UNSC Resolution 1654 - Colombian Conflict

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UNSC Resolution 1654 - Colombian Conflict

Post by Luc » 21:45:49 Saturday, 22 July, 2017


The Federative Republic of Brazil, concerned with the situation developing in Colombia, proposes the following resolution to the UNSC;
UNSC Resolution 1654 on the Conflict in Colombia

Concerned with the rapidly developing conflict in Colombia;
Deeply Disturbed with the multiple violations of national sovereignty;
Taking into consideration the arguments from all countries involved in the dispute;
Reminding the international community of the possibility of escalation in the region.

Therefore the United Nations Security Council:

Condemns the breach of Colombian territorial sovereignty by the venezuelan army;
Further condemns the needless violence in the Ecuador-Colombia border;
Requests an immediate ceasefire in the Colombian-Ecuadorian border, and the full withdrawl of the venezuelan army from Colombian territory;
Further requests that the Venezuelan government reimburses the Colombian government for all the possible damage caused during the Venezuelan invasion of Colombian territory;
Calls for the establishment of a special, temporary commission to investigate the border affair between Colombia and Ecuador, with the final objective of determining if the Colombian military manouvers were or were not a breach of Ecuadorian territorial sovereignty;
Further recommends that a team of UN observers, acting parallel to the proposed commission, be sent to the region to observe the withdrawl of Venezuelan troops and to uphold the proposed ceasefire in the Ecuador-Colombia border.
The Brazilian delegation is now open to comments and ammendments related to the proposed resolution.

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Re: UNSC Resolution 1654 - Colombian Conflict

Post by Cephal » 21:52:40 Saturday, 22 July, 2017

It is the position of the American Government that such matters would be best left to the relevant nations to sort out themselves once peace has been declared.

Rather, we believe that the U.N. should instead focus on arbitrating an armistice and formal peace treaty followed by a deployment of peacekeepers.

Punishment should be reserved in the case of the participants refusing to cease hostilities, in which case we view Columbia as the agressor in this situation should leave not be volunteered.

At which point we would recommend sanctions and a U.N. backed embargo.
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Re: UNSC Resolution 1654 - Colombian Conflict

Post by Serenissima » 21:59:05 Saturday, 22 July, 2017

There have already been efforts to have the nations concerned settle the situation among themselves - an eventuality which has not occurred due to intransigence. However, we do not believe the final three clauses of reimbursement, a commission of investigation, or the deployment of observers is necessary at this time, particularly as compensation can be seen as implying guilt.

Japan would vote in favour of a resolution containing only the first three clauses.
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Re: UNSC Resolution 1654 - Colombian Conflict

Post by Tellos » 07:20:58 Sunday, 23 July, 2017

The Russian Federation would vote no as is and veto if needed given thethe FARC military forces have been left aloen for years and the local governments have done nothing to remove them. At what point does COlumbia have to wait till it can strike back? Must it await it's own 9/11 or simmilar event before it gets to defend itself?
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