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Game Rules

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Diplomatic Actions
— Push for reforms in NPC nation [-25 credits. Reforms should be broadly outlined at minimum. If successful, may improve relations with target nation, increasing ties, influencing them towards your goals or ideology, and potentially drawing them into your sphere of influence.]
— Negotiate with NPC [-0 credits. Discuss a proposal with the GM or propose an arrangement in your turn PM with NPC individuals, factions, groups, nations, groups of nations, etc. You may request that they do anything.]

Economic Actions
— Send aid to country [-25 credits minimum. Specify type of aid and its intentions. Can have a number of effects, from improving stability, bolstering military forces, assisting economy, improving relations with target, etc. As with aid to players, whether it is secret or public must be stated. States, public figures, and groups default to public; rebels default to secret.]
— Investments [-50 credit increments (e.g. 50, 100, 150, 200, etc.). May increase your nation’s economy, affecting overall credit income. Extensive use may harm popularity. If not mentioned in the news, the action failed.

Covert Actions
(If not mentioned in the news, the action failed but was not discovered.)

— Establish rebel movement [-50 credits. Specify name and ideological goals at minimum. Details on sources of support preferred. If successful, a rebel movement will appear in the target nation.]
— Influence rebel movement towards ideology [-20 credits. If successful, rebel movement will favour you, and may adopt your ideology.]
— Frame foreign nation or individual [-20 credits. Frame a nation or an individual for either an invented action, or an existing action - including one of your own. Discovery may seriously harm relations.]
— Organize terror campaign [-20 credits. Specify methods and target(s). May harm target nation’s stability, economy, military, etc.]
— Organize false-flag attack [-50 credits. Disguise your own land, sea, or air units as being from another nation, be they allied/friendly to assist them, or an enemy to incriminate them. May cause harm to target’s stability, economy, military, and diplomatic relations. Holds risk of instigating war.]
— Organize economic sabotage [-30 credits. Specify methods and target(s). May harm target nation’s stability and economy.]
— Coup government [-100 credits. Specify by which local elements the coup is being carried out. If successful a new government will be established.]
— Assassinate target [-30 credits. Specify individual to assassinate. Failure and discovery may result in international condemnation.]
— Fund political opposition [-20 credits. May strengthen political opposition factions, groups, or parties in target nation. Particularly influential in democracies.]
— Influence public opinion [-20 credits. Make use of a variety of methods, including statements, propaganda, the rumor mill, the media, etc., to influence the opinion of the public; of your nation or another nation.]
— False flag terror attack [-25 credits. Arrange a terror attack against a fellow nation or your own. May destabilize target. Can be used for a number of purposes.]
— Investigate terror attack [-20 credits. Where terror attacks occur, you may attempt to investigate them to acquire information. May provide accurate or false information.]
— Infiltrate rebel movement [-25 credits. Attempt to infiltrate a terrorist or insurgent movement.]
— Launch special forces operation [-10 credits. Designate a team of your nation’s special forces to launch any kind of operation, covert or military, you wish.]

Military Actions
— Recruit unit [-50 credits.]
— Deploy/withdraw/use units [-10 credits per unit. Initial deployment costs count automatically for the first attack. Subsequent turns require additional spending for the campaign to continue.]
— Upgrade military force [-50 credits. Plane, ship, tank, or weapon type.]
— Bomb target [-10 credits. Requires 1 air unit per bombing attack each turn. Deployment costs for air units are not required. Can be used to target nations or rebel groups. May cause harm to target’s stability, economy, and military.]
— Launch non-unit attack [-10 credits. May be used for a variety of alternative or specific attacks, ranging from missile strikes to naval bombardments and more.]
— Construct defenses [-50 credits. Specify defenses and location. Will provide additional defense over given area against attack. Can allow for free upkeep on overseas deployments of a maximum of 3 units.]
— Increase nuclear level [-100 credits for level 1, increases by 100 credits for every level, incurs increasing maintenance costs. You may reduce your level for free.]

Nations may attempt to construct nuclear weapons, following the levels outlined below. Mutually Assured Destruction (“MAD”) ends the game.

A nuclear level of 1 represents functioning tactical nuclear devices, massively increasing defense against conventional attack.
A nuclear level of 2 effectively precludes successful conventional invasion.
A nuclear level of 3 represents a number of functioning offensive nuclear missiles, allowing offensive threat of nuclear attack.
A nuclear level of 4 represents functioning ICBMs.
A nuclear level of 5 represents a larger arsenal of ICBMs.
A nuclear level of 6 represents a massive arsenal of functioning long-range ICBMs, enabling the complete destruction of an opposing player.
A nuclear level of 7 represents ICBMs equipped with MIRVs and deployed throughout the world on a sizeable boomer fleet. At this level, it is impossible to saturate one's nuclear defenses.

Special Actions
— Begin research [-100 credits, give name and description of project. Can take several years for completion during which time there's a 100 credit research fee. Once completed it lowers to 50 credits maintenance. You can choose if the project is publicly known or secret but at a minimum everyone will know you are working on something.]
— Use secret project [Varies based on project. Some are purely defensive and cost nothing. Some cost the same as a missile strike, troop movement, or terror attack.]


Rebel groups have two measures of their activity: terrorist and insurgent.

Terrorism levels relate to the capabilities of a rebel group to carry out terror attacks - ranging from level 1, very small occasional homemade bombs, and a lack of sophistication, to level 5, capable of carrying out major terror attacks, having access to bomb-making equipment, smuggling firearms, substantial funding and training, etc.

Insurgent levels relate to the standing forces of a rebel group and its claim to legitimacy - ranging from level 1, which includes tribal groups, raiding parties, small cadres of fighters with poor training, armament and leadership, etc., to level 5, operating as essentially a fully-fledged state, with its own government, armed forces, and potentially outside support or recognition.

On a case-by-case basis, depending on the precise circumstances of the group, as they reach the higher Insurgent levels they may gain standing units. This will typically occur as major conflicts break out and the fighting moves towards civil wars, wars of secession, and the like.

In other cases, fighting back against rebel groups will be focused on rolling back their levels towards 0, and preventing them from accomplishing their goals - rather than explicitly defeating them militarily.

Rebel groups may present has having only a Terrorist or Insurgent level, having no activities in the other area.
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