trans-Orbital Logistical Compliance - Monterey-Sealand Interplanetary Shipping
-Managed transition from SSL-1084 to SSL-2814
-Led campaign to develop in-house trans-orbital carrier (Monterey-Sealand Transorbital)

Master of Business Administration - 2XXX
University of Mars, Liberty One

MS of Interplanetary Logistics - 2XXX
University of Mars, Liberty One

BS Interplanetary Logistics - 2XXX
Pemberton University
Arcturus Security Corporation
Background Check and Incident Report, Q1 2XXX
Subject: Ryo-Long Kim Enterprises Company

Criminal Record: N/A
Smoke: Y (tobacco)
Alcohol: Y
Stim: Y (PNY)
Opioids: N
Political Affiliation: Independent (NOTE: Potential socialist sympathies, see RLK Background Check and Incident Report, Q2 2XXX)

RLK in North Shore, Q2 2XXX. Note beard growth.

Following a divorce from Lydia Katarina Kim, LLC (nee Guttierez, formerly non-incorporated person) and the dissolution of RL&K Enterprises in Q1 2XXX, subject Ryo-Long Kim Enterprises Company [NOTE: As of 2XXX, Ryo-Long Kim Enterprises Company has been dissolved and reincorporated as Ryo-Long Kim Enterprises Corporation] (hereby referred to as RLK) submits a letter of resignation to Sakai Shipping Solutions and remains unemployed.

RLK, the individual, continues to draw salary from RLK, the corporation, in the form of stock dividends, though is not currently employed.

Beard growth and increased use of tobacco, alcohol, and synthetic stimulants noted. Special note made to continue watch for any signs of politcally subversive activity.

Family includes mother, Elena Cecilia Kim Co., and sister Elizabeth Mae Johnson, PLLC, both estranged.


RLK is now employed at Applied Logistics Corporation in an executive capacity. RLK is still rated for space flight, though has made no election to resume any such duties. He is again clean-shaven.

Due to divorce from a non-incorporated person with noted anti-capitalist leanings, RLK is again clear for employment in >L4 positions.
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Re: Commander Bios

Post by Smyg » 17:17:42 Monday, 25 May, 2015

"yearning to breathe free"


The representative of Tranquility Base on the expedition, Abidah Mason, has become the unofficial leader of the multi-faceted and diverse Non-Aligned fleet solely because of how disoriented the New Albans, Israeli-Palestinians, Australians and Indonesians found themselves. Beyond his formal scientific curriculum vitae, little is known about Dr. Mason. Descendant of early settlers, the lunarborn biologist wrote a pioneering thesis on the primitive lifeforms of Europa, and is regarded as one of Sol's foremost xenobiologists. He never expected this shit.

Served in the lunar armed forces with distinction.
A sometimes radical mind. Environmentalist sentiments.
Suspected sympathies towards [XXX].

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Re: Commander Bios

Post by Langben » 08:52:01 Tuesday, 26 May, 2015

Chen Lin
Da Xiao - Chinese Federal Fleet

...would you like to know more?

To ensure operational security, deployment history is unavailable at this terminal. Please contact Naval Command HQ for more information...
++DESTROYER "惛怓" (1)

...would you like to know more?

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Re: Commander Bios

Post by Aesculus » 08:29:12 Wednesday, 27 May, 2015


Chiwetel Maxwell Severanti

DOB: 13/07/2244

Education: Tertiary. Studied Bachelor of Battlefield Psychology at 3rd Rosokosmos Officer Academy: St. Petersburg. Graduated in Class Number 45 on 5/5/2365. Attended Moscow Space War College to complete Master of Strategic Studies in 2270. Completed an influential treatise regarding the application and design of Cruisers and Destroyers in the modern era.

Rank: Commodore. Was fast tracked after exemplary performance during the VEGADEX series of fleet exercises.

Occupational Specialty: Principle Warfare Officer. (AOS-1a)

Postings: RRS Bretagne - Executive Officer (2271-2274), RRS Naxos - Commanding Officer (2275-2279), RRS Aeneas - Executive Officer (2281-2284), RRS Atreus - Commanding Officer (2324-Present), 4th Russian Republic Battlegroup (2384-Present)

Performance Evaluation (comment excerpt): Submitted by Admiral West - Commander Russian Republic 6th Fleet: ...[Severanti] is a dedicated officer of the Republic, and a loyal Cruiser Captain. Consistently following orders and often maintaining his position under adverse conditions, Severanti is a model officer of Sixth Fleet.


Conclusion: Severanti is both a competent Officer and a loyal servant of the Republic. Severanti's strategy appears to be conservative, and often typical of the Academy's school of thought, rather than an independent strategy. Whilst a capable officer, reviewing the current positions held by batchmates and former commanding officers of his, the conclusion can be drawn that Severanti's selection for positions of authority, 4th Battlegroup being one of them, was likely due to his association with present members of the Russian Republic Security Council and Russian Space Forces Command than his sheer ability as an officer and manager.

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Re: Commander Bios

Post by Snacks » 12:53:22 Wednesday, 27 May, 2015

Saint-Paul stepped off the shuttle, uncomfortably aware of the dozen fedayeen eyes watching him as he walked down the boarding ramp into the shuttle bay of the former Russian vessel and thankful that his sunglasses -however inappropriate on a spacegoing vessel- meant they didn't see the nervousness in his eyes. He didn't have anything personal against the Greater Movement, and politics weren't his thing, but the fervor of the fedayeen was still enough to put an experienced 'lancer on guard. You don't just show your back to someone who believes in something that much, especially when you got just into it for the pay.

The tension lifted, at least enough, when his contact stepped through a hatch and gave a nod to his men, whose suddenly seemed...much more casual. Caitlin (no, wait- Catiline, right? All he knew was too damn many people in Unity and the Free Territories liked to name their kids after dead or nearly dead heroes these days) held his arms out, "Joey! Good to see you made it. I was worried you were never going to find time to see your friends in the Greater Movement."

Saint-Paul shrugged as Catiline(?) led him to a small observation room, sealed and soundproof but well in view of both the Greater Movement men and his crewmates on the shuttle, "What can I say, seizing ships is busy work." He held up a finger as the fedayeen opened his mouth to make a smart comment and continued, "I'm not complaining, mind. The... Burned Woman keeps her word, and the "hazard pay" is good, but most of the other lancers are still laid up in cultist infirmaries after taking that Chinese ship, and it wasn't until then that I had everything you wanted."

C smiled, "Freelancers, the unsung heroes of every war since time immemorial. So, you do have the information, friend?"

Saint-Paul smirked and lowered his sunglasses, staring the fedayeen in the eyes as he leaned in close enough for C to clearly read the "Ray-Band" signature at the top of a lens, "...Is a ChiFed cargo bay full of amazing counterfeit luxury goods?"

They both leaned back and a laughed, as Saint-Paul slipped a tablet out of his coat and set it down on the table between them, "But yeah, it's there, as requested. That's mainly the highlights, of course. When we have our payment, the encryption for the complete file will be sent as well."

C smiled and motioned to a fellow fedayeen outside, who left and returned with several soldiers bringing crates as he picked up the tablet and scrolled through several files, each with a picture attached. "I trust your work, Joey, but I suppose I can always have your men spaced if I don't like what I see." He laughed at the, look Saint-Paul gave him, "Oh, lighten up friend, did your contract with the Burned Woman include losing the ability to appreciate teasing? Anyway, really, your payment is recieved, soooooo-" a small beep sounded "-let's see what we have here."

"Aha, yes I hear this one put on quite the performance during your uprising."


"Oh, yeah, Huang Caiyun I'm guessing you mean."

"Yes. Clean record I see, on the record that is, and an able administrator. She admitted to taking part in smuggling contraband and misappropriated goods by the officers, didn't she?"

"Yes, oversaw most of it that went on in her particular unit- on behalf of her superior officer. I assume you saw the trial earlier: they weren't making that up."

"Readily submitted herself to the judgement of the Burned Woman's followers before the mutiny, and fits right in. She got a promotion to Captain, even, I see here!"

"Yeah, they expected her to be one of the biggest points of resistance, actually. Didn't see the point in even trying to turn her at first, but after we got stranded here... she isn't even close to being one of those who took it the hardest, but it still changed her tune."

"Hm. Being separated from a spouse and family really make you reevaluate your life, doesn't it?"

"You're talking to the man who'd normally be taking his payment in money, man. Anyway, Captain doesn't even tell the half of it. She might as well be the spokesperson and ranking officer of the Chinese soldiers who turned. Hell, even a lot of the Americans seem to look up to her at least a little after seeing the stuff she pulled taking the- the King in Yellow."

"Well, I guess sometimes a woman just has to break through the glass ceiling. Anyway, let's see who else we have. I don't want to keep you too long. You do have the messenger everyone would like to shoot, don't you?"


"Yeah, she's there. Ran Suel-ki, Comrade Baek, The Herald: take your pick."

"I bet she's got quite the story.

"Ugh. If you actually don't want to keep me, mind if I just run through this one? As you can read yourself right there, Major in the Marine Corps of the ChiFed's puppet government of Korea back on Earth. Records indicate that's where she's from, and also that she's even more spotless than Huang, though some people seem to think she's actually from old Heaven, or the People's Republic- especially given she was high up enough to be put in charge of a pretty substantial cell for this operation. Turned almost all of the Korean unit attached to the Chinese force. Despite her devotion to the KLO's cause, there's little doubt about her faith in the Burned Woman: she's a believer through and through. Some think she has contacts with the Interplaneteriál, but no one can really prove the truth of that one way or the other, but she doesn't seem hostile to them, at least."

"Mhmm. Ah, and so this one is?"


"...Yep, that's her. Obviously that's-"

"Propaganda image, yes. It pops up on most low-security outposts, but hell: you see kids posting up stickers of it all over the place in Market City all the time, like it was some sort of game. Probably someone paying half of them to do it. Heh, that how you got into it? How much they pay you, anyway?"

"Ugh, don't even joke about that. They pay good, and they're even taking care of those of us injured in their mutiny, but do you really think that's just it? We're stuck out here, and I doubt we'd get a warm welcome from our fellow men elsewhere in the fleet? No, the cost's sunk, so best to stick with it. Plus I'm not keen on learning what the Burned Woman has in store for contract breaking."

"You sound pretty scared of a woman in another galaxy, Joey."

"Well... Ok, look, you know people have seen her. Not just in recordings either, like seen her. And despite all logic indicating that they can't even all be the same person..."

"You saying you've seen her? Here?"

"I'm saying she's stood in front of me and spoken, man. Looking just like that goddamn poster, and by the way that she talked to me, to everyone, you'd think we were old friends. Like she wasn't someone who supposedly survive being blown up by a goddamn MOAB. Like I wasn't talking to someone who blows up office blocks and gasses people and seizes warships just to prove a point."

"...I'm sure they have tons of people dressed up like her back in Sol to spook working stiffs like us. Hah, it's not like she caught you going through their records and building a file, right?"

"Saint-Paul, the top of the table is not my face, why are you looking at it."

"She gave me that file on herself."


"She just knew! She looked right at me and patted me on the cheek and said to deliver a message for her and I'd have what I need."

They both stared at the table.

"So...what was the message?"

"Scroll down. Audio file."

"Oh, finally finished with your talk? Well, being inquisitive is important. That's why I've always liked you little birds: you really understand that knowledge is power. Anyway, you're curious why I'd send along this information so willingly. To put it bluntly, it's because once again I have to make the first move. If we shared a bed, I'd have kicked you out in favor of the cabin boy a long time ago, dears."

"But really, the Burned Woman has nothing to hide: It's not a trick, I promise! We're going to be stuck here a long time, and it's going to sfeel even longer if we don't start trusting each other. So I've let Mr. Saint-Paul bring you the meaningless faces and names and histories you think you want, as a sign that there are no hard feelings. But next time, really, feel free to just ask nicely. After all, there are much more interesting things we have to tell you. Catiline, sweetie: aren't you still dying to know where your sister disappeared to during that Ghazwa? Ah, well, we have a great deal of time to talk more about that, don't we? But before that, there's work to be done. Goodbye!"

They sat in silence.



"Get back on your ship and the fuck out of my shuttle bay."

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Re: Commander Bios

Post by Flamelord » 18:53:29 Wednesday, 27 May, 2015


Name: Benigno Vargas
Rank: Comodoro (Commodore)
D.O.B: August 7, 2248

Education: EU Naval Academy at Mürwik, Germany. Graduated in top 10% of his class

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Re: Commander Bios

Post by Coin » 09:43:11 Friday, 29 May, 2015


Name: Vladimir Ivanovich Zavoyko
Rank: Admiral of the Russian Republican Navy, Marshal of the Republic, Captain of the Sevastopol

Education: GCTC Class of 2256, Distinction. Graduated Honours from Moscow Military Academy. PhD in Biodigital Fleet Warfare.

Bio: Born in the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk, Russian Republic, to Colonel Ivan Petrovich Zavoyko of the Russian Republican Guards and Captain Natasha Zavoyko of the Russian Republican Navy. Second of three sons, all of whom joined Russian military forces. Decorated in several simulations while commander of a destroyer in Saturn-Jupiter Operational Zones; subsequently seconded for PhD on lessons to be learnt from simulated conflicts. Led platoon during Vostok Embassy Siege. Promoted to fleet commander following retraining - commanded in Europa Incident and Kazaran Hunt - distinguished in both. Appointed Marshal of the Republic and Admiral of Prometheus taskforce following successful posting as interim (4 Earth years) admiral of Russian Home Fleet.

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Re: Commander Bios

Post by Mathuen » 17:42:03 Saturday, 30 May, 2015

Manling Qiu (Rank: Commodore)
Chinese Federal Fleet

Pictured Above: Qiu during a joint exercise with NAU contracted forces.

Ethnicity: Fengren (Miao - East African Lineage)
Sexuality: Cis Female
Sex: Kinsey 5 (Homosexual; Incidental Heterosexuality)
Blood Type: O+
Social Standing Number: 586 (Extremely Loyal to the State)


Important Notes: A well known military family in Sichuan, the Qiu line is descended from later 20th century African immigrants primarily from the Mozambiquan region. Having been a military family since the beginning of the 21st century, Manling Qiu is a XXth generation officer. Civilian education was focused primarily on global history and classical culture, noteworthy events during her civilian life included a brief conversion to Orthodox Christianity and several bitter ending attempts at experimentation with heterosexuality.

As is common with the descendants of early immigrant families, Qiu, much like the rest of her family, is nationalistic and possesses incidentally but none the less extant racialist ideas against foreign nations, even up to Americans and other states and peoples friendly with China. While this makes her loyal to China, it is the opinion of some state psychologists that she may be attached to the idea of China rather than the Federation, a distinction which may pose a risk during long periods of discontact from Earth and Sol.

Regardless, Qiu has shown herself to be a useful and unwavering asset in Federal affairs and she is approved for supervision of the current extrasolar mission.

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