Der Markgraf von Selenhofen

Thus passes the glory of the world.
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Der Markgraf von Selenhofen

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Gefolge von Graf Rudolf

The camp and retinues of Count Rudolf von Selenhofen, commander of the Holy Roman crusading forces aboard the Byzantine fleet.
Count Rudolf I von Selenhofen

Der Markgraf von Selenhofen
Born in 1161, eldest son of Count Otto von Selenhofen and his wife Clementia, war has been no stranger to Rudolf or his house. His father - born of minor nobility in Mainz - won his lands and titles fighting in the Wendish Crusade of 1147, and won too the trust of Duke Henry of Saxony, bringing prestige and lands on the dangerous marches with pagan Slavs. Through tireless and often brutal campaigning, the old Count Otto maintained his hold on his lands, and when he died in 1183 this legacy he passed on to his son. But the lands he inherited were not rich - and lacking for everything save ambition, the young count answered the call for crusade eagerly. Leaving his lands in the hands of his brother, he become the most senior Saxon lord to follow the Emperor to the Holy Land.

Significant soldiers of Christ under his command:

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  • Baron Gunther von Salzburg, a veteran crusader.

  • Fr Frederick, court chaplain to the Duke of Saxony.

  • Sir Henry, an exiled Danish knight sworn to the Count.
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