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Post by Huojin » 16:38:02 Sunday, 05 November, 2017



SINCE 1909

Nationally and globally, Moody's Investors Service is rated as the leading bond credit rating agency, providing research and information on bonds issues by government entities and commercial institutions.

Whether borrowing from national institutions becomes difficult, or simply undesirable in the face of alternatives, borrowers can always turn to the international bond market, and consider those terms offered abroad. However, as with any lending opportunity, particularly when considering international lending obligations, risks must necessarily follow. With economic tensions and national solvency a key concern in this market, it is important to know who you can trust!

Moody's, with our state of the art methodology and faultless analysis, has been bringing you the best in ratings and information since 1909. Taking advantage of our detailed services, you may safely use our ratings as a basis around which to formulate the terms to any loan deal - providing you with the greatest security and the surest peace of mind.
Rating Marks

Aaa - Highest
Aa - High
A - Sound
Baa - Good
Ba - Fair
B - Somewhat Speculative
Caa - Speculative
Ca - Highly Speculative
C - Extremely Speculative
? - Unrated
* - Default/Practically Valueless

General Secretary
General Secretary
Posts: 3384
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Re: Moody's

Post by Huojin » 16:38:16 Sunday, 05 November, 2017

Latest Marks for 1936

United Kingdom - Aa
United States - Aa
France - A
USSR - ?
Germany - B
Italy - Baa
Japan - Baa
Hungary - Ba
Czechoslovakia - Baa
Poland - Ba
Spain - *
South Africa - A
China - B
Turkey - B
Brazil - B
Sweden - Ba
Netherlands - A
Yugoslavia - Ba
Portugal - B
Finland - A
Romania - B
Mexico - Ba
Argentina - B
Venezuela - B
Colombia - B

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