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Re: Prospector Saloon

Post by Master of Oblivion » 17:31:51 Sunday, 21 January, 2018

"East?" the merc asks. "Don't get too many traders out from that direction no more, much less gunslingers. Guess that means you're all some real tough sons-a-bitches or a bunch of Legion skirt-boys trying to stir up trouble."

The kid's probably not a day over 17, though the rough beard and sun-beaten skin could probably give him a couple extra false years. Almost makes you wonder what a kid like this is doing with a factory fresh pump shotgun in his hands and a ballistics vest under his jacket. Almost makes you wonder what a kid like this is doing being on speaking terms with someone like Coyote Johnson.

"Either that, or y'all're a bunch of liars. So which is it?"

His words don't seem to have much impact on you, but you can tell Henry and his buddies are starting to get a little hot under the collar.

Stranger still that someone'd trust a kid with this little tact to stand guard anywhere. You'd think something's fishy here, but fish isn't something most people out in the desert here have much experience with.
Salvador sized up the boy in front of him. He appeared to be shooting his tongue off, but he didn't expect him to shoot anything else, anyways. He wonder if those robots cared about a shoot out this close to the tourists. If they did the bots would probably put them all down in less than a minute.

Salvador snorted and spit on the ground to the side. "If we are good with a gun, does it really matter to you why we are here? If you need us to pass some sort of test to get a job, we will do it. But if you ain't got anything then we best quit wasting each other's time."
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Re: Prospector Saloon

Post by Flaming Bolshevik » 19:55:11 Sunday, 21 January, 2018

After months of working small time jobs and sitting around blowing all of his bottlecaps, Alexander realizes what he should do. There's been rumors of feral ghouls roaming the area around Camp Searchlight and the NCR must be pretty eager to get any kind of support in putting down these monsters, probably a lot of money in it for whoever decides to help. Alexander grabs his gear and makes his way to Camp Searchlight when he is stopped by some lowly NCR Private. "Best go back to whatever shithole you came from" said the Private. After asking why he tells you that there's roughly 10-15 ghouls roaming around in Camp Searchlight just waiting for some fresh meat. Alexander instinctively asks about a monetary reward. "Tell you what, if you manage to kill the ghouls and retrieve their dog tags, I'd personally pay you 100 caps". Says the Private, who then goes on some long rant about supply issues and Legion patrols in the area. Alexander ends the conversation quickly and agrees to kill the ghouls. He would find some sort of high point where the ghouls can't reach him and he would kill them off 1 by 1 with his Cowboy Repeater.
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