Chapter II: Pyreglass Dawn

"The sun knew not / Where her hall she had; / The moon knew not / What might he had; / The stars knew not / Their resting-places." - Gylfaginning, the Tricking of Gylfi
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Re: Chapter II: Pyreglass Dawn

Post by Coin » 14:52:57 Friday, 22 June, 2018

Listening to the men and women begin to go about their work, Jarl Kormakr the Black starts to speak once more, heartened by - so far - by few open disagreements.
"Then it is settled, and I welcome both your proposals, Sif Oddsdotter, and that of Eirikr: that those captains who set sail would do well to leave their livestock and settlers on the beach while they scout; it will be easier on both, and aid our speed in making secure the camp, and in the reconnaissance. Use of the horses for the scouts inland will also hasten matters. I will leave the mark for each brand to each captain."
The Jarl turns then to each man who has spoken. Anders, Karl, Orvar, Hælæif Half-Shirt, Thorkell, Gudmundr, Rogeirr, Copperhead, and Jóhannes.
"I salute the readiness of this fleet to get to work, and to make this land known to the Norse. Should any man have any need of a word before work commences, he need only speak with me or my second."

"As for you captains making sail, and hunters and scouts heading inland, I would say the following: we must be on our guard. Our priority for the moment is to find what we need to survive - freshwater, food, and a more secure camp. There is a chance you might soon discover some skraelingar or other inhabitants here; and there is a good chance they will prove hostile. But for the moment, it is information, not battle, we require. If attacked, we will prevail, but at the moment we are at our most vulnerable - we cannot allow any strangers to know it."
He marks then the Red Snake on the shore, her mast broken.
"As a final note: I shall shortly name the captain of the Red Snake, and her repairing will add another seaworthy longship to our fleet. We should not forget the skill and size of these longships, built specifically for this great voyage. They shall navigate by the stars, but we must learn them. Therefore, if there are men among your crews learned in watching the stars, I would ask you volunteer them, and men with skill to draw these stars also."

"With enough time and study, we shall discover and name this night sky as our own homeland's. Captain Hubèrt, I do not know if your own education would aid us in this endeavour; but men of all faiths can aid us here."

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Re: Chapter II: Pyreglass Dawn

Post by Gesar » 17:42:39 Saturday, 30 June, 2018

Snacks wrote:
19:59:15 Wednesday, 20 June, 2018
"If there is nothing else needed of me, then I'll get to work- perhaps if these settlers will prove able at sticking to a task and plan and I can help to organize an additional foraging party to help our Red-Nurse and Kari Makinen." She looked to the other woman of the group, "If you see our industrious young Finn before I do, though, might you deliver a message?"
The notion was considered for a moment before being found to be sincere; Torunn nodded twice at the Widow-Captain's request. "I'll tell the crew to send word of your message," she chuckled briefly, "Once you tell me what it is, of course."

To the rest of her crew, she replied more sternly, "Well, the plan's been made, decided, and approved. The batch of you louts still lack a reason not to get to work? Tell those not going hunting to relay information from the scouts to the camp. The wives and maidens continue what they've been about, will relay any needs to Oddsdotter's people and the Jarl as appropriate, and Godless will help in doing so for their respective captains.." The Bear-Cub didn't become much less stern when addressing her son, Second, and the volunteer Rogeirr. "Bastard...not you,'ll come with me at the vanguard of the hunt. Vuollá, you'll lead our own scouts."
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