US congress to propose new Federal Law Enforcement bill.

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US congress to propose new Federal Law Enforcement bill.

Post by Tellos » 05:01:31 Tuesday, 28 June, 2016

Today the house scheduled a vote on the new Federal Law Enforcement bill. The bill is aimed at handling terrorism which has been stretching beyond the reach of local authorities. The bill has several provisions among them being.

The increase in number of US Marshals to act as law enforcement. Also a more unified Law enforcement organization with resources better suited to handling organized criminal activities. This Organization would become the Federal Bureau of Investigation and have the power to enforce US law across state lines.

The Federal government would place oversight in the hands of Congress to ensure all constitutional and federal laws are upheld by the new police force.

This would also allow both the new FBI and Federal US marshals to also work with foreign governments to handle terrorism and criminal activity. As of yet no vote has occured on the measure.
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