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Avenida Rio Branco - IC thread

Posted: 23:14:48 Wednesday, 04 October, 2017
by Luc

Avenida Rio Branco... the busy heart of the capital...

This is the IC Roleplaying thread, you know the drill. If you wish to make newspaper posts, id advise you to make a separate thread just for it, yet in the end, it hardly matters.

Re: Avenida Rio Branco - IC thread

Posted: 18:22:44 Friday, 06 October, 2017
by Gesar
An unmarked letter drifted along the street, dropped and apparently forgotten by its courier.
Pai Cardoso,

By now, you will have noticed my absence from the seminary, only to find that I am miles away. For this, I must beg your forgiveness. As a boy, I would have starved on the caatinga, when the soldiers came to arrest my birth father. But you showed me a kindness then, and while I do not expect you to continue to do so, I ask that you do not repeat the contents of this letter, the last confession I will make in...well, God knows how long.

Over our Natal recess, as you know, I was traveling with Pai Palmeira to see my sister in Aracaju. As per his usual, our friend had chosen to stop at a small kingwood mill to perform the Eucharist for the locals. As per my usual, I assisted him, and found to my great surprise a dozen attendees in thick, plated leather decorated with ribbons, with strange perfumes and a disposition so calm as to be entirely unsettling when I knew, as I suspect you have already pieced together, who exactly they were.

I mean to say, of course, that they were cangaceiros, the knights and knaves of the caatinga. And with them was their king, the one we know as Lampião.

Pai Palmeira, equally discomforted, took his leave as soon as the afternoon came, the sun heating our makeshift chapel to a temperature even I found to be sweltering. I was left with the task of cleaning (again, to the surprise of nobody) when the bandit came upon me, cleaning his glasses before asking if I truly believed in God. I answered in the affirmative, knowing -or perhaps hoping- that the reputation of the man was true, and that I was in no danger. At this, he nodded once as a slight smile formed on his lips, continuing on in his soft-spoken voice.

“You have the look of the Sertão about you, but not the words. Where do you come from, boy, and why did you leave?”

I hesitated, unsure of whether to be offended or not, and decided within an instant that I couldn't chance the wrath of Lampião. “Maranhão,” came my cautious answer. “Southern Maranhão. The Church took me in when my father sided with the Tenentes.”

“Ah.” Lampião gave me another nod, more grave this time. “A not-unworthy upbringing, if you are fond of books, chores, and little else.”

Despite myself, I smiled back at him, thinking back to the boyhood routine you had assigned me to, and the ungrateful grumbling that I returned the favor with. Admitting that the seminary had its dull moments, I immediately followed up with a remark that I saw in it a chance to do right by those who had suffered as my own family had.

“And what about those that do wrong by those who suffered worse?” Lampião asked, completely innocuously.

“For those...” I tell you, Pai, words cannot accurately describe how dry my throat felt, how quickly I fell silent as any retort I could have offered got choked down by a rush of uncertainty. “For those...” I stammered out once more. “We must pray, and God will judge rightly.”

He gazed over me, then, eyes peering out from behind his round spectacles, and reached into his pocket with such alacrity that I flinched back, fearing for the worst, only for the bandit to show me a watch. But not simply any watch, Pai, but one engraved with the name of a Coronel whose lands in my youth sprawled across the caatinga until, like a boa, they choked the life out of the peasants. “Some of us, boy, would rather fight. And in the doing, live well.”

From where I got the courage to reply, I know not. Where I had faltered just moments ago, now the words came out before I even thought them. “Is that what you do, senhor? Live well?”

Lampião stared at me, handed me the pocketwatch, and pivoted on his feet, boots scuffing the floor that I had entirely forgotten about sweeping. Within an hour, I had chased after him, my horse startled at my haste, and asked if he needed learned men along his crusade, vicious though it might seem to the rest of us.

“No, boy. I need true men.” I cocked my head at this. To his back, I could hear men singing, and placed the song as Mulher Rendeira. “Now, find yourself a gun and change your clothes. The macacos will be here in an hour, and I don't intend to meet them.” His gaze drifted towards the horizon. “Not this time.”

And there you have it, Pai. I love you as I would my real father, for what you have done, but the deed has been done. Perhaps it is arrogant to think I can change the mind of such a brutal man, but I see a path ahead of me that I dare not abandon, and not simply because the price of treachery among the cangaceiros is paid in blood. I must speak for those who have no voice, and if I must take up the gun to do so...well, I believe Christ had a few words on peace and the sword.

Or so I hope. For if I am wrong, how can I ask for His forgiveness, when the man who taught me His love will certainly not be able to show me the same?

With regrets, but fewer than I can truthfully admit,


Re: Avenida Rio Branco - IC thread

Posted: 11:23:18 Sunday, 08 October, 2017
by Coin
Upon a table outside a house of good size, you spy a letter. Your curiosity leads you to scan the contents.
Dearest brother,

I am sorry this letter is so late in reaching you, as has been an unfortunate habit of late. It has been a busy few months, and the journey through the sertão was hard. I lost a horse crossing the mountains, and nearly lost three more of our cattle as we drove them to the river. But - the Almighty be praised! - Fernando, the boys, and I made it back to the markets of our old home. The hills here are less scarred than the country beyond by the civil war; uniformed soldiers of the locals checked our baggage as we arrived. Lençóis is not as you remember it. Electricity, running water, and new buildings everywhere. But it was good to see our uncle again - that blasted black dog of his lost his teeth, but still inspires fear! But he showed off his new prized posession. More terrifying than even that dog to mama perhaps - a motorcar.

How is our mother? Tell her I send her my love, and to our beloved sister also. Tell me she is not with that scoundrel still, she could do much better. The monies from the cattle will do us all good. Sound prices! I returned to the old ranch on the outskirts of what is now a growing town, and it is for sale. Fernando and I ask if we bought it, would you, the eldest, return to the land of our birth also? Surely it is what papa would have wanted, and the money from the sales would answer to the cost.

I know you are wary, but Lençóis is as Salvador once was - there is an energy here, profits to be made, and security. I have seen jobs advertised by some gentlemen down in the valley to the west of this region that would suffice, and will make enquiries.

As for the man of the hour of the Chapada Diamantina - de Matos! - I have not been introduced. But I saw him at the main sales - he bought a fine stallion from some horse-traders, and a few young fillies. Wearing that fine uniform of the local battalion, he seemed most at ease when in the saddle of that tall beast. He even seemed intrigued by some of the finer specimens of cattle, but declined to make an offer. Some other scion of the de Matos clan is however buying much breeding stock - let those with good heifers send them this way.

Fernando is as terrible at his letters as always, but asks you send his love to his Maria and their daughters.

I await your reply here at our uncle's. He too is eager for us to return. I shall write once more if our cousins return from across the river.

Your loyal brother,

Re: Avenida Rio Branco - IC thread

Posted: 18:49:39 Tuesday, 10 October, 2017
by Smyg

Internacional Comunista

The Official Magazine of Comintern, July 1929

For the First Time Ever in Portuguese, Adapted for the Brazilian Public

[Translated and Edited by Comrade X of the Communist Party of Brazil]

Table of Contents

Speeches on the American Communist Party made on May 6th 1928 by Comrade J. V. Stalin ...................................... Page 1

Report of the Activities of the Delegates of the CPSU by Comrade V. Molotov [Speech Transcript] ...................................... Page 6

The German Situation by Comrade H. Remmele [Reprint from Communist International No. 23, 1926] ...................................... Page 8

The March 15 incident, and the Crimes of Hirohito's Government by Comrade S. Katayama ...................................... Page 14

On the Matters of Negro Liberation and the Confederate Memory by Comrade H. Haywood ...................................... Page 19

All Around the Cone --- Brief News from Comrades on the Continent by Comrade A. Pereira ...................................... Page 25

Re: Avenida Rio Branco - IC thread

Posted: 15:05:01 Thursday, 12 October, 2017
by Luc

El Partido Comunista de la Argentina invita formalmente a los siguientes partidos políticos:

Partido Comunista Brasileño
Partido de la Izquierda Revolucionaria de Bolivia
Partido Comunista de El Salvador
Partido Comunista de Guatemala
Partido Comunista de Cuba
Partido Comunista Colombiano
Partido Comunista de Ecuador
Partido Comunista Mexicano
Partido Comunista de Panamá
Partido Comunista Paraguayo
Partido Comunista Peruano
Partido Comunista de Uruguay
Partido Comunista de Venezuela
Partido Comunista de Chile

Para participar en la Primera Conferencia de los Partidos Comunistas de América Latina sedeado en Buenos Aires en las primeras dos semanas de julio.

¡Trabajadores del mundo, únanse!

Partido Comunista de la Argentina
Hacia un mundo sin explotadores ni explotados

Re: Avenida Rio Branco - IC thread

Posted: 18:01:28 Thursday, 12 October, 2017
by Gesar
Wanted posters for the outlaw Lampião dot the villages and cities of the Sertão, but as of late, they have been accompanied by a hand-written notice printed on cheap paper, placed directly under. The one you examine seems fresh, and can be corroborated among the illiterate via word of mouth as to its authenticity.
Lei do Cangaço

LET IT BE KNOWN to every man, woman, and child of the NORTHEAST,

That by solemn Christian vow of Captain Virgulino Ferreira da Silva, known as Lampião,

NO MAN shall bring harm to, nor violate the sanctity of, any woman, child, or priest, without fear of swift reprisal.

NO LANDOWNER, SOLDIER, OR CONSTABLE shall abuse a tenant or exploit their position in a manner that encourages harm to the common man, on pain of death.

THE COMMON MAN will not steal from his brothers and neighbors, and NONE who ride with Lampião shall unfairly take from the same, without losing a finger upon first offense.

NONE who bear the burden of the cangaceiro or coitero shall be exempt from this decree, and shall be punished by the women of their band or village accordingly.

ALL who ride with Lampião swear to defend the women and children of the Northeast from the predatory advances of the Coronels and their supporters, and pledge to attend Mass and give to the Church with regularity.

ALL who ride with Lampião or shelter their fellow Christians shall be entitled to a share of food, horses, gold, and glory, according to their contribution.


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Posted: 23:47:46 Friday, 13 October, 2017
by Luc
A small piece of paper is found, in it is scrambled a short message...
Prestes, Im being followed. Dont know by whom. Trust no one.


Re: Avenida Rio Branco - IC thread

Posted: 11:51:43 Saturday, 14 October, 2017
by Smyg