Treaty of Berlin

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Treaty of Berlin

Post by Master of Oblivion » 23:00:14 Saturday, 03 June, 2017

Treaty of Berlin
His Majesty, the King of Prussia, Prince of Neuchâtel, and electorate of Brandenburg, in the interests of the People of Prussia, noting with grave concerns the storm clouds of Europe, has resolved to establish a treaty to ensure the protection of his realm.
His majesty, the Emperor of All Russians, agrees with the concerns and seeks the protection of his people.
1. The Kingdom of Prussia and the Empire of Russia agree to a defensive alliance to be renewed in three years.
2. Military Aggression against either Kingdom will be treated as aggression against both parties.
3. Both parties promise to contribute their full resources to any defensive war. Current ongoing conflicts are not subject to this provision.
4. Both parties affirm the sanctity of the border between their realms.
5. Both parties affirm their right to trade with all other countries while following the laws and conventions of neutrality.
6. Both countries recognize each other’s monarchs as the legitimate heads of state.
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Re: Treaty of Berlin

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