American Primaries taking surprise turn.

Here the civilised and not so civilised nations engage in diplomatic rhetoric.
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American Primaries taking surprise turn.

Post by Tellos » 06:43:31 Friday, 01 July, 2016

As the earliest primary polls go out as people prepare for the political season in the next few months a surprise challenger supported by the Republican party to their own president currently has risen up one Theodore Roosevelt. Noted for his sometimes bombastic style of speech he is a spanish american war veteran and a former governor of New York and assistant secretary of the navy. He has taken to savagely attacking the current administrations perceived weaknesses due to european political meanderings in south america.

When asked about his diplomatic views and methodology a quib was made about his reply. But so far as can be told he was strangely serious. His response was simple "Speak softly and Carry a Big stick!" This sort of as some have called Jingoist banter however is gaining traction his rallies growing to be thousands big.

A excerpt from his latest speech in Virginia sheds some light on his views of the country.

"The US navy while growing is too small, too weak to defend us against Imperialism it seems as the Monroe doctrine is being flagrantly ignored by Europe. The army is spread thin and needs help, the economy while not poor needs to keep growing and we need reforms. The country can do great things but we cannot do greatness by sitting on our rear ends!
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