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Post by Huojin » 04:04:48 Sunday, 14 June, 2015

(Original Vanaheimr 1 and 2 rules)

This is all fairly self-explanatory, so I'll be brief.

This is a free form game - as such, the stats are mainly descriptive, and in all likelihood the only numbers you'll see will be troop counts. You can, within reason and your faction/character's ability, do pretty much anything in this world. Carve out your own story and do what you wish. If you do nothing... the world will tick along without you. But if you get involved... oooh there's plenty to do.

Each turn lasts a season - we've begun at the end of Spring, so the first turn will dictate what happens in Summer, and so on. You'll be sent private messages containing any information you might be privy to, and you can fill them in with things you want to do and return them to me and off we go.

Much as in all games we tend to play here, things will be reported in the news each turn, though not everything. And even things that are reported may be untrue, half-truths, contain something true within them, whatever. Leave the pinch and take a salt-shaker.

Each player is their character, rather than their faction. The names and factions are pre-decided, but everything about their personality is left entirely to the player. If you want to be a marauding drunkard, or a holier-than-thou pilgrim, it's up to you.

As in previous Vanaheimr games, the opportunity for roleplay sessions (normally on IRC) may present itself, either at GM offering or player request - but since my last experiences with this as a GM were things like First Contact, you may have to be slightly more proactive in requesting it.

If you'd like to engage in diplomacy or post a council/court type post, you can do that here - not much else will be going on in this forum, so I feel like it's a waste to separate it off unless you all clamour manically for it.

Sign ups after we've already started are also fine, and can go right here - I'll work people in somewhere.

Happy hunting Crusading.

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