Copernicus Colony Log

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Copernicus Colony Log

Post by Coin » 23:16:12 Monday, 08 February, 2016

Q3 2279
- Arriving in proximity of stars 4082 Mensae A and B, the second system that the Copernicus has visited, her on-board computer activates the long-range scanners and moves into an outer orbit. Over three months, data is gathered on the 5-planet primary star, though the sensors appear damaged since the last system was surveyed.

- The system automatically begins taking key personnel out of cryosleep once the terrestrial 4082 Mensae A II is ascertained as likely to support life. By this point, the Copernicus has made one pass of the star, and begins to maneuver onto a course deeper into the system. Scanners are unable to pick up much detail on the secondary star's satellites, but they appear not to be as attractive as the primary star's.

- Captain Jovovich and other key personnel, consulting the ship systems and manual, decide to accept the computer's recommendation of the system. Chief Engineer Martens does however express his own concern at greater than expected damage to the ship during her voyage thus far. Delight is genuine at the tiny blue dot appearing on the bridge's display, signifying what they hope will be their new home.

- Once confirmed, the minority of colonists who have awoken begin feverishly working on getting the temporary passenger accommodation into working order. Key figures begin to assert themselves as men and women naturally look towards leaders.

- Inspections of the cargo hold and hangar find everything to be in working order - though the shuttles shall require refuelling, there is plenty on board to do the task.

- A quick double check finds food and water in plentiful supply too. Some seems to have been lost, perhaps due to inefficiencies with the cryosystem's maintenance modules, but nothing to worry folk unduly. The stocks are likely to deplete more quickly once all passengers are awoken.

- The ship's datanet comes online, providing all colonists awoken from cryosleep with information on their current position, heading and destination. They are presently on a course to enter a closer orbit of the star, nearer to the Earth-type planet detected. An exact course, or whether to survey outer planets before arriving in the inner system, has yet to be decided.

- In light of this, many of the civilian colonists begin to ask for some kind of representation before the captain - with the constitutionalists, pioneers and democrats in particular keen to see a greater say had by them.

- A more troubling notice arrives from engineering. It appears that some of the cryounits appear in danger of failing - with efficiency presently at 95%. Due to power being diverted to life support across the ship, this is expected to fall, so many begin to call for all colonists to be awoken. Efficiency falling below 90% could cause casualties among hibernating passengers.
Pioneer class sleeper Copernicus
Schematics: Full, Annotated

Captain: Kosta Jovovich (Huojin)
Chief Engineer: Kasper Cornelissen Martens (Seren)
Marine Commander: Col. Wiera Dombrowski (Snacks)

Unitarists: Dr. Oswald Amsel (Gesar)
Constitutionalists: Jean-Pierre Duval (BgKnight)
Pioneers: Dr. Erik Arvidsson (Smyg)
Cole Partridge (Langben)
Corporatists: Friedrich Schreiber (Aegis)

Location: Entering 4082 Mensae A Outer System, Inner System Q2 2280

Crew: 130 '[20 officers, 70 sailors, 40 technicians]
Marines: 320 [30 Officers, 250 Infantry, 40 Pilots]

Colonists: 8'380 [95% Cryostored]
Ethnicity: [37% Russian, 23% French, 12% German, 11% Scandinavian, 9% Polish, 8% Other]
Religion: [54% Atheist, 39% Christian, 7% Other]

Hull Integrity: Presumed 100%, unscanned
Armament: 4x railguns [4000 Ammo], 2x missile launchers [12 thermonuclear missiles]
Sensor Array: Long-range Sensors [56% efficiency], Combat Sensors [23% efficiency]
Power: 3x E6 fusion reactors [Low reserves]
Life Support: Online [97% efficiency]
Cryo Support: Online [95% efficiency, stress detected]

Engines: 3x Gagarin-class sub-FTL ion drives [Low fuel]

Cargo Hold Alpha: Agricultural equipment, Seed Vault, Mining equipment, Food & Water Containers
Cargo Hold Beta: 100x Prefab buildings, ATV Fabrication Unit, Air Filtration Unit, Fauna Embryo Vault
Cargo Hold Gamma: Armoury, 50x Prefab buildings, 2x E4 fusion reactors

Hangar Bay:
3x Magellan class shuttles [5-crewed intermediate shuttle - can carry cargoes or up to 50 passengers]
4x Cosmonaut class shuttles [2-crewed basic shuttle - light cargo or up to 18 passengers.]
5x Galileo class satellites [unmanned basic observation satellite]

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