UNGA: Military Brutality in Myanmar (Burma)

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UNGA: Military Brutality in Myanmar (Burma)

Post by Serenissima » 02:53:39 Tuesday, 03 January, 2017

The events surrounding what is being referred to by some as the 'Saffron Revolution' in recent weeks in Myanmar (also known as Burma) are deeply concerning. The state-sponsored use of violence against its own citizens during acts of nonviolent protest is deplorable, and is unlikely to contribute to a peaceful redress of the grievances of the people towards the State Peace and Development Council government. The Diet has passed a bill requiring Japanese businesses to freeze their investments in Myanmar until further notice, due to the deteriorating human rights situation in that country.

Despite promises by the State Peace and Development Council, the Myanmar military still makes use of child soldiers and sanctions state-sponsored rape and sexual assault in the Shan. The 'Burmisation' policies implemented by the government continue to cause a refugee crisis in neighbouring countries, particularly Bangladesh, as those natural-born inhabitants that the government deems to be 'not Burmese' are forced from their homes. This persecution falls particularly hard on the Muslim Rohingya peoples, fostering Islamic radicalisation among them and worsening the security situation in south-east Asia. As a nation for whom Buddhism is the largest organised religion among our people, we are concerned by the Myanmar government's punitive actions taken against Buddhist practitioners and monks in recent weeks.

While we maintain our policy of no unilateral direct intervention into the internal affairs of another country, Japan strongly hopes that the Government of Myanmar will make sincere efforts, including dialogue for national reconciliation and democratization, to take into account the wishes expressed in the protests by the people of Myanmar. We implore the State Peace and Development Council to act with restraint and humanity in this situation, and to negotiate to bring about a peaceful settlement. These negotiations could be aided and advised by the mediation of the UN secretary-general's special envoy to Myanmar, Ibrahim Gambari.

Consequently, we believe that the United Nations must consider its position on these events, and consider what action, if any, should be taken in response to the situation. Other than the suggestion of mediation, we have no specific proposals for the UN response. While Japan is not opposed to the passing of UN sanctions on Myanmar in principle, any sanction measures would have to be carefully considered to affect only the military government, rather than merely adding to the many hardships of the people of Myanmar. We open this discussion to the floor of the General Assembly.
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Re: UNGA: Military Brutality in Myanmar (Burma)

Post by Red John » 11:33:00 Tuesday, 03 January, 2017

The Myanmar issue has to be appropriately resolved by its own people and government through their own efforts of dialogue and consultation. China will abide by it's policy of noninterference within the domestic affairs of it's allies, but we will urge the government to ease the strife.

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Re: UNGA: Military Brutality in Myanmar (Burma)

Post by OYID » 00:46:36 Saturday, 07 January, 2017

His Excellency Mr. Abdulaziz Alwasil
Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the United Nations
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia commends the State of Japan's initiative in bringing this issue to the floor of the General Assembly. That innocent people be persecuted for their faith, especially our Muslim brothers, is an outrage and a disgrace upon the name of Myanmar. Saudi Arabia calls for an immediate end to religious persecution in the country, and for the government to immediately begin work to allow all affected people to safely return to their homes, ensure appropriate reparations for all forms of damage sustained, present those responsible before international justice and, of course, take meaningful steps to ensure a horror like this never happens again.

As for what the UN can do, Saudi Arabia asks that the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees provide assistance to the People's Republic of Bangladesh so that persecuted Muslims already made refugees by their government are not subject to any further suffering.

Saudi Arabia also calls on the UNGA to pass a resolution exhorting the government of Myanmar to adopt the measures laid out above, with the addition of a clause explicitly declaring that failure to comply will be interpreted as a disregard for the possibility of sanctions, or even more severe measures.

Gentlemen, we cannot dally as a persecuted people are thrown into abject horror. Saudi Arabia laments the Chinese position on this, and sincerely hopes that further research into the grim and gruesome reality of the persecution of Muslims in Myanmar will bring about a change in China's stance.
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