Hey y'all

New members, look in this forum first for important information and to say hello. Ask any questions you might have here, too.
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Hey y'all

Post by GFW » 21:44:13 Saturday, 30 July, 2016

Hey everybody. I'm an eRegimer, only just found out there were BOP's on other sites and I like the look of things here, so I'll defs be getting involved with stuff here.

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Re: Hey y'all

Post by Huojin » 21:50:56 Saturday, 30 July, 2016

You're more than welcome. If you fancy playing some games we've got two BOPs running right now - 1898 and 1968, and my (admittedly slow, but copiously detailed by way of excuse >_>) govsim (or nationsim as you might know them as) set in an alternate timeline where France held onto Louisiana west of the Mississippi, and since the French Revolution it has been undergoing similar movements to those found in France at the time.

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Re: Hey y'all

Post by Serenissima » 13:05:27 Sunday, 31 July, 2016

"Imagine lies, and then write them down in order. That is literally all authors do!"

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Re: Hey y'all

Post by scorpion » 14:12:06 Sunday, 31 July, 2016

Welcome to Molotov!
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