Russo-Japanese Final Settlement Treaty of Peace and Amity

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Russo-Japanese Final Settlement Treaty of Peace and Amity

Post by Serenissima » 02:57:55 Wednesday, 13 December, 2017

In continuation of the principles established in the 1956 Soviet–Japanese Joint Declaration, and in full accordance with the terms of the Treaty of San Francisco, the following Final Settlement and Treaty of Peace and Amity is hereby signed between Japan and the Russian Federation.

Article I: There is to be peace, friendship, and good understanding between Japan and the Russian Federation, with this Treaty, upon its signature by the two parties, bringing about a formal and legal state of peace between the two nations.

Article II: Japan formally and voluntarily renounces all sovereign claims to the Kuril Islands and recognises the Kuril Islands as the sovereign territory of the Russian Federation.

Article III: The formal and legal definition of the Kuril Islands is to be firmly established as excluding the Northern Territories of Japan.

Article IV: The Northern Territories of Japan, for the purposes of this treaty and international law, are to be defined as the islands of Etorofu (Japanese: 択捉島; Russian: Итуруп), Kunashiri (Japanese: 国後島; Russian: Кунашир), Shikotan (Japanese: 色丹島; Russian: Шикотан) and the Habomai Rocks (Japanese: 歯舞諸島; Russian: Малая Курильская гряда), these landmasses being those which were, and remain, inhabited by the Japanese people in antiquity, predating the year 1855.

Article V: The sovereign rights, waters and territories of the Northern Territories of Japan, which have been governed by Russia since 1945, are to be voluntarily transferred to Japan by the Russian Federation. The Northern Territories shall come under the full authority of the Nemuro Subprefecture of the Hokkaido Prefecture.

Article VI: In order to avoid any displacement of peoples or disruption, the full rights of permanent residency, legitimacy, security and freedom of movement in the Northern Territories and the Kuril Islands are to be guaranteed in perpetuity, by both parties, to both Russian and Japanese citizens who are inhabitants there on either side of the border.

Article VII: The territorial waters surrounding the Kuril Islands are to be declared as a Joint Exclusive Economic Zone, shared between Japan and the Russian Federation. The Kuril Islands themselves are to be declared as a Special Economic Zone, into which both Japan and the Russian Federation are permitted to make investments freely, in order to increase the prosperity of the inhabitants of the region and that of their respective nations.

Article VIII: In the interests of peace and to reduce the risk of tensions, neither Japan, nor the Russian Federation, nor any other third party, shall be permitted to establish permanent military facilities in the Kuril Islands. Military forces of both Japan and the Russian Federation may pass through the area, but no military forces of any third party shall be permitted to enter the territorial waters of the Kuril Islands without the mutual consent, in writing and upon the same document, of both the government of Japan and the government of the Russian Federation.

-Signed, Masaharu Kono
Ambassador of Japan to the Russian Federation

(Map, for OOC convenience. Everything to the left of the 1855 line restored to Japan, everything to the right recognised as Russia.)
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Re: Russo-Japanese Final Settlement Treaty of Peace and Amity

Post by Tellos » 03:00:21 Wednesday, 13 December, 2017

The Russian Federation Signs and offically agrees to this settlement finally putting to bed one dark chapter in both our histories. Both our natiosn have changed much in the decades past thorugh this Russia seeks a brighter more secure and more prosperious future with it's cooporation and mutual resepct between her people and those of Japan.

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