Declaration of Neapolitan Sovereignty

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Declaration of Neapolitan Sovereignty

Post by Luc » 16:18:56 Monday, 24 July, 2017


Francis I of Bourbon, King of Naples and Sicily

At the battle of Rome, my father King Ferdinand of Naples and Sicily was captured by the invading French forces and our traitorous bretheren to the north. There he was forced to abdicate his Kingdom and his crown to the godless Republic of Italy, now the illegitimate rulers of all continental Italy, who remain loyal puppets to the tyrant Bonaparte and his French army. The French believed that all of Italy was subjugated, living under the banner of radicalism and violence, but they were wrong, for the true sovereign of Southern Italy once again stand strong against the foreign invaders who usurped our lands. I, Francis I, of the House of Bourbon, now declare that I shall lead the epic struggle against the French and their lackeys in Italy. There shall be no surrender, it shall be victory or death! Long live Naples! Long Live Sicily! Long Live God!

Long Live Germany! Free and Socialist!

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Re: Declaration of Neapolitan Sovereignty

Post by Serenissima » 17:31:10 Monday, 24 July, 2017


Great Britain re-affirms its terms of alliance with the sovereign King Francis. We shall never surrender to the French tyranny.
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