Indian Ocean Cooperation Organisation

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Re: Indian Ocean Cooperation Organisation

Post by Gesar » 20:37:20 Thursday, 27 April, 2017

Tanzania, as a founding member, votes yes on the matter of a Mauritian summit, as well as the applications of Iran and Iraq. We do not, however, accept or even encourage the application of the apartheid regime in South Africa.
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Re: Indian Ocean Cooperation Organisation

Post by Coin » 16:17:12 Saturday, 06 May, 2017

Coin wrote:

Republic of Indonesia
With the foundation stone now in place, the Republic of Indonesia moves that a formal inaugural conference and exposition be organised for L1968 - as suggested by the United Republic of Tanzania. While Jakarta would normally be our first suggestion for a location, instead I would raise the possibility of the Republic of Mauritius - the youngest state in the Indian Ocean. This would further affirm our commitment to making the IOCO a means to encourage contact and commerce across all sides of the ocean - from the oldest nations to the youngest. I have not yet spoken with the representative of Mauritius, but hope they too would see the benefits of this.

Such an event would be a great showcase for dialogue and discussion from across the Indian Ocean region. I attach a list of states who would be contacted to attend; while leaving open the attendance of others, should they apply. States within the Red Sea and Persian Gulf have been left off this list in the main unless they have publicly commented; though their attendance would be welcomed by Indonesia if they desire it.

The issue of colonial representation is also one for debate - and one which I believe best left until the formal inauguration of the IOCO.
IOCO Founder Members
  • Republic of India
    Republic of Indonesia
    United Republic of Tanzania
Applicant Candidates
  • Republic of Iraq
    Imperial State of Iran
    Republic of South Africa
African Invitees
  • Ethiopian Empire
    Republic of Kenya
    Malagasy Republic
    Somali Republic
Arabian Peninsula Invitees
  • Sultanate of Muscat and Oman
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    People's Republic of Yemen
South Asian & Oceanic Invitees
  • Commonwealth of Australia
    Union of Burma
    Dominion of Ceylon-
    Sultanate of Maldives
    Republic of Mauritius
    Islamic Republic of Pakistan
    Kingdom of Thailand

Adam Malik, Foreign Minister of Indonesia
Indonesia is glad to say Mauritius has agreed to host the inaugural event.

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