The Cataclysm

A DnD themed sandbox game that puts players in the role of a powerful God or Goddess. How will you shape the ages?
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The Cataclysm

Post by Flaming Bolshevik » 05:37:00 Saturday, 17 February, 2018

Across an ever reaching expanse lies a view of chaos, millions of bodies strewn across the lands poisoning the Earth with torrid blood, leaving the rivers stained a permanent red. This vision of the future shows us two armies vying for control of some unimportant resource, perhaps settling some old and royal blood feud. It is not important why war and death is taking place here, only that suffering is inflicted to the weak and decadent mortals that slaughter one another, even without the guidance of the God of Destruction and War. One side is not favored over another, but blessed is he who shows no mercy and no remorse in the eternal struggle against man, and himself.

This is the Demiplane of Uflar, God of Destruction and Warfare.
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