Condemnation and Sanctioning of Italy

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Re: Condemnation and Sanctioning of Italy

Post by marankara » 22:54:02 Friday, 17 November, 2017

French Republic
Our Delegation is glad to have pushed the conversation back toward dialogue between countries as best we could. But as we move forward, we are starting to see more of an understand with our British brethren in the League. In our understanding yet more Mandates being made will be setting a dangerous precedent moving forward. That is we ever felt a less Civilised country is not up the standards of our advanced countries that it will be perfectly fine to just illegally invade them and proclaim ourselves the leader of their country while giving them nominal control over their own lives. While it is always a good idea to move toward a better world, one without Slavery and the ills of the past, we must know that in our actions we do not become a Global bully saying that only our ideas are correct, be it as it may be correct in this time about Slavery and that action. We find it troubling to say the least that we are trying to fight against Slavery in Abyssinia by in affect making them slaves to a higher power all the same.

As such, we are going to have to continue our position that Abyssinia is a sovereign nation. And as such it should be treated as an equal party in this negotiation. If they(The Abyssinians) wish to continue talks, we would be glad to continue to facilitate them. But as of present, it is not fair of our League to just start handing over the rights of Sovereign nations to another because of perceived failings our Western Sensibilities allow us.

If it was not clear before, in this instance the French Republic will be voting yes on these sanctions in the interest of trying to come to a more fair deal for the Abyssinian people moving forward.

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Re: Condemnation and Sanctioning of Italy

Post by Gesar » 19:22:26 Saturday, 18 November, 2017


Julio Álvarez del Vayo
Delegate to the League of Nations

First, I wish to thank the Emperor for his heartfelt, moving speech to the League. If those words, as honest as they are, cannot convince the powers of the world that there is a better way, then surely, we are headed for dark times.

But it seems we are not! The nations of the world are speaking, and Italian aggression is being realized as the horror that it is. Spain applauds those who stand with us, and hope that the progression of "yes" votes continues.
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Re: Condemnation and Sanctioning of Italy

Post by Robert Schumann » 21:21:39 Saturday, 18 November, 2017

Having been a victim of Italian imperialism in our own war for independence, the Republic of Turkey fully supports the Spanish delegate's proposal and asks that Italy immediately withdraw from Abyssinia.
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Re: Condemnation and Sanctioning of Italy

Post by MTFD » 02:04:56 Sunday, 19 November, 2017

Regardless of Italy's withdrawal from the league, it is the opinion of the Dutch delegation that the sanctioning of Italy should still continue in full and happen posthaste.

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Re: Condemnation and Sanctioning of Italy

Post by Smyg » 15:22:23 Sunday, 19 November, 2017

It is clear that dialogue will not work. Action must be swift.

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