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BBC Radio 4

Post by Gesar » 16:31:34 Wednesday, 13 July, 2016

“This is William Hardcastle with The World at One, and thirty minutes of news and comment.”

“Notable Communist rebel, Ernesto 'Che' Guevara, has been declared dead by the Bolivian government, a statement confirmed by his former ally, Cuban President Fidel Castro. Demonstrations of mourning began in Havana, where it is said that Mr. Guevara began Castro's push to the authoritarian left. Similar occurences also took place in Chicago, San Francisco, and London, although the governments of all three cities have confirmed they remained peaceful exercises of freedom of speech...”

“...Downing Street continues to distance itself from the American intervention in Vietnam, declining to support the Republic of Vietnam in their struggle against the Communist North, instead calling for reform within the nation and a new peace process, particularly as pertains the Soviet Union's present support for the Viet Cong guerrillas and the North Vietnamese Army...”

“...a sudden revolt within the Labour Party, backed by numerous trade unions, has prompted the Prime Minister to back down from an alleged campaign encouraging industrial and service workers to volunteer their time and energy towards working without pay. Mr. Wilson said instead that his ministry will look into proposing alternative ways of cooperating with the public in adjusting the deficit and strengthening the economy. We go now to the general secretary of the Trades Union Congress for comment...”

“...members of the Conservative Party, as well as former Aden Governor Sir Humphrey Trevelyan, joined today with the Foreign Secretary in voicing their concerns about the Marxist element within the National Liberation Front of South Yemen. Sir Humphrey in particular noted the potential for Soviet support towards the Communist faction, which maintains a large base of support among the former rebels despite the Nasserist tendency of the leadership...”

“ you maintain that Mr. Trench has followed protocol adequately in ending the violence within Hong Kong?”

“Let me put it this way, William. These riots were apolitical in nature, closer to terrorism than any endorsement of Mao Zedong's policies. When bombings become a common threat to the people of Hong Kong, and sentiment is stirred up not just against the white population against Hong Kong, but accuses peaceful citizens of Chinese descent of betraying their own people, Mr. Trench's policy begins to seem nearly underwhelming...”

“...the proposal, originating from the School of Oriental and African Studies, has begun to gain traction within Parliament and the Foreign Office. Supporters of the idea claim that it will restore respect lost by the Commonwealth and Francophone communities, as well as level the field of trade by supporting the development of foreign markets and providing for their stability against rebels and terrorism. I'm William Hardcastle, and this is the world, at one thirty.”

“Coming up next, The Archers.
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