UNSC: Condemnation of violations of Laotian sovereignty

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UNSC: Condemnation of violations of Laotian sovereignty

Post by Huojin » 14:48:49 Tuesday, 19 July, 2016

Arthur Joseph Goldberg
Permanent Representative of the United States of America to the United Nations
For the second time since their barefaced invasion of the sovereign Kingdom of Laos in the late 1950s, the North Vietnamese Army has invaded their neighbour with the sole purpose of destabilising them, and utilising illegally constructed routes through said neighbour to facilitate an illegal invasion of their neighbour to the south, the equally sovereign Republic of Vietnam. Laos has been, since 1955, and remains a member of the United Nations and a full signatory to the United Nations Charter. As such, this organisation and the international community ought to be united in our condemnation of this violation of their sovereignty in the strongest possible terms.

To this end, the US delegation proposes the following resolution to be adopted by the Security Council. We firmly believe that the adoption of this resolution should be a statement of intent on the part of the United Nations as a whole, that we shall not endorse or encourage such wanton destruction and blatant aggression to uninvolved neighbouring states.

The Security Council,

Considering the complaints issued by the Kingdom of Laos in regards to the violation of their sovereignty,

Deeply concerned at the present invasion of the sovereign Kingdom of Laos in violation of the norms of international law,

Recalling that such violations have occurred in the recent past and have wrought death and destruction in their course,

Gravely alarmed by the already mounting death toll as a result of this attack,

Determining that there exists a breach of international peace and security as regards this invasion,

1. Reaffirms its commitment to the peaceful resolution of conflicts and the principles inherent in the United Nations Charter.

2. Deplores the violence that has here occurred.

3. Condemns the second North Vietnamese invasion of Laos.

4. Calls upon the North Vietnamese forces to immediately withdraw from Laos.

5. Invites those responsible to take all appropriate measures to prevent such further violations of Laotian sovereignty.

6. Requests that fair compensation be made the the Laotian government for damage caused.

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Re: UNSC: Condemnation of violations of Laotian sovereignty

Post by OYID » 02:34:25 Monday, 25 July, 2016

Liu Chieh
Permanent Representative and Ambassador of China to the United Nations
The Republic of China firmly condemns violations of Laotian sovereignty, particularly by communist forces intent on continuing to spread violence and destruction to the peaceful people of Laos. We vote in favor of this resolution.
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