Stories from the beyond

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Re: Stories from the beyond

Post by Coin » 16:40:52 Monday, 01 June, 2015

RE: Regarding Proposed American Resolution

The Russian Republican Taskforce votes in favour of Articles 1 and 2, and against Article 3.

We would reiterate opposition to the missile array placed over much of the planet by the Interplanetarial, despite it's present non-hostility to Russian craft.

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Re: Stories from the beyond

Post by Mathuen » 06:50:20 Tuesday, 02 June, 2015

Opening Personal Chat between STV Liu and TCT Zhao:

TCT Zhao - "I have to ask, why is the Tainzhu Jiao (天主教) launching shit from its bays? Are the Christ heads going crazy or something?"

STV Liu - "Them? No, never. I'll never get why you get so freaky over them."

TCT Zhao - "They just make me feel a little bit weird is all, call me old fashioned."

STV Liu - "You got dumped by one of them didn't you?"

TCT Zhao - "I... fuck, yeah."

STV Liu- "Hey, you know what they say about Christians and putting out. You probably got off easy anyways. Um, as for what they're really doing. After sending some scout ships down to the surface to look for those cult fucks the Commander got a bit antsy. She's launching some of our satellites into orbit to eyeball the whole fucking rock below. Oh, also, as for us..."

*ship begins to rattle*

STV Liu- "The commander has ordered the Datong (大同) down to the surface. We're to plop down in the ocean near some islands in the Northeast. You can feel that rattling, no? Yeah, we've got twenty minutes to gel up or grab onto something."


Meanwhile, a wideband message from the Tainzhu Jiao (天主教):




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Re: Stories from the beyond

Post by Soverihn » 08:19:14 Tuesday, 02 June, 2015

RinKou wrote:
RECOGNIZING that the Prometheus Expedition has discovered an alien planet and peoples
RECOGNIZING that this alien species is sentient, sapient, and civilized
RECOGNIZING that first contact with these peoples has been made


RECOGNIZING that seditious factions have committed a Class I Biological Crime during first contact
RECOGNIZING that Interplanetariál and Russian Federation vessels have begun construction of structures on the surface of this alien world
RECOGNIZING that the Interplanetariál fleet has deployed a VLA of autonomous munitions to deny a significant region of LPO from other arms of the Prometheus Expedition

The NAU Fleet Arm of the Prometheus Expedition proposes:


-Prometheus Expedition members will refrain from military action against these alien peoples, except in cases of self-defense
-Prometheus Expedition members will refrain from military action against each other, except in cases of self-defense


-Prometheus Expedition members will be allowed free movement across the planet and its orbital regions
-Should the Interplaneteriál fleet wish to maintain their VLA for surveillance purposes, all ships must be allowed passage without regard to nationality


-Prometheus Expedition members will make no effort to create permanent structures on the surface of the planet unless explicitly given permission by the appropriate planetary authorities

Ryo-Long Kim Co., CECO TPP-NAU Prometheus Expedition
-Aboard the Flagship KHOSRAU-

Commander Najafi closed his eyes and sighed, taking a moment to process the information that he was just informed of. Recent events had done much to make him unnerved. Close calls with the cultists and the potential violence amongst the powers had given him much to think; much to consider.

There was just so much to lose, but also so much to gain. And yet already there were those would throw it all away in their short sighted avarice. No matter, such things would be setbacks they needed to prepare for. Like a natural disaster, one needed insurance just in case things got out of hand. With much at stake, to not do so would be foolish.

"Corporal, get the coms systems ready." He said, mentally preparing for what he was about to say, the fate of the expedition resting on his shoulders.


RE: Regarding the prosed UN Resolution
FROM: Commander Najafi/Iranian Command

Upon much consideration, the state of Iran has come up with a response to the proposal:

Iran agrees with the notions that yes, the species that have been contacted is civilized. All evidence points towards that.

Iran agrees that there has been a breach in the violations of the laws of war. Again, the evidence is there.

Iran shall agree to Article I, Article II and Article III of the proposals. All are sound, sensible proposals that shall ensure the safety and mutual benefit of humanity in space and the species in question.

-Commander Ardashir B. Najafi.


"Comms officer- Get me the Interplanetriál, specifically the IPV Marcus Garvey. Tell them we've got business if they're willing to negotiate."


"Oh, and tell the engineers to get the probes ready. I want detailed maps as fast as possible. The race has started."

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Re: Stories from the beyond

Post by Coin » 12:35:00 Wednesday, 03 June, 2015

Aboard the AMUR

The Totleben-class large vessel Amur continued on her slow orbit of the star of the Kazbek System, in tandem with the majority of the Russian fleet, and parallel to Kazbek III/Prometheus III. In orbit directly the Nakhimov remained the hub for Russian missions to and from the surface, and even from this distance, aboard the Amur Vice Commodore Nataliya Menshikova watched the flow of shuttles to and from the main fleet and the two vessels directly in orbit. Yet she was restless, even more so because of what she knew there was to do. The Amur was the flagship of the battlegroup under her immediate superior, Commodore Severanti - but no orders had been forthcoming.

That changes now, she thought. Commodore Severanti had been consigned to sickbay temporarily, so it was Acting Commodore Menshikov who opened the Fleet Command Council channel from her austere quarters, the only opulence visible a small golden puzzlebox. A present from a niece she probably wouldn't see again.

Those thoughts evaporated immediately as she confirmed with the ship's systems her new rank. Immediately the significance of the first pinged message became apparent.
Extraction completed. Command Conference at 1520 Moscow time, Encryption level #9.
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Re: Stories from the beyond

Post by BgKnight » 15:23:41 Wednesday, 03 June, 2015

Standby for transmission from the United Nations Command and Control ship.
Thank you!

***Exerts from UN Mission CnC Meeting #291***
We have some good news and some bad news. We finally speak the language of the Awantu, it seems we are not the only one, by order of groups, it seems the Non-Aligned Movement base, the Interplaneteriál, Russians, North American Union, European Union and even the Cultists and Anarchists all have access to the language translating capabilities, China and Iran confirmed it as well just a few minutes ago. So Humanity as a whole can now understand what the Aliens are saying and what they want, but unfortunately, here is what were the first messages we got, looped at us from the Aliens:

"The herd begs you leave. We wish no ill come upon our people."

These messages were looped at our ships all over the place, well, by ours I mean the Interplaneteriál ships specifically and the Iranians. Most human vessels remained away from contact. They seem to call us, "Beyonders" as we have recived several troubling messages "The Beyonders [Humans] are moving mountainfacing [northwards]. Maintain isolation." and "Sorokin [Possibly the Russians] is continuing what can only be described as construction. Its speed is amazing. The death-toll from blight expands."

Unfortunately, there are more bad news, it seems they very rarely use the radio and only for messages like that. Its like they almost never speak, and their messages are short and in bursts, no major communication, no radio shows, no specific plays or anything of substance, just short messages and status reports. On the bright side, we can possibly pin names to some states already, the United Nations will be producing a map for this in the near future, but just to have a point of reference.

It seems the most used language was that of the Blue colonizer (the transliteration of its name is Xoxir (with the "X" read as a click in human languages, so *click*o*click*ir)) They mentioned the brown state over which the North American Union ships are located as Uxu. It is still unknown what structures these creatures used and whether that is the name of some sort of ruling dynasty, a tribe, a herd or the state itself, but judging form the way its used its most likely the state.

In the meanwhile, the Chinese have also splashed down and are building a base, it seems that most of humanity is now present on the ground. To that effect we have introduced the new directive to have everyone convene in e United Nations, we will expect the human nations to send delegates in the next two months or the United Nations will be forced to take actions.

To that effect, we are extending the invitation to the new United Nations General Assembly to the Cultist and Anarchist rebels, if we want to effectively cooperate and have a unifying force in human space, we need to recognize that those two groups exist and should be reasoned with.

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Re: Stories from the beyond

Post by Gesar » 18:11:29 Wednesday, 03 June, 2015

Jannat al-Khuld

"Look, I'm not saying we made the wrong call," Dacke explained, gazing listlessly across the valley. "Having those Russians with us was one giant albatross around our necks." It was all very unfair. He hadn't left a scholarship in the Nordic League to keep watch for some pseudo-Stalinist task force that would never come because the Movement was just that good. He was a Nightingale Operative, for the love of God, albeit the youngest one in the project. And yet here he was, debating strategy with the head researcher of the Europa team as they both tried to pretend they cared about sentry duty. That was another quirk of the Movement. Even the Red Queen had her share of shitty jobs. Libertas in action.

Salome smiled at that, though she seemed to strain to do so. She was sitting cross-legged on the floor, cleaning one of the strangest-looking rifles he'd ever laid eyes on. "No, what you were saying is that we should have kept them around until they decide to bomb us all back into the Stone Age."

"And we're not already living in it?" He glanced around the walls of their makeshift sentry post before looking back at the researcher and her gun. "How's somebody in the Black Cross get ahold of a piece like that?"

"I grew up with the sans-culottes along the Red Line before I was recruited. There's a lot of Rangers there, technicians mostly." She spoke without so much as looking at Dacke, engrossed as she was in adjusting the gears (they weren't cosmetic?) on her rifle. "One of them was a good friend of mine."

Dacke chuckled. "Ah. A regular Shakti, huh?" As respectful as the Revolutionary Front was to the Iron Lady of the UCR, there was still a typical irreverence towards any sort of leadership, particularly ones who liked to pal around with Rangers.

"Something like that," the redhead agreed. Still no eye contact, and her tone was as terse. She was a tough nut to crack, this one. "The bluehats aren't as bad as the Society makes them sound. There's at least five more like Chavez and Haywood for every Imogen. Some of them still even think we're on the same side. Not many, though."

"And what do you think?"

Fedayeen Isidora shook her head. "Doesn't matter. Here or back home, we know-"

She trailed off, her thoughts cut short by the approaching footsteps of that pirate Zevoa was so fond of and his mocking greeting. "Hey, kids. Don't mean to interrupt your private time, but we're switching up the guards. Subcommander's got something we need you for, Sally, all secretive-like. You're gonna love it. And you, ah..." Olivera frowned at Dacke, struggling to remember something. His name, probably. "You, my friend, just drew the glorious straw of escort duty. Zevoa'll see you both in five. Have fun!"

Salome raised an eyebrow and Dacke cursed under his breath. Even the Red Queen had her share of terrible assignments.
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Re: Stories from the beyond

Post by Mathuen » 02:06:49 Thursday, 04 June, 2015

"Commodore, could you please go over that again" Xie asked, agape at the Commodore's suggestion.

"Tell them everything"

"Everything? Everything that we know, ma'am?"

"Yes, this is to be our first communication to the Xenos below, broadcast it so that every single one of them can hear, and if that means that all of the other fleets hear it as clear as day... then so be it."

"And what should that 'everything' encompass, ma'am?"

"The truth. We're all stuck here, the wormhole we used to travel here is closed, that our groups are divided and some don't like each other, and that we're running low on food. Tell them about all of the factions, their relations to each other, the UN, and everything. Tell them about the cultists and the burned woman too, tell them about the missiles, about how order between the factions broke down and they aren't listening to each other, tell them about the IP setting up a missile shield around a third of the planet for themselves." the Commodore paused, catching herself before beginning again.

"Even tell them what we're doing. Tell them about the tiny scout ships they see flying, that's us, the satellites they just saw launched above, that was us, the ship that just plopped down, us too. Tell them about the upcoming UN meeting too. Even give them the tactical details of all of the human fleets, their fleet leaders, their weakness. Don't let the other factions try to strongarm the aliens from a position of strength and ignorance, let the aliens know as much about us as possible. Let the aliens know more about us than we do about them."


"Tell. Them. Everything."

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Re: Stories from the beyond

Post by Smyg » 15:30:38 Thursday, 04 June, 2015


"Ladies and gentlemen. This is Doctor Abidah Mason of Tranquility Base, representing the nations of the Non-Aligned Movement, speaking from Tide Station." Abidah hesitated, as he made the recording. "Troubling news for the lot of us."

"Following the construction of our current headquarters, immediate work to understand the indigenous lifeforms of this planet began. Once we learned to comprehend part of their communicative system, we learned of this 'blight' that the United Nations have subsequently informed you off. The moment we gained this information, I gave the order to find a solution to the problem."

"Regarding the disease: It spreads fast, as a true epidemic. The process begins with porous abscesses, filled with puss and other waste substances. Death soon follows for the afflicted individuals. Following the establishment of contact with the locals, we requested - and immediately received - samples of diseased flesh, both alive and inanimate. Analysis followed. Initial test results show that this 'blight' most likely is a strain of an airborne virus. Origin: Sol. Earth-origin influenza, or a variety of the flu. We did this. As always. More tests will continue, to - as soon as possible - gain more information, and if possible synthesize a cure to be distributed to the locals. I advice all members of the Prometheus Expedition to avoid direct contact with indigenous lifeforms at all costs, and to take any measures necessary to avoid further contamination. We will file a request with the United Nations for an investigation into this biological crime."

A moment of silence.

"Perhaps even more worrisome than the disease itself is the reaction to it. We have observed no panic, no mourning, no acts of grief. The bodies are burnt, and a hasty retreat is made. These 'Awantu' continue to show no signs of any individualized emotions or irrational thinking on a personal level. There are no errors in interpersonal communication, complete calmness reigns, and no measures appear to be taken to save individual lives. On a wider scale, we continue to see no signs of any culture, art, et cetera. No... personalities, to be blunt. The NAM science division - of which I am the direct commanding officer - has developed a working hypothesis. They're not sentient."

"At least, the 'Awantu' are not sentient on an individual level. Instead, it would appear - for now, all facts are subject to reinterpretation - that they are as cells of a wider organism. The sentience of this species, if it exists such as we understand it at all, is instead embodied through these varying 'empires' - or rather, large-scale polities - that we have observed planetwide. Basic communication is possible, but the question is - are we actually talking to anyone?"

"I... I think that's all I have to say, for now. Good luck to all you poor souls out there. Mason, out."

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Re: Stories from the beyond

Post by BgKnight » 15:41:34 Thursday, 04 June, 2015

As the Chinese message goes out, all hell breaks loose, but not for the Awantu, they seem placated, almost calm, they don't react or reacted almost minimally to the events. The same cannot be said for the Humans though. As the Chinese messages came out, a massive variety of responses ensued. As Riu ran towards his spot in his ship, the tac-screen flashed red and came to life, the ship's AI displayed itself with its chosen avatar, a middle aged Russian, a touch of irony from the AI which was identified as a female Chinese, but that was beyond the point.

"We are under a cyber attack." she said matter-of-factly, "Another AI, I have successfully identified him as AuSev, the Automation ran by the Cultists. However it seems that this time its working with the Anarchists. It caught me unawares and it managed to shut down the array, moreover, by the time I regained control, the array was broadcasting Anarchist propaganda worldwide. All commanders who want to hear what the Anarchists had to say, ping me."

Anarchist comm:
"The Revolutionary Front of Salvation and Liberty has seen the actions of the Chinese leadership and found them lacking. In retaliation for their occupation of several nations and cultures including the Korean peninsula, aggression against the free practitioners of the faith of the Burned Woman, and imperialistic intentions against the natives of Prometheus III, we have declared a state of war against the Chinese Federation, beginning with their radio frequencies and ending with the lives of each and every officer in service to this tyrannical, pseudo-legitimized regime that claims some sort of moral authority to bring war and conflict to the galaxy.
"Motherfu..." Riu whispered to himself, as he was about to ping the AI another face appeared on the tac screen. It was Da Xiao Chen Lin, one of the main subcommanders of the Chinese Federal forces, he was in equal rank as Riu. It was a private message.

"Commander." Lin said, his face calm, his mouth unmoving his eyes closed, he was in shock-gel and had chosen to show his actual face rather then an avatar. "This madness has gone on long enough."

"Indeed Commander Lin, we must speak to the Commodo..."
"No, the time for talk has passed. She is actively sabotaging humanity. Would you like us to return to Xi'an and tell the Military Council that we let her run amok in Prometheus."
"I...." Riu looked to his side, the wide corridor was separating him from his own command console ", you are right."

Just moments later a message was beamed to the entire Chinese fleet with Commander Lin's face appearing again. "This is Commander Lin of the Chinese Federal Space Service, I am challenging the Commodore's fitness of command due to her recent actions. Marine commanders on board the ships have been instructed to assist me with this activity. The fleet is behind me. Your vessel is the only one loyal to you Commodore, accept the demotion and let us end this."

In reality, while most of the fleet were behind Commander Lin, the capital ship and the small and medium ship on the ground refused to heed to his wishes, as well as the Christian mid-sized vessel.

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Re: Stories from the beyond

Post by Mathuen » 15:42:30 Thursday, 04 June, 2015

Fast Track Response To NAM Message

Please note that the Datong, currently deorbited, is immediately and indefinitely available for use by the Non-Aligned Movement in their current mission to synthesize and distribute a cure for the 'blight'. Datong's medical and scientific facilities are hereby open to the Non-Aligned Movement.

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Re: Stories from the beyond

Post by BgKnight » 16:54:59 Thursday, 04 June, 2015

The Zhinu (织女) stood in orbit as Commander Lin gave his order for the Commodore to stand down. Five painful minutes passed with no response, no deorbit, no contact, nothing. As time continued to inch onward the revolting ships grew anxious and one of the larger class ships began to prime its weapons, demanding a response to the Commander's demand. Finally the Zhinu responded, with one simple message.

"Thank you."

With that the Zhinu began to scream towards the surface, the large ship took notice, preparing to fire. Suddenly, a detonation rocked the side of the craft as its port side began to depressurize and its engines began to sputter and pop in the vacuum. From behind one of the ships thought taken by the revolt, the Christian ship Tainzhu Jiao (天主教), ripped past the fleet as it fired on the large ship that was quickly swerving to the right from the force of the damage. The Tainzhu Jiao quickly followed the Zhinu, screeching downward, sending a message of its own.

"The last circle of Hell is for the betrayers, heathens. Remember what you've started, LIN."

As the Tainzhu Jiao plummeted to the ocean, its belly starting to feel the atmosphere below, it opened up its satellite bays and launched off several of its remaining satellites towards the fleet above. Seeing the Zhinu plop down onto the ocean to meet the Datong (大同) and Gonggong (共工) below, the Tainzhu Jiao let out one last message.

"Those sats in front of your fleet have been turned into a mines. Come any closer if you want to meet your maker."

The message, crackling through the passing clouds above came too late for some of the smaller revolting ships. Several charged forward, running into some of the mines, being rocked and tossed about by their shockwaves before turning back around. Hearing the popping sounds and seeing the lights above, the Tainzhu Jiao felt a splash and with that the metallic moaning that came with completing a planetfall. Water splashed about its bow and rippled out, meeting the ripples of the other ships. As the ripples finally met in silence the comms on the Tianzhu Jiao came alive with a message from the Zhinu, from the Commodore, addressed to all planetside ships.

"Congratulations crew, we've made it. Now it's time to drop all pretensions. You know what we're here to do."

[Writing heavily assisted by Mathuen]

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Re: Stories from the beyond

Post by Flamelord » 17:08:03 Thursday, 04 June, 2015

Aboard the Roald Amundsen

Commodore Vargas was not a happy man, to say the least. Things had been hard enough as it was, with all the reminders of Europe's colonial past, being stranded outside of contact and the mission being extended indefinitely until the wormhole that had dumped them here decided that it wanted to reopen again. He had to deal with Bikki, who had not lost her habit of playing the occasional joke, and he had to deal with his bridge crew. One of these things was significantly easier than the others, and he just wished that it would be all of them.

"Please tell me that you're joking," he groaned as he looked at the holographic representation of Bikki from his command chair. If she wasn't, then this would not be a good time, for any of them. One had to wonder how the Chinese thought this was a good idea.

She shook her head, expression a mix and very much unreadable. "Sorry boss, this is the real deal. I've put up jamming so they won't pick anything up, but I doubt it'll prevent everything. We can't cover the planet with our current assets."

A sigh then, as Vargas shifted in his seat, which seemed to be growing more uncomfortable every time he sat in it. Stupid politicians. Who thought basing command off of long term history was a good idea in the first place? "Well, nothing we can do about that. Anything else I have to know about?"

A nod from her, as she twirled in place, grin returned. "We've heard from the Non aligned Movement. They've got some...interesting ideas about this planet. Apparently they think it's Zonama Sekot, or something close to that."

"What?" Vargas gave her a look of confusion, the reference flying completely over his head. Which was probably the intent, but he couldn't stop her.

She simply waved it off though, to his annoyance at her not explaining. "It's nothing." She pulled another paper out of the air, a virtual representation of a file. "They're also asking for medical help." That was less of a surprise, and Vargas had already taken steps to share common information that had no military value to them. Their common survival was more important after all. IF they died, then that would be the end of it, and he had no desire to be simply 'missing, presumed lost'.

Another sigh from Vargas then. "Well, send them a message and give them our support." They were relatively well off in the European fleet, with food, water, ammunition, spare parts, and no major issues. Hopefully things would work out.

To: Non Aligned Movement
From: European Union

The current blight is a travesty, and one that we must solve as we have caused it in the first place. We will of course, in line with the extension of rights to the aliens by the United Nations, and in the interests of common human decency, forward all biological information we have gathered to you, and ask that you do the same in return, so we can both pursue efforts to develop a cure. Spreading the effort can only speed up the possibility of solving this problem that has been made by humanity.

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Re: Stories form the beyond

Post by Coin » 17:13:51 Thursday, 04 June, 2015

General Transmission - To [Chinese Taskforce Commanders] From [Russian Republican Fleet Command]

Advise end to military actions in close orbit of Kazbek/Prometheus III. Risk of xenological collateral considered high.

Russian Taskforce ready to provide humanitarian assistance if necessary. Await reply.

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Re: Stories from the beyond

Post by Iss'fayn » 19:35:59 Thursday, 04 June, 2015

+Aboard the IPV Patrice Emory Lumumba+

Mani Kalle remembered a saying of his mother. "Those who inherit fortunes are frequently more of a problem than those who made them.". Her voice still rang in his ears and he still treasured the certainty with which she had said it. She was one of the reasons he had chosen to go to the University at Kinshasa instead of sign up straight away. Probably spared him being a groundpounder on Luna for the trouble of a degree in Bolivarian Economics.

He called up the VDA feed, angling the missiles slightly and inhaling slowly as he felt the frame shift and the computer re-running. The sound of the Anarchist propaganda had been allowed to play on whilst it was broadcasting. Mani Kalle didn't mind it. He looked at the Europeans and their base. They had chosen a hell of a spot, he mused. Now the awantu were dying for it. The genocide had began. He had fretted for a long time over the move to land on Bozito with the concern of making a colonial state and now the Europeans were doing as was in their blood.

Dismissing the feed he leant back at the virtual recreation of his desk and fingered a document on entitled 'On the Monopoly of Legitimacy'. It was something he had been writing for awhile, an argument against the UN. He slid it aside and began to record his voice instead.

"This is Captain Mani Kalle of the human faction known as Interplaneteriat. We mean no harm to the inhabitants of Bozito. Due to the microbiological life-forms that inhabit our bodies in symbiosis, at this time we recommend the continued isolation of human and awantu life-forms. Our site is atmospherically contained, but any attack may potentially release contagion. We came in peace, but did not prepare for a long journey. We need to borrow from your planet's resources in order to keep ourselves sustained."

He mailed it to Lucy Fang on the IPV Sun Yat-Sen with a note to broadcast it at low power toward the surrounding awantu ships. He flicked to a feed from the Khosrau and regarded the city below with a faint smile. Then he called Lucy. She appeared, her avatar sweating slightly as he realised she was sending a direct feed.

"A bad time?"
"Not at all, just examining the deep-drilling and the foundry and the lines we set up."
Her voice was modulated, he assumed to counter for distortion from the machines.

"Are we proceeding towards full capacity for the objective I set?"
"See for yourself."

The avatar grew from a head and shoulders to full body representation, Lucy's legs dangling feebly in the exosuit as she hefted the assault rifle, synthetic stock and all. He revelled in the elegant design of it. Even today in Congo, prized antiques mingled with modern reproductions. It was not a strange sight, but an intensely familiar one as he felt his heart race. It was perfect.

"We've already made a thousand and enough ammunition for them to spray through approximately twenty clips each."
"How are you sterilising it?"
"Guns and shell casings are all heat treated. No human contact through production and shrink-wrapped in plastic."
"Plastic? So wasteful..."
"A basic polyethyl feedstock isn't too resource intensive and it'll allow us to protect against microbial transmission."
"Alright Lucy. I trust Adroa has been advising you?"
"He has been helpful at getting from point A to point B. Especially now he's not working on the linguistics full time."

Mani Kalle nodded to himself.

"Load them on the Gutierrez and have Julio fly them to Khosrau. How is the food situation?"
"Algae stew and tofu mainly, but we've got lots of it."
"Anything in the local environment that looks edible?"
"Plenty, but we're concerned about exposing human bodily fluids into the waters above the light level."
"How are you disposing of that?"
"Usual way, plus using it as manure."

Mani nodded a little.

"Need anything else?"
"Kwame Nkrumah would make a great expansion. It's getting a bit crazy down here on Sun Yat-Sen."
"I'll send him down immediately."
"We need Freshwater".

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Re: Stories from the beyond

Post by Langben » 03:31:58 Friday, 05 June, 2015

Aboard Chinese Destroyer "惛怓", just after initial Chinese broadcast

"...repeat please."

The comms officer affirmed the report. That Qui had set down on the planet and was carrying on with a plan that apparently didn't warrant Lin's involvement at all was upsetting enough. If this broadcast was real, that Tā mā de gǒu Zhong Jiang just signaled weakness to every attentive party standing on or floating around this little shitball.


"Comms, I'll need to be in contact with the commander of the Marine detachment immediately, followed as soon as possible by whoever is running that thrice damned American circus. After all that, perhaps Commodore Qui will find the time to set aside her social experiments and discuss her long term strategy."

Chen Lin set back in his chair again. His view from orbit would be quite lovely if the planet below had not become such an ill omen in his eyes. What an absolutely miserable place to die.

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