Obligatory Hello Thread

New members, look in this forum first for important information and to say hello. Ask any questions you might have here, too.
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Obligatory Hello Thread

Post by CarpeVerpa » 07:47:50 Wednesday, 19 July, 2017

Hey everyone. So I'm new here, as you can probably guess. Here's some introductory stuff.

I tend to go by Carpe Verpa, or just Carpe. I used to be part of eRegime, though I never had much of a presence there, and went under a different username. When the whole schism happened, I joined the refugees who went to the new eRegime. Checking back on the place is how I came across this one. So there's my life story for ya.

I'm not sure how active I'll be, but I figured it wouldn't hurt anything to register, say hi, and have a look around.

So yeah, hi.
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Re: Obligatory Hello Thread

Post by Huojin » 08:39:07 Wednesday, 19 July, 2017

Hey, welcome! Hope you'll stick around and play some games with us :3

Things might look a little quiet, but we're all still here. Just a combination of busy lives and people using chat clients like our IRC or Serenissima's discord thing too much and not posting quite as often as we used to hah. Do drop by sometime and say hi.

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Re: Obligatory Hello Thread

Post by Smyg » 21:48:22 Wednesday, 19 July, 2017

Oh, hey!

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