UNSC: Deployment of Peacekeepers in Nigeria

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UNSC: Deployment of Peacekeepers in Nigeria

Post by Master of Oblivion » 08:05:26 Sunday, 24 July, 2016

Yakov Malik
Permanent Representative of the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics to the United Nations
Ladies and gentlemen, we believe that a solution can be found for the crisis in Nigeria that also respects the sovereignty of the state. We call for the placement of UN peacekeepers to oversee the ceasefire and peace talks in Nigeria. Such peacekeepers will permit the state of Nigeria to maintain its military against internal and external threats. It will also provide monitoring to ensure that both sides do not engage in aggressive actions that violate the spirit of peace. Finally the placement of "blue helmets" will also allow for aid workers to enter the country. These aid workers can determine if the rumors of a famine are valid and provide help to prevent this problem from claiming more lives.

Should the State of Nigeria violate the ceasefire, an arms embargo would be wholly appropriate. We believe this effort is very premature and would undermine the sovereignty of newly emerging states. If we grant enough legitimacy to Biafra so that the international community hobbles the military of Nigeria, we will soon be facing a dozen Biafras across the globe.

Finally, we believe that the peace keepers in Nigeria are a chance to set right what the United Nations did wrong in Congo. We must ensure that peacekeeping operations remain consensual and serve the collective interests of the security council. We cannot let factionalism and serving corporate interests come to define the security council. We cannot fail Africa again.

If this motion passes, the Soviet Union will deploy one unit to assist in the peacekeeping operation
The Security Council,

Recognizing the precarious nature of the ceasefire in the Nigerian Civil War,

Further recognizing the need for international observation to ensure the good faith of both participants,

Strongly encouraging a peaceful resolution to the fighting with respect for minimizing human suffering and loss of life,

Convinced that the ceasefire will lead to peaceful negotiations and a resolution of the conflict

Convinced that the deployment of peacekeepers represents the best chance to achieve peace while respecting the sovereignty of Nigeria,

1. Determines that peacekeepers must be deployed in Nigeria to ensure the ceasefire is followed by both sides.

2. Further determines that the United Nations blue helmet peacekeeping mission must remain nonpartisan and neutral in its outlook and must operate by consensus of those involved in the peacekeeping mission and on the security council.

3. Further determines that this peacekeeping operation must last until an end to the conflict is negotiated or the ceasefire is renounced by one of the involved parties.

4. Calls upon all states to participate in the peacekeeping operation either through direct deployment or by providing supplies.
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