A Call to a Cease in hostilities within Spain

Here the civilised and not so civilised nations engage in diplomatic rhetoric.
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Re: A Call to a Cease in hostilities within Spain

Post by Coin » 14:05:46 Thursday, 25 February, 2016

The Russian Empire would inquire for clarification on whether Italy shall withdraw from Spain and abide by the terms of the armistice, before diplomatic discussions may take place between herself and the aforesigned European powers.

As it stands the Kingdom of Italy has not clarified the matter; and her statement would imply non-acquiescence to the terms aforementioned. Decorum notwithstanding, this Italy must know we cannot abide.

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Re: A Call to a Cease in hostilities within Spain

Post by Langben » 18:08:55 Thursday, 25 February, 2016

- Italy acknowledges Russia's concern and reiterates our support for the proposal in light of the US accepting terms in principle. Italy will issue a ceasefire and begin withdrawing immediately.

- Italy cautions that the safe and proper retrieval of Italian men and material from the tumultuous Spanish infighting may be difficult. This is not an attempt to skirt the intent of this agreement, but rather an acknowledgment that any hastily abandoned Italian armaments left to those still fighting could easily be construed as worse impropriety than an orderly withdrawal.

- Italy would like to acknowledge the Englishman's assertion that the Spanish political strife is an entirely foreign production. That one so in tune with the nature of Spanish political machinations and so outspoken on the topic of indecorous European conduct has so little interest or input with regards to their part in the USS Maine incident is quite curious.

- Italy apologizes that it is unable to respond more directly to the English representative, as we are suffering technical difficulties. Our interpreter quite passionately assures us that the fault is entirely his own and has nothing to do with "that British Lord pushing large ungainley words through his large ungainly teeth".

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Re: A Call to a Cease in hostilities within Spain

Post by Flamelord » 18:06:33 Sunday, 24 July, 2016

The French government would like to congratulate Spain on the successful resolution of their civil war, so that peace can once again reign on the Iberian Peninsula. Rest assured, the French government will provide whatever we can spare to ease the suffering of the Spanish people, and to aid in a swift recovery from this devastating conflict.

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Re: A Call to a Cease in hostilities within Spain

Post by Master of Oblivion » 23:12:49 Monday, 25 July, 2016


Spain would like the thank France, Great Britain, Russia, and Germany for its support during our time of turmoil. Spain has a lot of healing and reform to do, but we are glad to put the era of dynastic wars behind us.
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