UNGA: Appeal for International Arbitration in Sino-Indian Border Dsipute

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UNGA: Appeal for International Arbitration in Sino-Indian Border Dsipute

Post by Maddox » 01:44:28 Monday, 01 August, 2016


Samar Sen
Permanent Representative of the Republic of India to the United Nations
It must be brought to the attention of the esteemed members of this assembly that the military forces of the People's Republic of China have made another in what is a series of unlawful and unwarranted incursions into to the disputed territory of Aksai Chin. Not only have these actions resulted in loss of life on both sides, they threaten to destabilize the region and ignore a decade of established legal precedent and further centuries of traditional and cultural precedent and agreement. They furthermore run contrary to the established values of this body, namely of the supremacy of diplomacy to solve issues that arise between states. It is for these reasons that The Republic of India moves the following:
The General Assembly,
Recognizing the role of the rule of law and international treaty in the maintenance of peace and resolution of disputes,

Defining the Macartney–MacDonald Line as a boundary in the disputed area proposed first in 1893 and recognized by both parties as an acceptable resolution, then recognized again in 1959,

Concerned about Chinese military intervention as a means to unilaterally resolve a border dispute, and undermine the rule of law,

Gravely Concerned over how such actions could lead to an escalation of conflict in the region that could lead to war,

1. Condemns The military intervention of The People's Republic of China into the territory of Aksai Chin based on their claim line of 1960, the legality of which is not recognized by any member of the United nations.

2. Calls upon The People's Republic of China to prevent future similar actions and refrain from escalating the conflict.

3. Recognizes The Macartney–MacDonald Line as the existing de jure boundary as established by international agreement and legal precedent.

4. Calls upon All parties in the region to take steps to deescalate the conflict by respecting international borders and governments.
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