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Game Rules

Post by Luc » 00:10:04 Monday, 24 October, 2016

The Rules are mostly standard BOP rules, but here are the prices for actions in the game, as well as some extra info:

((Thanks Huojin for letting me use his as a basis))

— NPC Diplomacy (FREE): Private message with the GM (or contact on IRC) for discussions with NPC nations, individuals, groups, etc.
— Enact Reforms (-40): Base costs for all national reforms, more can be invested in order to improve success chance or better outcomes.
— Investment (-20 minimum, blocks of 20): Invest in an specified area of the economy to enhance its growth.
— Send Aid (Limitless): Send aid (economic, material, military, etc.) to a specified political or rebel group, individual, or nation. The type of aid must be specified.
— Propaganda (-40, blocks of 20): Spread Propaganda within your nation and the foreign powers. The type of propaganda must be specified for extra effect.

— Fund Explorers (-300): Send intrepid individuals to strike out to new lands, making contact with new peoples. Assists claims by virtue of discovery, and increases chances of successful trade post, claim, and colony establishment.
— Establish Claim (-250): You know the limits of your land, but now you want everyone else to know too. Stake a formal claim of areas you deem yours.
— Encourage Colony (-200 minimum, blocks of 200): Provide people with transport, exemptions, encouragement of all kinds to move somewhere new and set up shop. Will speed the natural growth of colonies. This action can also be used to found new colonies or to expand already existing ones.

— Incite Unrest (-400, blocks of 200): Stir up unrest, dissenting elements, and other opposition groups in another country. Chances of success increase dramatically if it’s based on something more than thin air, or if more money is invested,
— Frame Others (-300): From intricate covert ongoings to false flag attacks, frame someone else for something you did (or didn’t do!).
— Assassination (-250): Kill anyone - from the leader of a vast empire to a man on the street. But you probably don’t want to bother with just a random man on the street, if we’re honest.
— Sabotage (-100): Economic, social, political, structural, anything that can be broken, this breaks it. Chances of success increase if you give some specifics!

— Buy a Unit (-10): Each unit equals 1000 men, Recruits a new unit directly to your reserves. After recuited, Units cost 1 per turn to maintain while mobilised.
— Buy a Ship (-20): Builds a new ship for you grand fleet, ready to sail after 1 turn. After recuited, Units cost 1 per turn to maintain while mobilised.
— (De)Mobilise a Unit (FREE): Raise or dismiss your reserves, adding them to your standing forces after 1 turn.
— Deploy a Unit/Fleet (FREE): Send troops or ships from one place to another. Sinde you are already paying their upkeep, no need for extra pay.
— Send Volunteers (-200): Encourage members of your own population to enlist abroad to fight for someone else’s king and country.
— Hire Mercenaries (-30, blocks of 30): If you’re running low on troops, hire some. 30 credits per unit, they are ready to fight on the turn you buy them.
— Build Defences (-100 minimum, blocks of 100): Coastal batteries, defensive lines, star fortresses, build anything you like to defend what’s yours.

Everything else, that is sane and was possible at the time, is also possible to be done in game, ask me if you have doubts about something else, or the price of some other action.

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