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Game Rules

Post by RinKou » 07:21:43 Friday, 23 June, 2017

Set a couple weeks before the events of New Vegas, players take the role of a couple intrepid adventurers based out of the Prospector's Den. Players start as single characters, but can recruit other mercenaries and traders to bolster their fledgling caravans. The ideal goal is to have a sort of M&B-style freedom.

Inventories will be meticulously tracked, but mostly for trading purposes. Combat and scavenging will be largely automated based on your party's skills and equipment, though bonus reward will be presented to good RP posts.

Each turn covers one day. Each turn, players can choose a new destination to head toward, and any detours to take along the way. Some destinations may take several days to reach, and the player can choose to route through nearby towns, or make camp in the wasteland in those cases.

Each character will consume up to 6 units of food and water each per day when on the trail (more, if reveling). Characters have a chance of consuming 1 alcohol per night (more if alcoholic or reveling). Characters who smoke start smoking a pack a week because I don't want to like, model your smoking habits on a spreadsheet or anything, man. You can specifically mark some food or alcohol (or chems if your character is a dealer/addict) for trade, but if your character really is jonesing for the good stuff, sometimes there's no stopping them getting high off their own supply.

Most details regarding loot and things, I'll detail more for each player.

Skills level up the more you use them, which means level ups will be random and based on GM fiat. At start, each player chooses 3 Tag! skills to set as their starting skillset. If your character is a smoker, choose an additional 1 Tag! skill. If your character is an alcoholic or chem addict, choose 2. If both, you can also start with a higher-level weapon or armor. Aside from being a smoker, your character will also be assumed to have picked up additional skills from a more traumatic wasteland experience - they may suffer unforeseen consequences as a result of their emotional baggage or substance abuse, so don't just do drugs to be cool.

Each skill has 3 ranks in addition to the base level. To compare with the game, having a skill listed on your character sheet counts as a skill level of 25. One rank would be 50, two 75, three 100.
Combat Skills
Guns - Conventional firearms are the most numerous weapons in the wasteland, and ammunition is cheap, plentiful and relatively easy to manufacture.
Energy Weapons - Energy weapons are extremely powerful, but are also rare, hard to maintain, and use ammunition that may be better suited to providing electricity. Given the possibility of completely disintegrating their target, energy weapons also make for poor hunting and looting.
Melee/Unarmed - Likely to save your ass in a bar fight, but don't count on being able to tank insane amounts of gunfire out in the wasteland.
Explosives - I mean, if you really want to do an explosives playthrough, I won't stop you.

Looting Skills
Science - Skill with computers and complex electronics. Characters with high Science are better able to hack Pre-War and refurbished computer systems, maintain energy weapons, and, due to their understanding of chemistry, make for better cooks.
Sneak/Lockpick - High stealth characters will more likely gain initiative in combat, and have a higher chance of getting into restricted areas. Plus, you can steal shit.

Value-Added Skills
Speech/Barter - Characters with silver tongues will find they also have silver pockets. Silver in their pockets. Whatever.
Repair - Skill with mechanical systems and simple electronics. Characters with high repair will be able to keep their weapons and armor in better condition. This also applies to looted weapons and armor for sale. Characters with high repair will also be able to strip weapons and armors for parts, as well as jury-rigging scrap into useful parts, as well as be able to identify high-value Old World detritus from worthless scrap metal.
Medicine - Use this to stop people from dying. Characters with high medicine will also be able to synthesize medicines and chems with the proper ingredients.
Survival - Use this to slow down the rate people, mostly you, die. Characters with high survival are better foragers and can make better Wasteland Remedies. They will also be better at maintaining weapons in terrible conditions.
Most gameplay will take place in, and in transit between, settlements. Each settlement has different prices for goods, depending on their needs and wants.
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