UNGA: Condemnation of aerial hijacking and civil aviation interference

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UNGA: Condemnation of aerial hijacking and civil aviation interference

Post by Huojin » 00:34:25 Saturday, 30 July, 2016

George Wildman Ball
Permanent Representative of the United States of America to the United Nations
Delegates, civil aviation is under threat. The most recent hijackings to attract our attention - those of El Al Flights 253 and 426 - are merely the latest in a lengthy array of hijackings, detentions, incidents, and so on. It is time that the international community came together once more to denounce these actions of lone terrorists and individuals seeking to kidnap, molest, or otherwise distort the human rights of individuals as they seek to freely travel. We therefore move that the following motion be adopted, and anticipate it will enjoy the unanimous support of this Assembly.
The General Assembly,

Recognising the importance of civil aviation as vital for the promotion and preservation of friendly relations between States and its safe and orderly functioning as being in the interest of all peoples,

Gravely concerned over acts of aerial hijacking or other wrongful interference with civil air travel,

Recognising that such acts jeopardise the lives and safety of the passengers and crew and constitute a violation of their human rights,

Aware that international civil aviation can only function properly where safety of operations and the free exercise of air travel is secure,

1. Condemns without exception whatsoever all acts of aerial hijacking or other interference with civil air travel.

2. Calls upon States to take appropriate measures to deter, prevent or suppress such acts within their jurisdiction, and to provide for the prosecution and punishment of perpetrators.

3. Declares that the exploitation of unlawful seizure of aircraft for the purpose of taking hostages is to be condemned.

4. Urges States hijacked aircraft are diverted to provide for the care and safety of passengers and crew, and to return the aircraft and cargo to its lawful possessors.

5. Calls upon States to take joint and separate action to ensure passengers, crew, and aircraft are not used as means of extorting advantage of any kind.

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