Bundesrath Incident

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Bundesrath Incident

Post by Serenissima » 01:45:57 Tuesday, 21 June, 2016

To the German Ambassador:

The Imperial German post ships SS Bundesrat and SS General, and the freighter SS Hans Wagner have been stopped & interned off the port of Durban by the Natal Naval Volunteer Force, while we investigate them. This is as part of a standard procedure of searching all vessels intending to enter South African ports, due to the war situation and the unprovoked attack by the Boer republics against the British colonies. Unfortunately, we have discovered small quantities of contraband goods secreted aboard these ships, largely in postal crates being sent through the Imperial German mail system. This contraband - mostly weapons and ammunition - has been seized for use by the Natal Volunteer Force.

However, Secretary of State for the Colonies, Joseph Chamberlain, wishes it to be known that as these ships had no kind of escort or protection from the German Navy, that Great Britain does not believe that the German government has any involvement in this affair. Indeed, given the obvious flaws in the plan to send contraband weaponry through the German mail system in marked postal crates, it seems more likely that some third party is attempting to upset relations between the United Kingdom and Germany, though Mr. Chamberlain does not speculate on which nation or group may, in fact, be responsible for this transparent attempt to cause an incident. Nevertheless, it seems that dark scheming is afoot, aiming to cause suspicion and distrust between our great nations.

Nevertheless, the legitimate cargo and mail has now been brought ashore to Durban and sent onwards, and the three vessels that had unknowingly been carrying the contraband are being returned on their way to German East Africa. The British government issues an apology for any inconvenience caused to the lawful users of the Imperial German overseas postal service, and hopes that no such further incidents of smuggling materiel to Britain's enemies in a time of war will occur.
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Re: Bundesrath Incident

Post by scorpion » 02:15:32 Tuesday, 21 June, 2016

The German Empire would like to extend thanks to the British Empire for displaying trust in our country concerning this issue. The German government has not attempted to subvert British authorities, and ship weapons through the postal service. We are grateful that the British understand Germany has many foreign enemies that would try to frame our country by doing so.

-German Ambassador
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