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Game Rules

Post by Luc » 23:59:57 Wednesday, 04 October, 2017

This game is a govsim (government simulation), where most actions are free form. You can do basically anything. Some actions will be free, others will require the use of credits, which represent a variety of things, including manpower, funding, etc. Every turn, you shall send me a turn, saying what you wish to do (make it detailed please, enough with vague commands!) and voila!

If you are a political party that has representation in the congress (even if by one member) you can officially entertain bills and law proposals. Keep in mind that Brazil uses a bicarmeral system, having a Senate (upper house) and a chamber of deputies (lower house), meaning that a bill might be directed towards the senate (in which , it must start with [SENATE] before it) or the Chamber of deputies (where it must start with [CHAMBER]. The Brazilian legislative procedures is mostly the same to that of the United States, so if in doubt, go read about it (or ask me!).

If you do not have representation in the Legislative, fear not! While you will obviously not be allowed to take part in the vote and debates, you can still send petitions and open letters to the legislature. Those letters must also be addressed correctly for whichever house it is addressed to.

If you are a party that only has representation in one house of the congress, and a bill of yours is approved by one house and goes on to the next, you will still be allowed to debate it, yet not vote on it.

If you have any other questions, ask me anytime!

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