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Post by DutchGuy » 17:52:29 Sunday, 01 January, 2017

Follow this template to join the game :

Name: Your characters birthname or current name
Age: Preferably young
Race: The species your character was born into, I advise staying with the species Star Wars the Old Republic provides, or if failing that, something vaguely humanoid. Remember that aliens are discriminated against amongst the Sith, barring the Sith ''Purebloods'' from the ancient species itself.
Fighting Technique: Has your character specialized in any form of Lightsaber combat ? This can be left open, as some of your characters will undoubtedly be further along than others. A guide to that is
Biography: Self explanatory

((A list will be kept here of characters, be they dead, alive, or something inbetween once players start making their posts ))
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Re: Signups

Post by Master of Oblivion » 19:59:29 Saturday, 14 January, 2017

Name: Crigrenat
Age: 18
Race: Twi'lek
Fighting Technique: None yet, skillful in hand to hand combat and using blunt objects
Biography: Crigrenat was born to two slave parents, owned by a villainous hut on Nar Shaddaa. His childhood was not a happy one. His father died in a mining accident at a very young age, leaving Crigrenat with only his mother. The woeful conditions he was raised in caused him to develop a great temper.

At the age of 14 he lashed out at a Gamorrean guard that was beating a fellow slave and killed the pig-man. This murder was witnessed by his Hut master, who saw a business opportunity in the young Twi'lek. Seeing that his rage and swiftness made him a better fighter than one would perceive, he decided the Twi'lek was being wasted in the mines. He made Crigrenant into his personal gladiator, having him fight slaves, animals, or prisoners for the entertainment. Crigenant grew in his rage and abilities, trained by fighting in the pit. In return for fighting Crigrenat grewt to have many luxuries that his fellow slaves lacked, causing him to grow hardened and selfish.

The Hut was engaging in a business transactions with a Sith Lord, and decided to entertain his dark guest with some bloodshed. Watching Crigrenat, the Sith perceived that the force was strong with him. The Sith Lord offered the Hut a very generous sum of money in return for the Twi'lek. He then brought him to Koribaan, where his story begins.
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Re: Signups

Post by Coin » 00:24:36 Monday, 16 January, 2017

Name: Kyros Lamfor
Age: 17
Race: Human, from Imperial stock.
Fighting Technique: Proficient sabre student, but only recently begun proper study to choose any specialisation.
Bio: Born to a petty noble family of the Empire's aristocracy, Kyros was raised in the cut-throat world of Sith family politicking. Initially nothing but an heir ill-suited to usual Lamfor ambitions in commerce, this scion of a poor house badly bled in the war, is now a student at the academy, having shown promise in the Force. Time will tell if his abilities come to anything, or if he'll be but another dead end in the family's saga.
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Re: Signups

Post by Huojin » 10:55:37 Monday, 16 January, 2017

Name: Nuno Morhosh
Age: 20
Race: Human
Fighting Technique: Competent sabre technique, but nothing special at all. Far more talent with the Force and Sith magic.
Biography: Nuno's past is somewhat shrouded in mystery. Glimpses are known and whispered amongst the other initiates of the Sith Academy. Supposedly during the Great War, his family was taken from their small home and thrown into slavery. Escaping through the burgeoning use of his Force sensitivity, they again fell victim to despair, losing many of their number along the route to freedom. Attempting to seek refuge in the Republic, they were turned away due to the weight of numbers and their dubious backgrounds. Rejected, they sought help elsewhere, supposedly selling the still-young Nuno into the service of a passing Sith.

Realising the boy's potential as well as his gifts towards Sith magic upon catching him stealing a glimpse at a holocron, and witnessing him instinctively creating a primitive illusion to escape, his master conceived a new plan. Since that time, Nuno has been ensconced within the Sith Academy, spending much of his time in deep reflection and study of the Force - honing his hatred into something more.

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Re: Signups

Post by Gesar » 18:03:06 Monday, 16 January, 2017

Name: Sabrae Jerro
Age: 19
Race: Near-Human
Fighting Technique: Sabrae is an unexceptional combatant due to her physical frailties, instead preferring to utilize Sith alchemy, poison, and Force sight to defeat her enemies while remaining unseen.
Biography: Born to a human father and a Force-sensitive mother of the sightless Miraluka, Sabrae Myra, Sabrae was born with a host of physical illnesses, including blindness and a severely compromised immune system. Her mother being a slightly-unhinged prominent administrator and teacher for the Miraluka allowed her access to high-quality Republic doctors, during which time the constantly-ill Sabrae received an education and thirst for knowledge beyond her station. After her father's death in one of the galaxy's many conflicts, this drive to save her daughter drove the older Sabrae to the point of madness, calling upon morally-dubious doctors and the Force-sensitive Luka Sene (who flat refused to help, sensing Sabrae Myra's descent into darkness) to provide whatever help they could, in turn further compromising her daughter's health.

It was only with the destruction of their home world that the pair found an answer, captured by a Sith patrol. Sensing the desperation of the family and the young girl's love of learning, a Sith master made a bargain with her mother: Sabrae Jerro would join the Sith, where he would teach her the arts of Sith alchemy to restore her body. Full of fear, the pair agreed; since then, the idea of dying has driven the young apprentice to the depths of her passions, gaining a talent for stealth, alchemy, and mental influence while seeking to conquer the frailty of her physical self.
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Re: Signups

Post by DutchGuy » 09:18:36 Tuesday, 17 January, 2017

Thanks for the signups

But, I am currently in the middle of an exam week, so we will start on Friday :D
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Re: Signups

Post by Snacks » 19:53:26 Friday, 20 January, 2017

Name: Sai Reslar
Age: 18
Race: Sith Pureblood
Fighting Technique: Proving himself to have promise as a saber-combatant, especially when focusing on defense, but just beginning to specialize and showing favor towards studying Dun Möch
Biography: Born to a line of minor nobles well known for their contributions to the Sith war machine, Sai came into life wanting for nothing, As he grew, though, it would grow apparent to the young man that he never truly felt satisfied: That he always felt a desire, no matter how small, for /more/. What he felt wasn’t quite greed, so much as a desire to /be/ something more. No victory, no accolade, no skill mastered or knowledge gained brought him more than a desire to go further, to achieve perfection.

Some who noticed this drive in Sai perhaps credited his father. Though not a particularly cruel or neglectful man, he was known to lavish most of his attention on Sai’s elder brother, despite the fact all his children showed themselves to be bright and capable- especially in the sciences and engineering, fields that had won the family their acclaim as shipwrights for the Sith empire. For his part, Sai never expressed dissatisfaction with his family, though he was possessed of a phlegmatic disposition and a tendency towards brooding introspection interpreted by some as plodding given his imposing stature.

With his older brother, having begun to prove himself by fighting for the Sith at the end of the war, seeming all but guaranteed to take over leading the family after his father, it was little trouble for Sai to take his leave and pursue a future on his own via the academy.

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