Communiques from the Revolutionary Front

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Communiques from the Revolutionary Front

Post by Gesar » 18:34:11 Wednesday, 03 June, 2015

Sent from an encrypted and highly protected network, a text-based message would pop up on the United Nations comm system.
General Transmission - To [UN Taskforce Commanders] and [UN Assembly] From [Unknown]

While it is flattering that the United Nations would condescend to admit that we, their fellow human beings, can be "reasoned with", we must hereby decline the form of representation they offer us. Indeed, we wholeheartedly reject the concepts that bind your organization. The cooperation you seek is cooperation only in legitimizing the illusion taught by all states -not just the largest power blocs- that they have some inherent right to be masters. To this, we cannot consent.

Yet, as you so wisely put, we are not without "reason". Despite all prior experience pointing to the fact that you will ignore, brush aside, and patronize the practitioners of our Revolutionary Consciousness, we accept that the circumstances require our voice to be heard more clearly. Therefore, while we will not take any sort of seat in your organization, we hereby offer to send an attache to one of your more "reasonable" members, in order to protect the inhabitants of our new home.


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