The London Conference

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The London Conference

Post by Olligarchy » 08:49:43 Wednesday, 30 November, 2016

London, White Hall

Due to the mounting tensions in Europe, early on in 2007 representatives from Germany and Russia arrived in the so called 'London Conference' to attempt and deescalate the increasingly volatile situation brought on by German rearmament. The Conference of two European Powers was moderated by representatives of HM Government, as well as members of the Japanese and French governments, all of whom had an interest in maintaining peace in Europe.

Though the backroom negotiations lasted for several weeks in which many a time it looked like one of the delegations might walk out, all in all it was deemed a success, as after weeks of extended discussions the wise moderation by Japan resulted in the first steps on the road to peace, as both nations agreed:
-Each nation may have conventional forces reasonable for their own defense as guaranteed under Article 51, but that Russia may proportionally match German armament beyond the replacement of the former US capability.
-Germany will dismantle its 'anti-deterrent' technology which had put the MAD enforced peace at risk.

A large share of the credit for the initial agreement could be put under the continuing argument over institution of new Permanent seats into the United Nations Security Council, and each nations desire to curry favour for their own bids in said entity.

Though a tacit agreement has been reached, the formal treaty has yet to be signed. When the paperwork is finished it too will be found within these hallowed halls...
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Re: The London Conference

Post by DutchGuy » 15:01:46 Wednesday, 30 November, 2016

My government has informed me that Germany will proceed with full and immediate demilitarization and reconciliation. Germany shall completely dismantle its military to appease to Russian demands and shall pay a small indemnity for previously hostile attitudes.
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